Some Exquisite Silver Jewellery Online You Can Buy To Gift Someone You Love!

Buying silver jewellery online is quite the thing, I hear. And with so many exquisite options, why not gift something to someone you love?

Buying silver jewellery online is something that wouldn’t have occurred to me if it wasn’t for my daughter. But it has certainly been an enlightening experience.

I have always loved silver jewellery, and actually prefer it over gold, unless I am thinking of investing in gold. I don’t wear jewellery much, but I also have this problem that my body reacts badly to costume jewellery made usually in brass or other metals, so I’ve never worn much fancy stuff as a young woman.

And then I discovered silver. A metal that I didn’t react to with pain and swelling and angry wounds.

Some clear positives of silver jewellery

# All that glitters is not gold. Sometimes, and if you are me, it’s silver.

# Much, much more affordable than gold, so you don’t have to sell a kidney!

# Has the same properties as gold, so exquisite jewellery is made of it

# Silver comes in so many more fun designs than gold

# Silver is more in vogue than gold, and makes a statement, and you can wear it usually without it becoming an overkill

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# Silver jewellery online is a very valid proposition and the much lower price also means one is willing to go for it

# You can gift silver jewellery without it embarrassing or putting as huge a burden on friends who would be if you went in for gold.

# People allergic to other metals (like me) can wear it without worry!

Why buy silver jewellery online

Recently, I happened to buy some sterling silver jewellery online for the express purpose of gifting.

Last year, my eldest nephew – my brother’s son, introduced me to his long term girlfriend, who is now a part of the family. They’re both pursuing their medical careers (in different countries at this point of time), and plan to marry some time in the future.

The woman and I got on together wonderfully, and as the fond aunt of my most favourite nephew, I really wanted to get her a gift. While brainstorming with my daughter what I could get her, we hit upon the idea of some silver jewellery, something that she’d like, we knew, since she enjoyed dressing up, and could use for long. Our visits to a few jewellers didn’t make me happy – the designs were too traditional for my linking.

So we searched online, and hit upon a treasure trove!

My search, however, had a very curious side effect. I began getting – and still get – multiple ads for brands that sell silver jewellery online. Why not put them all together in a handy piece for those who would like some funky gift ideas, I thought.

So here we are.

Great places to buy silver jewellery online

These are in no particular order – just jotted down the sites as I encountered them. You can also buy silver jewellery online on aggregator retail sites like Etsy, Jaypore or Amazon, of course, but I much prefer looking at the actual brand sites. I am also not giving much details about well known brands like Mia by Tanishq that has a very tiny percentage of silver jewellery.

Many of these brands also personalise the jewellery for you – either stated ostentatiously for select pieces, or anything that you buy. Just ask.


Shyle. A brand from Jaipur, in their style, some of their jewellery is certainly traditional but also works well with contemporary wear and for office wear.

Find them on Instagram here.

Something I personally liked?

Anvaya Chitai Detailed Embossed Kada


Quirksmith – This is the brand I first noticed for silver jewellery online, long before I had the thought of buying any. A friend had posted on her handle about an anklet she had been gifted, and of course when I looked for gifts, I had to check the brand. Quirky enough, as its name indicates.

They can also personalise gifts for you, and also take up corporate gifting options. There is also wall decor, and have meaningful options under various categories where you can make a personal political statement, using quotes from poets like Iqbal and Faiz, as well as from Sanskrit, that they sell under their ‘Akshar’ (alphabet) collection.

Find them on Instagram here.

Something I personally liked?

Bookmark that says “Kahani Abhi Baki Hai” in Hindi, meaning “the story is yet to finish”!


Moha. Can mean “temptation”, or in a different context, “love”, Moha makes good use of semi precious stones and pearls in its designs, and brags of many celebrities modelling their jewellery on their site. The Maharashtrian designs especially “tempted” me, but as a cash strapped professional, well, I had to stop myself.

A couple of things I also loved about this brand – bangles and bracelets that were either openable or adjustable – great for gifting when you don’t know the correct size to buy. And for every piece / collection, they give clear credit to the inspiration for those designs.

Find them on Instagram here.

Something I personally liked?

William Morris – Compton Azalea Buds inspired Bangle

Shaya by Caratlane

Shaya by Caratlane. Very floral. That was my impression. Pieces for all occasions, with the brand name of Caratlane behind them. The deigns are very intricate, and some pieces could well go on to become classics. My favourites though were the minimalist options here.

Find them on Instagram here.

Something I personally liked?

Antique Grannys Kulfi Outing Wala Necklace in 925 Silver 


FourSeven. A very interesting collection, indeed. There’s a lot here, from jewellery for the contemporary wearer, to those leaning towards religious icons. I was very intrigued, and indeed, have earmarked a few (of course, NON religious) pieces for myself, for later reference.

This brand also shares some designs with brands available in the US, where I had first encountered silver jewellery for everyday wear. In fact, if you’re a fan of charm bracelets or necklaces, this is the place to check – they have a massive range of cute charms.

Find them on Instagram here.

