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5 Misconceptions About Mothers We Must Challenge If We’re To Truly Invest In Women

The notion that a woman’s, especially a mother's role is limited to domestic duties is an outdated and harmful notion that undermines gender equality and stifles individual potential.

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An Open Letter to India\'s Girl Child #Fridayfuel
An Open Letter to India’s Girl Child #Fridayfuel

Dear dear girl of India, In a world full of possibilities, there is no limit to your potential. Embrace your uniqueness, because you are the epitome of strength, wisdom and grace. As you move forward on life’s journey, remember that challenges are hidden opportunities. Your dreams are valid, your voice matters and your existence enriches […]

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Four Amazing Women Who Attained The Peak Of Success Despite Disability

These women have proved that it's flawed thinking disables human beings; if thinking is big, even a person with disability can do anything that ordinary people can't even think is possible for them.

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Why Isn’t There A Single Fast In Indian Culture For The Long Life Of Daughters Or Their Safety?

There are so many fasts that women keep for the men in our families. Why don't we have any fasts we can keep for our daughters?

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Mother’s Day Special: Some Essential Tips For Celebrating Mother’s Day in Lockdown

This time Mother's Day will be very different due to the Corona lockdown, but the people's feelings behind celebrating it and their love for their mother will remain the same.

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Five Enjoyable Activities You Can Do With Your Children During Covid-19 Lockdown

Our children have a lot of free time under lockdown conditions. Here are some ways you can utilise this time besides studying.

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If You Are A Mother Of A New Born, Then Follow These Tips

I followed these simple and useful tips when my daughter was a newborn baby. 

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To Raise A Strong, Independent Woman, Teach Her To Raise Her Voice, Not Lower It

The world keeps telling girls to be docile and quiet. However, girls today aren't meant to be quiet; raise them to be strong, loud and independent!

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Ode To The Women In My Life Who Inspired Me Through Different Stafes

Today, on Women's Day, I am going to introduce you to some women in my life who have really inspired me a lot.

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Let’s Understand The Truths And Myths Related To Menstruation

I want to advise you that by believing in superstition, sometimes we start promoting wrong things, and such wrong things are passed on from generation to generation.

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How Do Some People Do More In The Same 24 Hrs They Get? Here’s How

How can you make sure you are using all the time you have optimally, have enough fun and at the same time do all that you want to do?

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How Should You Take Care Of Your New Born Baby?

While you as a mother live this experience, here are some important and simple tips given which can help you in this way:

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Why Girls Are Not Safe In Their Own Country?

In our society, there are many places where girls are taught by elders, "Always be silent... never raise your voice."

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All You Wanted To Know About Cervical Cancer

Here is all that you wanted to know about cervical cancer and how to prevent it.

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Start Your Day Healthy With A Wholesome Breakfast

There are many reasons as to why should we eat breakfast. Some of them are explained here.

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