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Are Periods A Matter Of Shame Or Just Pride?

Posted: May 11, 2020

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All women experience their monthly periods in different ways. However, as a society, we continue to stigmatise these struggles time and time again.

As women, we face various natural process throughout our life like menstruation, puberty, child birth and many more. But puberty and menstrual cycle as crucial periods of our life, are made harder owing to Indian society’s lack of awareness and  neglect of psychosomatic effects.

It is not easy to adopt and accept all the change which we come across in our adolescent years. Does anyone really prepare us? 

The story of my first period

Here, I would like to share my own experiences when I was entering this zone. I was scared and not comfortable with the new changes in my body and what was happening inside me. It was quite agonising. I was not aware fact that I would have to face this for many long decades. 

As my mom never told me about this phase in advance, it was quite embarrassing. When I experienced my first menstrual cycle, my mom was not aware as I was hesitant to share this big change with her. 

I shared this really awful event with my elder sister. She did not understand my anguish, but she told my mom. My mom helped me out and tried to make me feel a little more comfortable in my own skin. 

Girls need more support 

But after spending more time with friends and family, I realised that it is important for girls to have the support they need during this crucial time. We need to be in a healthy environment so that we have the time and space to think about all these changes and process. 

However, at present, we truly need to spread awareness and bring the issue to light. We have to be on common ground, so that people understand important information about periods and other struggles that women face during their lifetime.

We have various health problems, yet, unfortunately, this does not emerge due to social taboo, lack of awareness and even hygiene factors. 

What are some common disorders?

 Some very common disorders can be seen among the female are mentioned below.

  1. Heavy menstrual bleeding: This kind of bleeding faced by almost fifth of woman is brough on due to heavy flow. The reason behind this problem is hormonal imbalances. Women often may find it hard to go about theyr daily routines, do chores, and work. 
  2.  No menstrual bleeding [Amenorrhea]: This  problem happens in the endocrine system which regulates hormones. Sometimes, underweight females also experience this health problem.

  3. Painful mensuration {dysmenorrhea}: Pain during periods is very common but when it becomes unbearable, then it is called dysmenorrhea. It is caused by uterine contractions.

  4. Premenstrual syndrome {PMS}: In this syndrome,  women suffer mentally as well as physically; 40% of women are a victim of this problem.

  5. Premenstrual dysphoric disorder{PMDD}: premenstrual dysphoric disorder is an extreme form of PMS. It impacts women very deeply. Symptoms of PMDD can include mood swings as well as irritability.

Suggestions for governments and parents

First of all, we should not treat  girls like untouchables during their period.  Just because of this virtue, girls are able to bring new life on the earth. They must be given with lots of care, concern and affection by the each and every member of the family.

The government of India must provide awareness programs on the ground level so that girls have it easier. It is really appreciable that sanitary napkins are provided in schools to keep the infections at bay and help girls adapt. The free distribution of pads among schools is a praiseworthy step towards protecting  girls’ health and hygiene factors. From time to time, health monitoring is also very important for girls.

It is a natural process throughout our life like menstruation, puberty, child birth and many more. But puberty and menstrual cycle are the most crucial periods of our life due to myths which exist in our Indian society and lack of awareness. 

When will we change?


Image Source: Pexels 

I am Rafia khan from Delhi. I Have completed my Education also in Delhi. I

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