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The Mom Odyssey: Reclaiming the identity through colleague getaways.
Why Can’t A Mom Go On A Vacation With Her Colleagues?

A mother's identity is linked with her caregiving roles even if employed, and travelling with colleagues is often considered "selfish". Why?!

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Returning To Work As A New Mom Is Scary, But Not Impossible
Returning To Work As A New Mom

Returning to work as a new mom after maternity leave is an exciting and scary experience, but don't let these feelings overwhelm you. 

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It’s Ok To Be An Ordinary Woman, To Refuse The ‘Superwoman’ Label!

This was the first time her mother had spoken at length about her post-partum days to Sheila. Everyone knew her mother as a strong woman, an achiever, a dedicated teacher and a good mother.

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My Baby Just Turned 3 Months, I Resumed Work… And A Pregnancy Scare!

Maybe I am pregnant again, and I will have no face to show and I will be fired from this high paying job. A sad end to my career.

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6 Best Jobs For New Moms In India

Life as a new mother is demanding and can affect our careers. In this article, I have listed down 6 best jobs for new moms in India.

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Akanksha Kapoor On Going From Journalism To A Worthy Social Cause
Akanksha Kapoor

Akanksha Kapoor began her career as a journalist but over the years she has changed tracks to now work for a social cause.

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