Vidya Sanath

I am a certified digital content writer. I enjoy reading and writing. My thoughts effortlessly cascade down into ripples of short stories and poems. For me, writing has proven to be cathartic. Fitness and diet are my all-time favorite reads.

Voice of Vidya Sanath

You Have Shown Me The True Meaning Of Love, Not What I Thought It Was!

Thanks to Bollywood, I was obsessed with the romance portrayed in movies. I thought our story would be one helluva ‘hit’ romantic saga.

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Don’t Wait Till You’re An Empty Nester To Build A Life Outside Home!

Only after my daughter left home to pursue higher studies did I realize that I should have scooped out a few hours every day for myself.

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Smoking And Drinking A Fad Among Younsters
Smoking And Drinking A Fad Among Youngsters

  For the last 1 or 2 years I have been noticing teenage girls standing outside tea stalls and smoking. They clasp a cup of hot tea in one hand and a burning cigarette in the other. I am not able to understand what they are trying to prove or whom they are trying to […]

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Yes I Lost Myself Being My Daughter’s Mom, But Gained My Best Friend Forever!

When my fledgling flies away from my nest will she crane her neck back to catch a glimpse of me? Did I crane my neck back to see my amma (mother) after taking flight?

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Sorry, I Touched Her…

In marriages, naming ceremonies, baby showers..almost every important occasion she was meted with the same treatment. Each time she felt a deep pang of anguish like she was stabbed with a dagger.

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background dancer
Twirling My Body To Raunchy Songs As A Background Dancer Was Torture. But Now, It Was My Bread And Butter!

After leaving her husband, she wore ghungroos again and found solace in dance. From a background dancer in B-grade Tamil films, she slowly found success. And then something unexpected happened...

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Don’t You Dare Touch Me Again!

Arohi had first caught terror in the man's eyes and then a sense of shame on being reprimanded in front of the crowd. 

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Menopausal Women Go Through Hell Without Being Shamed For ‘Taking Too Many Breaks At Work’

"Now I am 46. My body and mind are both going through an upheaval. My hormones are wreaking havoc. There are times I need to pause for a breather. Is it wrong to pause?" she hollered.

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