Let’s Understand The Truths And Myths Related To Menstruation

I want to advise you that by believing in superstition, sometimes we start promoting wrong things, and such wrong things are passed on from generation to generation.

Generally, many kinds of myths are prevalent among people regarding menstruation. These myths have been going on since the days of our grandmothers. Some such beliefs are entirely wrong in the minds of young people raised with these myths.

Upon starting with your periods, you too may have received such instructions. Even i have also faced this. My elders told me that you should not take a bath with cold water, do exercise, avoid pickle mines, but the reality is completely different, which every woman/girl needs to know.

Myth: Does a woman become impure during menstruation?

Truth: Friends, there is a myth that women become impure during periods. But the truth is nothing like this happens. Guys, i want to tell you that this is a natural process in which unfertilized eggs come out of the body.

Myth: The period should last a week.

 Truth: Oestrogen is a type of hormone that controls things in your body, such as body hair, voice, desire to have sex, etc. Due to oestrogen, a layer of blood and protein is formed in the uterus every month. According to the amount of oestrogen hormone in the body, a thick or thin layer of blood and protein is formed; if the layer is thick, then the blood flows more during the period, and if that layer is thin, it is less. So we can say depending on that, the menstruation cycle will be of one week or less than that.

Myth: The blood released during the period is dirty.

 Truth: Yes, menstrual blood is different from the blood flowing in the veins. But it is wrong that the blood of menstruation is impure. This blood coming from the vagina contains pieces of blood and protein made in the uterus due to the vagina’s tissue, cells, and oestrogen hormone. These things accumulate in the uterus first and then get out of the body in the form of period blood because the body does not need them.

Myth: No syndrome occurs before the menstruation cycle.

Truth: You will be surprised to know that 50 percent of women worldwide are affected by premenstrual syndrome. During this time, women have to face problems like mood swings, abdominal pain, and nervousness.

Myth: Women who live with each other also have periods at one time

Truth: Generally, people have such a belief that women who live together have periods at the same time. But this is a delusion. Every woman has a different menstruation cycle.

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Myth: A girl should not exercise during the period

Truth: If a woman has a habit of exercising every day, then she can exercise without any worry even during her period. There is no harm but benefits because it provides relief in stomach pain during the period. The sweat that comes out of the exercise reduces the pain of the woman.

At the end, I want to advise you that by believing in superstition, sometimes we start promoting wrong things, and such wrong things are passed on from generation to generation. Trust the truth, menstruation is a matter of pride for every woman and not shame.

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