5 Ways To Diwali Declutter Your Mind And Soul Before Your House!

Just like we clean our houses on Diwali, similarly, we need to deep clean our thoughts, and our behaviours, and change our habits.

Diwali is around the corner, and everyone is in a rush to clean their houses. A festival that comes once a year, and the only time when every member of the family is involved in the excitement of cleaning and has a share in it.

There is deep cleaning involved during these days, after which we celebrate the festival with sweets, gifts, and firecrackers. When we physically clean our houses, we have a feeling of achievement and happiness. Similarly, it is also important to clean our inner selves so that we are ready for the entire year.

Humans are complex creatures; although we can predict their nature, we never know how they will behave next. Humans come with different habits, as quoted by John M. Grohol in his article titled “Changing our Routines and Habits.

He says that it takes 20 or more years to develop a particular habit or behaviour, to learn something that will stay with us for a lifetime. When it takes such a long time to learn something and develop it as a habit, it takes similar years to unlearn something or maybe change a particular behaviour. It’s not something that can be done overnight or in a day.

5 Ways To Diwali Declutter Your Mind And Soul

Unfortunately, these habits or behaviours can be both healthy and helpful or damaging. With the passing years, we as humans get easily comfortable with our habits and behaviours, and it becomes difficult to change ourselves. We often have an excuse that “I’m happy this way and won’t change.” However rigid this sounds, there comes a point in life where we need to change ourselves.

As a child, we are unaware of the rights and wrongs, and ifs and buts. But as we grow, we tend to develop certain emotions, behaviours, and opinions that are constantly judged upon and keep affecting us. To get rid of the burden of judgment and in order to self-improve, we need to keep cleaning our minds and souls on a regular basis. Just like we clean our houses on Diwali, similarly, we need to deep clean our thoughts, and our behaviours, and change our habits.

Giving your mind a quick reboot and decluttering is necessary for everyone, as we are in a fast-paced world where we are just competing for something or another. Think about a cupboard filled with clothes from top to bottom; you are in a hurry to attend a meeting and cannot find the right dress.

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5 ways to Diwali declutter your mind and soul

Now imagine if your same cupboard was cleaned, clothes were piled on proper shelves, and everything was organized; maybe you wouldn’t have missed your important meeting! That’s where cleansing helps, to clear the unnecessary thoughts and give you a clear mind to think fresh again.

I have been doing some deep cleaning recently for both my mind and body. Let me share how I’m doing this:

Eating right

I have started being conscious of what I’m consuming. Being a diabetic, I need to take care of my eating habits because if I don’t, it will affect my health in the future. So, eating right involves eating on time, and taking proper proteins and carbs. I do have cheat days, but on other days, I ensure I’m eating the right foods.

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As a child, I was very active and started doing yoga when I was 7. That way, I was flexible and healthy. While growing up, you forget to take care of your body, and with time, it starts giving signs, that you need to do something to stay fit. So, I have decided to be consistent in doing physical activity and exercise daily wherever I am for at least 45 minutes. Consistency is the key to whatever you do; if you regularly do something, it certainly gives results.

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Calming my mind

Physical exercise makes your body fit, and meditation and breathing exercises make your mind fit. Calming your mind is necessary; it helps you make wise decisions and helps you to be at peace. Practising mindfulness helps us focus on our goals, increases your patience levels, and keeps you stress-free too.

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Maintaining a diary

I have started writing in a diary, and it has changed the way I perceive things. I feel as I’m writing, I’m able to put down my emotions in a much better way, and now it’s kind of routine. This way, I also know my happy events, sad moments, and angry hours.

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Reading daily

One of the best ways to cleanse your mind is to gather as much knowledge as you can, and nothing can be better than reading. It helps in several ways like you get information, helps in improving communication, changing your mood, and more.

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When we are happy and light inside, we are happy outside, and that reflects in everything we do, from our thinking to making decisions. Try to love yourself more, be kind to others, try to forgive more, judge less, learn more, and be generous. Keep cleaning your inner self once in a while.

This Diwali, spread the light of love, clean negative thoughts, and declutter your mind and soul.

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