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List Of 60 First Indian Women In Various Fields Who Made History!

This is a list of the first Indian women in various fields, who made history. I am sure that's not all & there will be many more in future!

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At Entry Level, 1/3rd Of The Staff Were Women, Then Why Weren’t We More At The Managerial Level?

In India, unpaid labour like housework, child care and elderly care is seen as the sole responsibility of the women, after which they have no time or energy to engage in paid work.

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How #SearchForChange Openly Acknowledges AND Calls Out The Stereotypes We Live By Everyday

Google's #SearchForChange billboards have featured many women from different fields, women of changing India, & what they face every day...

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Let Us Be Allies And March Together Beyond The Month Of March!

Are we done for the year till the event comes again in 2023? Or can we keep the ball rolling to solidify women's rightful place in society?

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Break The What This Women’s Day?

The IWD 2022 theme is #BreakTheBias, so the poet wants to know - whom are they asking to do this? Because women have been breaking the bias anyway, just not heard always.

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This IWD2022, I’ve Reclaimed ‘Mama’s Boy’ For My Sons Whom I’m Raising To Be Sensitive And Caring Men!

I don't buy the theory that our bond would prevent my son from becoming a good partner. He was raised to be an incredibly good person to all the people he’s close to.

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