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I Had Erased Myself For My Boyfriend So Now That He Had Left, Who Was I?

He always said, ‘Why waste a perfect afternoon watching the birds when we can watch a movie on Netflix? Then you can cook us my favourite Chinese and we can call it a day.’

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Considered ‘Overqualified, Overweight, Too Independent, Too Forward’ For The Marriage Market!

I saw very early in career that I was often the only woman in a room full of men. Therefore, I learnt to speak my mind loud and clear and push back bullies.

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The Way To Fix Your Tainted Reputation Is To Get You Married… But Is It?

They pass snide remarks. “Too ambitious. Too fussy. Too single.” You are the poster child of a life gone wrong.

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Some Exquisite Silver Jewellery Online You Can Buy To Gift Someone You Love!

Buying silver jewellery online is quite the thing, I hear. And with so many exquisite options, why not gift something to someone you love?

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Why Are Interfaith Marriages Frowned Upon In India?
Why Are Interfaith Marriages And Valentine’s Day Frowned Upon?

Even in most religious interpretations, love is said to be all-encompassing. So why are interfaith marriages frowned on upon?

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When She Didn’t Know What Made Her Happy, Could She Expect Her Husband To?

That evening she simply walked up to her husband and said “can you get a bouquet of roses for me on your way back from work tomorrow?”

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