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Why I Decided To Declutter My Life, One Of The Best Things I Have Done!

Until last year, my life, like my Facebook list, was cluttered with people, regardless of whether they were well-wishers or users. Until I decided to declutter my life.

Until last year, my life, like my Facebook list, was cluttered with people, regardless of whether they were well-wishers or users. Until I decided to declutter my life.

There was a time when I let a ‘Facebook friend’, a former colleague who had written a book, use my Facebook wall to publicise his book. He was aware that I had several journalists on my list, so he thought it would be a golden opportunity for him to tag me in a post and get free publicity. He had protested when I had won an award in the company where we had worked together earlier. So he had done me harm in the past. I still let him promote his book on my wall. A nice gesture on my part? No doubt. Foolish? A 100%.

Or take the case of another ‘friend’ who invited herself to my upscale Indira Nagar flat, stayed over weekends, ate the food that my cook made her, ate out at my expense, borrowed my books and never once returned any of these gestures (or the books). What’s worse? When she found out I was moving to Chennai, she cut all links with me as if understanding that she could no longer ‘get’ anything out of me.

These are but two examples that come to mind instantly of the undeserving takers who used to suck up my time and energy.

Last year, I removed these ‘friends’, who were energy vampires in disguise, from my Facebook list. I figured having a list of 800 such ‘friends’ was doing me more harm than good, so I pared down my list to 220 connections. The act of removing from my Facebook list those who had dubious intentions toward me has improved my peace of mind.

Good energy soon flowed into my home. I extended this ‘de-cluttering’ to my possessions, too. I took stock of my clothes, discarded those that were too old or damaged or faded and donated the decent ones to an orphanage. I also cleaned out my shoe cupboard and threw away several pairs of useless footwear.

I don’t know if it was turning 40 that did it or just exhaustion at being taken advantage of, but I put a stop to all these things last year. 2018, undoubtedly, is far better than last year. By removing negative people and influences from my life and directing my goodwill toward the deserving, I have improved my clarity of thought and no longer feel over-extended. I recommend frequent decluttering to keep not only your home positive but also your frame of mind, peaceful.

Image source: pixabay

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