5 Misconceptions About Mothers We Must Challenge If We’re To Truly Invest In Women

The notion that a woman’s, especially a mother's role is limited to domestic duties is an outdated and harmful notion that undermines gender equality and stifles individual potential.

Nowadays, when people talk about gender equality, I find it very strange. No matter how advanced the society has become, differences are still maintained between men and women. There is still a perception that a woman’s place is primarily in the domestic sphere.

Let us shed light on the reasons behind society’s skewed perception and challenge the stereotypes associated with mothers who are actively engaged in shaping the future of their children.

“Caregiving & childcare is a mother’s duty”

From a young age, individuals are often taught gender stereotypes that dictate traditional roles and responsibilities. Women are expected to be caregivers, while men are encouraged to be aspiring providers. These ingrained beliefs perpetuate the misconception that the mother’s role is limited to the home, prioritising child care over professional activities.

“A mother must be sacrificing”

A prevalent myth associated with motherhood is the notion of sacrifice. Society romanticise the idea of selflessly devoting oneself to raising children, often at the expense of personal ambitions. While parenthood undoubtedly requires sacrifice, it should not come at the expense of a woman’s personal goals and aspirations. Embracing motherhood does not equate to giving up one’s identity or professional activities.

“The mother is the default parent, a father can ‘babysit’ sometimes”

Despite societal progress, double standards regarding parenting roles persist. While fathers are often appreciated for their involvement in their children’s lives, mothers who prioritise their careers or personal aspirations are scrutinised. This disparity reflects deeply entrenched biases that undermine a woman’s capacity for autonomy and professional fulfilment.

“A woman’s career is secondary to her being a mother”

Contrary to popular belief, mothers who actively pursue their career goals serve as powerful role models for their children. By demonstrating ambition, resilience and determination, these women teach valuable lessons of independence and self-worth to their offspring. Furthermore, their success challenges traditional gender norms and promotes a more inclusive society where women are celebrated for their diverse contributions.

“Oh how can she do that as a mother?!”

Breaking free from societal expectations takes courage and flexibility. Mothers who violate traditional norms may face criticism, criticism, and even backlash from their communities. However, by prioritising their personal growth and professional development, these women pave the way for future generations to adopt a more egalitarian approach to parenting and gender roles.

The notion that a woman’s role is limited to domestic duties is an outdated and harmful notion that undermines gender equality and stifles individual potential. Mothers are empowered to pursue their passions and aspirations while actively contributing to their children’s future. By challenging societal norms and adopting a more inclusive definition of motherhood, we can create a world where women will be empowered to thrive personally and professionally, and where the future of our children will be looked after regardless of gender. It will be shaped by the unlimited potential of those who do it.

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