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The Wife Guy — Why We Should Reject These Media Persona
The Wife Guy — Why We Should Reject These Media Persona

A wife guy, is a media trope— primarily a construction of early days of YouTube reaction culture, social media and influencer business model.

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Trolls Calling Sushmita A ‘Gold-digger’, Buzz Off And Get A Life For Yourself!
Susmita Sen

Before we pass judgement that money must be the factor for birth of a relationship when an older man and younger women are involved, let us think.

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Not Ok For A Father To Shrug Off Parenting Duties And Blame The Mother For Anything Gone Wrong!

How can a father shrug off any parenting responsibilities and blame the mother for everything that may go wrong?

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Anushka Sharma Trolled For Not Having Baby After Hardik Pandya Announces Fiancee’s Pregnancy

Hardik Pandya is expecting first child with fiancee Natasha Stankovic. But Twitter is concerned about Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma not yet being parents!

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Like Every Indian Bahu… Meghan Markle Is Blamed For Breaking Up The Family!
Harry and Meghan

Meghan Markle is the one who is assigned most of the blame for the couple's decision to exit from British Royalty. Isn't this unfair?

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Trolling Priyanka Chopra For Having Previous Boyfriends Shows Our Ugly Mindsets

Any number of ugly memes have surfaced taking potshots after Priyanka Chopra's engagement for her having dated other men in the past. Any bets on how long it will take us to abandon this misogynistic mindset?

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