Kerala HC Asks For More Sensitivity In Transfers For Women Employees, But What’s The Real Issue?

Families consider themselves modern when they ‘allow’ their daughters and wives to work. However, this is not modernity.

Though gender shouldn’t play a role in official policies and delegation of tasks, often policies and decisions need to be customised to realities of women’s lives.

A verdict that takes into account women’s lived reality

Two women doctors had filed a petition against transfers at work. The Kerala HC has given a verdict that employers be more sensitive to the real life needs of female employees while issuing transfer orders.

This verdict must be lauded. It takes into consideration the fact that women play more of the default caregiving roles in Indian families. has been made after paying heed to the pivotal roles that women are forced to play in the typical Indian familial system. Several working women across the nation would benefit from its implementation as they wouldn’t be put in a tough spot wherein they would have to choose between their careers and familial responsibilities. A large number of female employees either let go of promotions that they should have ideally bagged or quit their jobs due to the transfer-posting system.

Yet, at the same time as applauding this verdict, we must look at the deeper issues of expectations from women. Women employees in any field would not face these issues if there can be a larger societal change.

Regressive expectations placed on women

The picture of a woman scurrying into the kitchen early in morning, preparing chai for her ailing in-laws and tiffins for the pati-dev and children is definitely etched in all our brains.

Putting the onus of the entire family’s health and well-being on the woman in the family derails from path to a more equal and just society where opportunities are equal.

Families consider themselves modern when they ‘allow’ their daughters and wives to work. However, this is not modernity. Modernity is achieving complete social equality in all respects, professional and familial. The responsibility of household chores, raising children and aiding the elderly must be split equally among people of all genders.

Though the Kerala HC’s judgement is vital considering realities of working women in most Indian families, the end goal must be one of a sea change in society’s mindsets.

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