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Unconditional Love Exists, But It’s Very Easy To Mess Things Up!

When I was asked to write something about love for Valentine’s Day, I searched inside myself for the most potent love I’ve felt for anyone in my life. I grew up reading a lot of fiction, especially romance. So it should have been easy, but it wasn’t. A few years into the marriage, I understood […]

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Dear Daughter In Law, Welcome To Your New Life, But Here’s What You Are Doing Wrong!

That evening, I had an intense discussion with my husband. I told him how unhappy I was, and that I needed to make changes to my life. Our life. 

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Even After Years Of Marriage, You Can Still Be Lonely!

Grief was strange. Weeks would go by without her even thinking of Deep, and suddenly a memory would pop up and totally overwhelm her.

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His Infidelity Had Shaken Her Belief In Love And Made Her Doubt Herself…

The first few months of marriage seemed like a dream to Mia. Rakesh would pamper her, making sure that the responsibilities of the house were divided equally. But then things started changing.

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I Want To Be A Partner, Not The Mother Of My Partner Or Husband!

Sadly, in Indian society, if you are not married then you are not successful, your life is not happy, and you are subject to pity or gossip.

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At 45, I Realise That Marriage Isn’t The ‘Solution’ To All Ills!

If I marry, it should be for the right reasons - not out of the fear of being alone. Neither should one marry just because everyone else is married.

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