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Supriya Bansal

A Radiologist by profession, Supriya Bansal, spends most of her day inhabiting a monochromatic world consisting of different shades of grey ranging from black to white. She is an active member of many online writing communities. Her stories and poems have found a place in over twenty anthologies. Social media handles Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/supriya_banter/

Voice of Supriya Bansal

Swiggy Sent Chocolate Cookies With An Order Of Sanitary Pads!
Swiggy Sent Chocolate Cookies With An Order Of Sanitary Pads!

A Delhi-based woman ordered sanitary pads from Swiggy Instamart, an online convenience grocery powered by Swiggy. Imagine her surprise when she received chocolate cookies!

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13 Lessons From A Morally Wounded Woman

A deeply disturbing, gritty, unapologetic story of a sex worker by choice, that at first made me think it was a true account. Bravo!

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How My Mother And I Bonded Over Astutely Made Shopping Bargains!

Though occasional phrases like “we always buy from you” or “I’m not making a profit... this is the cost price” were thrown in, the game remained tactical to a large extent.

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There Can Be No One Like You, Dharam Paaji!

The current actors may gloat about their unique style and take pride in blurring the lines between conventionally feminine and masculine clothes, but you were the original trendsetter.

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What Is So Wrong If I Say I Don’t Want A Husband?

Across the sea of people, Minni’s eyes met her mother’s, and she signaled for Minni to join them. Minni sighed. That was the last thing she wanted to do.

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Recipe For A Perfect Marriage

However, the onus of the final decision rested with the two matriarchs—Mihir’s Bua Ji and her grandmother. If they agreed, then the rest of the kin had no alternative but to fall in line.

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Where A Daughter’s Destiny Is Flesh Trade Or Being Married Off For A Bridal Price

A familiar kick I cherished rose from my womb into my heart. The pulse of my baby flowed and percolated in every crack, every gaping hole within me.

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And Soon, Their Laughter Rang Out Through The Clear Afghan Sky!

They all laughed and it seemed like all their issues melted away, and their laugher twined them to each other in sublime calm.  

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The Extraordinary Past That Made My Mother Who She Is…

My gaze moved to a photo of Biji, my mother, placed on the mantelpiece. How many more mysteries were hidden behind that smile?

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I Will Survive; I Will Thrive

Kamla tai had thought of hanging up her boots and relaxing. But life, her nemesis, still unfatigued and untired, had decided a to twist the knife in deeper, this time.

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