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5 Misconceptions About Mothers We Must Challenge If We’re To Truly Invest In Women

The notion that a woman’s, especially a mother's role is limited to domestic duties is an outdated and harmful notion that undermines gender equality and stifles individual potential.

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A Morning In A Working Mom’s Life

She sighed and opened her phone to browse through the emails. "It’s going to be a hectic day today", she thought as saw her calendar packed till 7 pm.

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Kerala HC Asks For More Sensitivity In Transfers For Women Employees, But What’s The Real Issue?

Families consider themselves modern when they ‘allow’ their daughters and wives to work. However, this is not modernity.

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Is The Glass Ceiling Shattered Enough For Indian Women To Break Free?

The glass ceiling isn’t just a lid placed upon an airtight compartment to imprison women; it also refers to the incapability of men and women alike to think beyond the limits set by that ceiling.

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Master The Art Of Multitasking-Mom With These 8 Tips
The Art of Multi Tasking for Moms

Do you want to master the art of multitasking easily? Here are 8 simple strategies I use to optimize my time that might benefit you too.

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4 Myths Debunked By Women In The Workplace Report 2023
McKinsey Women in the Workplace 2023 report

2023 Women at Work Report exposes myths, empowers change for fairness, and dives into workplace experiences for a more equal future.

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