The Joys And Challenges Of Working Women Today

In the hurry and bustle of everyday life, we often forget what truly matters and what defines us in life. Do we lose sight of who we are?

In the hurry and bustle of every day life, we often forget what truly matters and what defines us in life. Do we lose sight of who we are? 

Women staying at home and dedicated to their family are often taken for granted. We often tend to undestimate them. Yet, even working women face problems as they continue to grapple with getting the attention and respect they deserve.

But a question always flash in my mind. As a woman, I always try to understand the problems of other women so that we can work together and make a difference in our lives.

However, these come with its own set of challenges as we continue to disregard the important things in life and chase either material concerns or compromise our own happiness and sense of self.

Are we getting some sort of reward in the form of admiration, money, sense of self contentment?

A work life balance

We are living in a modern society where every woman needs to be self -reliant rather than dependent. It is essential to do your duty. But is it that easy to create a balance between life and work? We can try to work towards a healthy work life balance. Yet, even though we hear this word almost daily, we never really venture deep into what it truly means? We need to understand the layers beneach this simple yet complex and extensive word.

This single word is also interlinked with your love, relationship, and responsibility. Meanwhile, very simple but effective tips may help us achieve this and make the most of what life has to offer us. However, we all continue to be persistent and determined. Stress can also be the gentle giant that pushed us forward! We need to love our work, people, time, life, virtue, morality, and treasure our dignity.

The material world is false

But ironically, we are chasing our dreams in a material world rather than keeping in mind what truly matters.  It is true that we as human being always want a luxurious life. Yet, somewhere, we really need to see the light and real happiness lying within us. This can be anywhere, be it our work, our home life, or our families.

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But if we are going to chase money and only cash, we become superficial and lose sight of what is important. We are blinded by the material world in the process. Even though we do need money to survive, this does not mean we get sidelined by the blind race to acquire materialistic pleasures.

Balance is not doing all the work in the same day with great perfection, but it’s doing work with the joy and commitment without being pressurised. The vibrance in our life can be seen in the form of pray, responsibility, love, care for our family, house chores and so on so forth.

Yet, if we look at this through the pressures and doom and gloom of life, we will fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What does it take to feel joy?

Therefore, here are some tips. By following all these, you can find the joys in life that give you the strength and confidence to progress in your life.

  1. Don’t chase money earn money and make it worthy by learning the art of spending the money smartly rather than lavishly.
  2. Give space to spirituality. And don’t take spirituality in the sense of religion. Spirituality is an entirely different perspective that will help define your lifestyle.
  3.  Ensure that you get the support from your family while doing house chores. If they are not doing them, make them well aware of your problem and work through it together.
  4. Make time for your family as much as you can. Ensure that this time is filled with joy and productivity.
  5. Arrange some play, activity or indoor games in which you can teach some valuable lessons of life.
  6. You can grow steadily and set working hours for your own development and personal growth.
  7. Always find a new avenue and try to work on them without any fear of failure.

As much as possible, these are some of the important tips and tricks we could use and emulate to ensure that we live life to the fullest and choose joy and happiness for ourselves.

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