Something I personally liked?

An adjustable ring that says “Ishq” in Urdu


Unniraycha. A lot of traditional designs, yet you’ll find the contemporary gems (pun intended) on searching. From slightly chunky jewellery to delicate ones, there is something for everyone’s tastes, and they also customise to your needs. They also have a lot of gold plated silver jewellery, and the use of semi precious stones.

Find them on Instagram here.

Something I personally liked?

92.5 Silver oxidised earrings

Aarna Store

Aarna Store. Dazzling kundan jewellery, traditional designs that look contemporary. This jewellery reminds me of the pieces worn by Madhuri Dixit in Maja Ma.

Find them on Instagram here.

Something I personally liked?

Silver Kundan Choker with semi precious stones fastened behind with an adjustable dori


Anayra. It says “fine silver jewellery” as its tag line. And indeed, this looks like diamond jewellery, though it isn’t real diamond jewellery at the prices listed. Certainly though, this is in a higher range than if it were just silver.

Find them on Instagram here.

Something I personally liked?

Bold blue silver earrings / studs


Giva. This jewellery brand, famously endorsed by Anushka Sharma, sells “affordable diamond jewellery” that uses “natural diamonds“. I am actually curious – how is their jewellery so affordable IF it uses natural diamonds? It still is on the higher side, and you can buy it in 4 different finishes – rose gold plated, yellow gold plated, oxidised, and silver. And they will clearly mention it if the stone used is a diamond or cubic zircon, in which case the jewellery piece is stamped CZ.

Find them on Instagram here.

Something I personally liked?

Golden Queen’s Music Room Lantern Zircon Earrings

Bling Lane

Bling Lane. This brand has a few really pretty and cute designs, and its jewellery is available in silver, stainless steel, and copper. You can also personalise a piece, and they are offering express delivery for Valentine’s on select items.

Find them on Instagram here.

Something I personally liked?

Breezy Daisy Minimal Drop Studs

The Amethyst Store

The Amethyst Store. This brand uses a lot of semi precious stones, and also has pieces with Kundan and Pichwai work. There are pieces in silver with silver finish, oxidised, as well as gold plated with 22c gold. Some beautiful traditional pieces here that could become a classic.

Find them on Instagram here.

Something I personally liked?

92.5 silver Pichwai earrings

Stylori Silver

Stylori Silver. From rich traditional designs heavy with semi precious stones to minimalist yet distinctive pieces, some even telling a story, there is something for everyone’s style.

Find them on Instagram here.

Something I personally liked?

Helena wheel bangle with a clasp, in 92.5 oxidised silver

925 Silver

925 Silver. Rich, traditional, heavy silver jewellery with jadau work and intricate designs, that can make a statement with your attire, wherever you wear it.

Find them on Instagram here.

Something I personally liked?

Mirror Flower Choker Oxidized Beads Sterling Silver Necklace.


Taraash. I first encountered Taraash on Amazon, when I searched there for silver jewellery, and I liked the designs so looked up the brand. The link given here sells Taraash and Blisse Allure, which are slightly different in my understanding – Taraash has more just silver pieces, and Blisse Allure has a lot of semi precious stones on silver.

Find them on Instagram here.

Something I personally liked?

Blisse Allure Carnelian Stone Drop Sterling Silver Earring


Zilvercraft. A family owned business through 3 generations, this brand has a lot of jadau, heavy silver beads, and designs inspired from tribal and other traditional jewellery.

Find them on Instagram here.

Something I personally liked?

Pearl bracelet


Ahilya. On their brand page, they say. “We encourage using traditional jewellery making techniques which have been a part of our Indian heritage since centuries. With handcrafted comes the display of slight imperfections, which in turn makes the jewellery unique and worthy of celebration.” I found the range quite interesting – jadau, filigree, temple jewellery… it has a lot of choice for you.

Find them on Instagram here.

Something I personally liked?

Lapis Pearl Floral Brooch


Aadyaa. This brand has a whole collection named ‘Itihaas’ (history) which is inspired from traditional Maharashtrian jewellery which is rarely found in silver! This kind of jewellery also uses a lot of pearls, my favourite. Of course I loved the pieces seen here. There are many other collections traditional and contemporary, but they stole my heart. Chinchpeti, Tanmani, Thushi, Nath, Kudi, Saaj, Pohehaar… all names of typical Marathi jewellery.

Find them on Instagram here.

Something I personally liked?

Maharashtrian Silver Nath: Gold-plated, Small


Okhai. “A lot of filigree silver” is my first impression. There are also a ton of traditional designs that remind me of the exquisite pieces worn by Madhuri Dixit Nene in Maja Ma. And a lot of range in between. This brand explicitly gives credit to the artisans, and you can read all about each individual artist, not just the tradition they come from. I’d really recommend this heartwarmingly ethical brand, that goes beyond just silver jewellery.

Find them on Instagram here.

Something I personally liked?

Pure Silver Traditional Maharashtrian Neckpiece – Jav Mani Saaz

Header image is a still from the film Maja Ma

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