Five Enjoyable Activities You Can Do With Your Children During Covid-19 Lockdown

Our children have a lot of free time under lockdown conditions. Here are some ways you can utilise this time besides studying.

We all know that the corona-virus epidemic has caused a worldwide catastrophe. We are living in a lock-down period at present and all of us are under self isolation. All Schools and companies are closed due to lock-down in India. Many of us are also working from home. All of us are spending a lot of time with our kids and spouses. Our children have a lot of free time under lockdown conditions. Here are some ways you can utilise this time besides studying.

Try out Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is very easy and can last for a while, depending on how many items are there. In this game, Hide 10 to 20 objects in different places of your house. Your children have to search for these objects. This will help you to keep your children busy for a few hours.

Teach cooking 

If you want, you can take the help of your children in cooking. If you do cooking creatively with your children, then they will also enjoy it, and they will have a very new and amazing experience. Make some snacks that are liked by your children so that they can enjoy this activity.

Have a picnic with your kids and family

 In this lock-down period, no one can go outside of their home. So how can you enjoy a picnic at this time? Relax, you can enjoy a living room picnic with your kids, or if you have a backyard in your home, you can use this place too. You can play with antakshari, truth & dare, and other games with your kids and other family members. Believe me, it will be an amazing experience for all families.

Be a dance teacher for your children 

Dance is a very interesting thing that everyone likes. In this lock-down period, you can assist your kids in dancing. Today there are many online dancing tutorials available; you can take help from there. Your children will defiantly enjoy this.

Play Hopscotch

If we talk about hopscotch game, it is an easy game that you can play inside your home. For creating hopscotch, you need A bit of tape on the floor. Your kids will defiantly enjoy this game.

Friends, if we keep our children busy with such fun activities at this time, then they will not be a victim of irritability, and you will also be able to have a good time with them and save your family from COVID-19.

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