Vidya Raj

A poet by heart, environmental and social activist,she is keen on social issues concerning women, children, nature lover and a dreamer.  She desires to bring transformation in the mind of people raising voice on discrimination and atrocities in society.

Voice of Vidya Raj

“Women No More Safe Still In This Era”

Rising crimes against women point to the disparities in women's representation within government bodies and decision-making processes. 

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Being A Woman!

"Sometimes being a woman seems to be a boon, and sometimes seems to be a sin"- Poetry which narrates what being a woman entails!

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The Sabarimala Issue Makes Me Wonder- Are We Really Living In The 21st Century?

The author is appalled that even in the 21st century, issues like Sabarimala creep up, when there are more serious vices that need to be addressed.

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Malayali Actor Sanusha’s Molestation Shows Women’s Safety Is Sadly Lacking Even In Progressive Indian States

The recent molestation of Malayali actress Sanusha shows women aren't safe even in progressive Indian states and how public outrage is still sadly lacking.

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A Mother’s Plea For Justice; The Jishnu Case From Kerala Is Heart-Rending

In a shocking incident which took place recently in Kerala, a mother was pushed down and dragged along the road before being boarded into a police van. Her crime? She was seeking justice for her son's death.

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misogyny in movies
We Need To Do Something About The Misogyny In Movies Causing Violence Against Women Now!

Misogyny in movies, to a large extent contributes to violence against women while also glorifying men on such acts.

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7 Simple Ways To Be A Woman Who Helps Other Women, Every Single Day!

Do we really help other women around us? Be it in at the workplace, home, or elsewhere in our day-to-day lives? Let's introspect!

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Can Society Ensure Ordinary Women’s Safety When Even Celebs Face Harassment?

In a recent, shocking incident in Kerala, when returning from work, a leading Malayalam actress was abducted and molested by a group of people in her moving car for an hour.

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thinking of log kya kahenge
Thinking Of “Log Kya Kahenge”? Is This The Mantra By Which You Are Going To Live?

Our lives are always revolving around the thinking of log kya kahenge - what other people think of us. Is this really necessary or important?

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Why Don’t We Value Elders When They Are Alive Instead Of Mourning Only After Their Death?

Do we value elders and make them feel loved while they are with us? What is the use of mourning them after their death if we don't?

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Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple Bans Salwar Kameez Again. Why This Obsession With Dress Codes?

The richest temple in the world bans salwar kameez again and makes it to the news. If you are religious, its time to focus on your relationship with God, rather than women's clothes!

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Is Our Society Progressing Or Putrefying With Respect To Women?

Gender inequality is so rampant even in our court verdicts - will this situation ever change? What can we, as women, do to deal with all this?

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