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international women's day
I Slept Hungry Most Nights As A New DIL Coz Men Ate First Without A Care For Women; No More!

Gradually, I realised that food was an effective tool for discrimination. Despite being the queen of the kitchen, it was the man who exercised the control. Food was cooked for men- whatever they loved.

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When Our Engineering Profs Showed Their Sexism By Grading Girls Depending On Looks!

If you wonder why we didn’t complain, let me tell you it’s not that simple. Many of these offenders were powerful and influential.

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Ruth Bader Ginsberg: Women Belong In All Places Decisions Are Made, Without Exception

Recognizing the achievements of one woman does not undermine what other women have achieved before her; rather, inclusivity lies in celebrating every woman.

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How Women’s Health Care Needs Are Ignored Or Silenced By Calling Us ‘Attention Seeking’
women's health

Women's health care needs are routinely silenced; we need to speak up more, and expect care and compassion for our physical, mental, and sexual health.

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I Am Grateful For All The Women In My Life For Making Me Who I Am!

From those who supported me to the ones who tried to suppress me, here's why I am grateful and thankful to all the women in my life.

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Women’s Day Just Went By, But Exactly Who Were All Those Forwarded Messages Talking About?

All genders will internalize these messages, as they have done for generations. They will become the benchmark for expectations by men, and standards to live up to for women.

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