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The Woman Who No Longer Wanted To Be ‘SUPER’

And then, of course, the holidays and festivals were even more special. The proverbial family time, when her in- laws dropped in and she even lost whatever little of that freedom to choose and postpone.

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Great Job, Great Position, Great Salary… What More Do You Want From Life?!

Both came from small towns, Durgapur and Lucknow respectively, and both placed their career chart much above the marriage kundli and the ‘chattis gun’.

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An Entrepreneur’s Recipe To Stop Feeling Guilty About Taking A Break

By simply saying that you deserve a break! That’s correct. Just saying you deserve a break will ease the discomfort you feel about taking a break.

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To Work Or Not To Work As A New Mother; Which Way Should I Swing?

I want to be with my baby all the time, but I want to continue working at my well paying and extremely interesting career, one that has defined me for so long. What do I do?

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How The ‘Superwoman Syndrome’ Is Making Millennial Working Women Suffer
superwoman syndrome

Working woman, wife and mother, keeper of the home and cook in the kitchen, and the fresh-faced wife meeting the 'tired' husband when he comes home, the superwoman syndrome is hitting women hard!

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I Love You Just The Way You Are, My Zindagi! There’s So Much That Is Good About You

A woman speaks to her own life, giving it a face and name, calling it Zindagi, and writing it a love letter - a letter full of gratitude for whatever was hers.

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