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Missing Rongali Bihu At Home, Miles Away From Assam In The US

I flew out of my parents’ nest 31 years ago. During every festival, more so during Rongali Bihu, I miss Assam immensely. That is a feeling that will always stay with me.

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I Shared My Story Of Molestation During Holi On Twitter… And Then The Trolling Started!

Shouldn’t the focus be on getting men to stop molesting women under the pretext of Holi, and not on locking women up? 

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The Shameful, Unholy Hooliganism Splashed All Over Social Media This Holi
TOPICAL - “Didi Bachaiye, Ye bahut tang karte hain” : Remove The Unholy Ho(o)liganism out of Holi

“Didi Bachaiye, Ye bahut tang karte hain” was the plea of a minor. Her brother in law had her pinned down on his lap and was applying colour to her and kissing her while someone took this video.

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For Most Men, Holi Is ‘Permission’ To Sexually Harass Woman. Enough!

Despite having extremely supportive parents, I could never bring myself to report it either. Had they heard about it, my parents would have certainly ensured those boys were pulled up.

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Grow Up Bollywood! A Fun Holi Means Consent, Not Your Usual Hooliganism!

The comment bura na mano Holi hai has become slogan used to excuse the worst kind of behaviour: invading personal space, touching, defacing and groping the most inappropriate places because oops! the hand slipped.

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The Horrifying Memories Of Holi That I Refuse To Pass On To My Son!
The horrifying memories of Holi that I refuse to pass on to my son!

That day I dared to sneak out from a small gap between the opening of the door and the wall to see what happens... and it horrified me.

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