If You Are A Mother Of A New Born, Then Follow These Tips

I followed these simple and useful tips when my daughter was a newborn baby. 

Hi guys, I am a mother of a 4-year-old baby girl. I still remember my first few days with my newborn daughter Akshita. Having morning sick about 36 weeks of my 42-week pregnancy, postpartum felt wonderful.

During that time, I grounded my new motherhood. I gave complete attention to my newborn baby girl, as well as healing with my c-section operation. In those two months, I focused all my attention on taking care of my little girl. But after two months, I had to take care of the responsibilities of the house along with my daughter. This was bothering me. I am sure many women like me get worried about how to handle a newborn baby or how to make a timetable with the little one? Don’t worry ladies today I am going to share some important tips that will make your work easy:

Pay attention to hygiene

Your baby has just arrived in the world, so he/she is very fragile and very weak to fight germs and infections. Therefore, you should keep yourself clean as well as the surrounding environment. Before touching your baby, clean your hands thoroughly with an anti-septic sanitizer, keep your house clean and sterilize all of your baby’s toys thoroughly.

Do massage the right way

Massage keeps the blood circulation in the baby’s body right. The baby’s body is very relaxed, he/she will get good sleep, and his/her bonding with the mother will also be better. But the mother should massage very carefully. Always massage with tight hands. If you do not know how to massage your baby properly, then you can take training in prenatal class or from an experienced woman. Learn the correct strokes and techniques for massage.

Check the lotion or oil you are using for a massage with a patch test first. This will know whether the baby has any allergy with that lotion or oil.

It is necessary to have enough sleep

After your baby is born, I am sure you will want to spend more and more time with him/her or talk to him/her a lot. There is no harm in it either. But keep in mind that after birth, most of the time of the baby gets spent sleeping. Never try to lift them from sleep forcibly. It may affect its development. If your baby is awake, do not try to force them to sleep. Indeed, many babies sleep during the day rather than at night. This also affects the lifestyle of the mother. For this, you need to explain the difference between day and night. Let the light be around him/her during the day and also make light noise. Keep dim light in the room at night and keep the atmosphere cool. This will gradually put his/her routine on the right track.

Do pay attention while bathing your newborn

Bathing a newborn is the most dangerous task. Therefore, you should prepare thoroughly before bathing it. Before bathing, keep towels, soap, and shampoo near and keep enough water. Do not apply soap to the whole body of the child simultaneously. Apply baby soap to the rest of the child’s body except the face and head and massage it with light hands and wash it with water.  If the child has more hair in his/her head, then apply baby shampoo and wash the head with water by placing the head on your palm and keeping the rest of the body in the lap. After this, apply soap on the face and wipe it immediately with water and cloth. Take care that the water does not enter the ears and eyes of the child.

Change diapers only when needed

After the birth of the child, most mothers are confused about when and how often they should change the baby’s diaper. Some Moms buy a lot of diapers at the same time. But baby diapers should be changed only when needed. The skin of the newborn is soft, and the stool and urinate several times throughout the day for a few months after birth. In such a situation, due to having delicate skin, the skin becomes reddish, and rash also comes out on the baby’s skin. Therefore, to keep the baby’s skin from infection, keep checking your baby’s diaper and change it immediately when wet. Please put zinc oxide cream on the baby’s skin around the diaper-wearing areas.

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Pay attention to your baby’s small needs

Newborn babies cry for an average of two hours a day for about three months after birth. So whenever the baby cries, try to make your babies feel good and keep quiet. Keep full attention on your child and try to understand what is causing the child trouble and when he/she is crying more. In particular, keep in mind when the child is hungry because children cry the most when they are hungry. Apart from this, babies cry due to gas in the stomach that needs to change diaper and sleep. So take care of these small needs of the child.

So, ladies, I followed these simple and useful tips when my daughter was a newborn baby.  If you pay attention to these small things, you will panic less while nurturing your little bundle of joy.

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