Why Girls Are Not Safe In Their Own Country?

In our society, there are many places where girls are taught by elders, "Always be silent... never raise your voice."

Every country is like a home for its citizens. But if citizens do not feel safe, what should we do in that case? Girls are a very important part of all countries in the world. If we talk about India, it is one of the most dangerous places for girls. It is a country where women are in top position but for safety, it is very low. Have you ever considered the reasons behind this situation? There are a series of rape cases in India, which has shocked the whole country to its core.  The issue of sexual violence is now the national agenda in India.

Numbers of rape in India are both an over and an underestimation of the real situation. Sexual crimes are investigated in a manner often hostile to victims of sexual violence. Apart from this, the normal social originations of disgrace and injured individual accusations are completely unaccounted for. The reasons behind these crimes like rape, murder and many more,  are lack of literacy, old thinking about girls and appreciation for boys.

In our society, there are many places where girls are taught by elders, “Always be silent… never keep up your voice”.

Girls are also human beings. They should raise their voice if there is any wrong happening around them or in their society. People should also teach their boys to respect all girls. Girls are the true power of our society. We should keep them safe. Please stop violence against girls, protect them and appreciate them in all possible ways. People should always teach their girls about self-protection so that they can feel safe everywhere.

Friends if girls are safe in their home and city… they’ll definitely feel safe in India also. Respect all girls…not use them.

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