Swiggy Sent Chocolate Cookies With An Order Of Sanitary Pads!

A Delhi-based woman ordered sanitary pads from Swiggy Instamart, an online convenience grocery powered by Swiggy. Imagine her surprise when she received chocolate cookies!

I was mindlessly browsing Twitter when a trending topic caught my eye. In a world where strange, crazy and bizarre are just other names for viral news, this particular item made me sit up in amazement. Not to mention the big smile it brought to my face.

It’s a universal understanding that most women crave snacks like salted potato chips, chocolate, crusty bread, and pasta during their periods.

At least, I do. The unspoken camaraderie of hormones with sugar and carb cravings is well known. Chocolates, cocoa, and sugar can provide just the serotonin (happy hormone) surge to help one cope with those nasty cramps.   

Doesn’t your heart go all mushy if someone understands your food cravings and showers you with extra TLC during that time? Imagine if that care and consideration come from an online grocery app.   

A woman experienced all that and more.  

A Delhi-based woman ordered sanitary pads from Swiggy Instamart, an online convenience grocery powered by Swiggy. Imagine her surprise when she received chocolate cookies along with her parcel of sanitary pads. Oh! The charming gesture!  

Deeply impressed, the woman shared her experience on Twitter.   

“I ordered sanitary pads from @SwiggyInstamart and found a bunch of chocolate cookies at the bottom of the bag. Pretty thoughtful! But not sure who did it, Swiggy or the shopkeeper?” she tweeted.

The story got all the more heart-warming with the reply from Swiggy’s official support handle, Swiggy Cares.   

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Swiggy wrote back:

“We just want you to have a pleasant day ahead, Sameera.”    

Needless to say, the trending story had people applauding the app for the sweet gesture. After being one of the few Indian companies that offer period leaves to their female employees, this is another feather in Swiggy’s cap.  

A positive gesture!

This gesture of positivity and acceptance in a country where young girls are still shamed for period stains and driven to suicide is admirable. With period-shaming and prejudice against menstruating women still rampant, even after 75 years of independence, this comes as a breath of fresh air.  

Though small with larger implications, this gesture is inspirational. More so, in a society like ours, which is burdened by skewed, lopsided values, where menstruating women are still excluded from religious and social affairs, refused entry into temples, and sometimes from their own kitchens.  

If only more companies showed an iota of that sensitivity.  

The news item brought in the serotonin surge I needed for today. There is still hope for us! Don’t you agree?   

Well done, Swiggy!

Image source: Still from Swiggy Ad film: What’s In A Name, edited on CanvaPro

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