Anushka Sharma Trolled For Not Having Baby After Hardik Pandya Announces Fiancee’s Pregnancy

Hardik Pandya is expecting first child with fiancee Natasha Stankovic. But Twitter is concerned about Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma not yet being parents!

Hardik Pandya is expecting first child with fiancee Natasha Stankovic. But Twitter is concerned about Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma not yet being parents!

Yesterday cricketer Hardik Pandya and his fiancee Natasha Stankovic announced that they are having a baby together.

On one hand the news was received enthusiastically and the couple was congratulated over all social media platforms. At the same time, it was also filled with memes making fun of the couple for having a baby out of wedlock. Right from memes about Hardik’s ‘performance’ to Natasha not being Indian since Indian girls are full of ‘sanskaars,’ trolls left no stone unturned to shame the couple.

— अभय ✍ (@Abhay_Mahadik_) May 31, 2020

But another person who was also shamed here was Anushka Sharma, for not ‘giving Virat Kohli’ a baby yet! The couple got married in December 2017. And while they were dating, the actor was trolled numerous times for a number of reasons.

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Constant trolling of Anushka Sharma

Even before their wedding in 2017, Anushka Sharma was constantly trolled for Kohli’s poor performance during matches! She was also blamed for not letting him practice enough or concentrate on matches. Because the men in our society are so gullible that women can easily ‘corrupt’ them, right?

And once they were married, she still trolled for his poor performance. The logic seems to be similar to that of ‘future of the household depend on the nai bahu!’ Our society find it very easy to blame the nai bahu for everything going wrong in the house. Right from sudden financial losses to misplacing a needle, she is the softest target to be labeled as ‘apshagun’ or ‘manhoos.’

Looking at this, if you think having a baby in the first year of marriage would’ve saved the couple trolling, you’d most probably be wrong! It wouldn’t have come as a surprise if Anushka and the baby were termed ‘manhoos’ for Kohli’s poor performance after becoming a dad. But now when they don’t have a kid despite being married for two years, Anuskha is still trolled for not ‘giving’ Kohli a kid.

At the same time, she would probably have been trolled for killing her career when it was at its peak by choosing to have a baby. The kind of roles she’d have been offered would probably be drastically different than the ones she’s offered now.

Moral of the story is that a woman is trolled if she gets pregnant before marriage,  or in early days of marriage. But she is still trolled if she gets pregnant late despite being married! She is trolled for her pregnancy weight and for anything the child does. Because for our society pregnancy and the kid are the sole responsibility of a woman. This mentality is so severe even celebrities are not left untouched.

Why scrutinise celebrities’ lives so much?

In their attempt to troll and make judgements about celebrities people often forget that they are humans too. Oh and fun fact they have feelings too!

Lives of celebrities are subject to constant criticism because of being open to the eye of the masses. But just like any other human, criticism affects them too.

No one likes their life being a meme, or being bummed for things that they aren’t responsible for and constantly be judged and questioned. Constant trolling celebrities can take a huge toll on their mental health too. Remember, they have emotions too, right?

Anushka Sharma’s mental health took at a hit after her being constantly trolled for his poor performance! And it was so severe she had to release a statement to make people realize that celebs are human too. Kohli has always been very supportive and has always taken a stand against people trolling Anushka.

But this recent incident just raises so many questions of our need to respect privacy. It is time we realise that celebrities are, at the end of the day, humans too. They need to be viewed with the lens of humanity and their privacy really needs to be respected!

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