The Sabarimala Issue Makes Me Wonder- Are We Really Living In The 21st Century?

The author is appalled that even in the 21st century, issues like Sabarimala creep up, when there are more serious vices that need to be addressed.

The author is appalled that even in the 21st century, issues like Sabarimala creep up, when there are more serious vices that need to be addressed.

Are we really living in 21st century or still in the primitive age? Seeing the present scenario, it’s not a surprise, that this question arises in our mind often.

People are fighting ruthlessly on a Supreme Court verdict which permitted the entry of women in Sabarimala, a temple of Lord Ayyappa in Kerala- the God’s Own Country. People now forget that India is a democratic country and citizens have the right to freedom, right to equality and right to practice their belief irrespective of their sex.

But, now even the judgement of SC is not valued and made a mockery of.

How can half of the population be denied entry to a temple on the parameters of PURITY & IMPURITY? Women of all age groups are permitted entry the temple as per the recent SC verdict but, not a single woman could enter even after two months of the verdict, due to huge protests from certain sect of people who don’t even approve SC judgement. Women who tried to visit the temple are threatened and sent back using abusive languages and comments. Many were harassed verbally then and now for attempting to enter the temple precincts.

Will God ever want this to happen to his children? Will God be happy with these attempts of certain people who stop entering women from temple in the name of protecting temple? Why is there a need to protect God (as activists claim) by any human being? Have they forgotten that they are not above God and that God can protect himself. Even in times like these, when there are lots of serious issues going on in the state caused by flood, is this a highly serious issue to fight with each other. Rather, all focus should be on constructing the place where many people lost their homes due to flood.

Violence is happening just to stop the entry of women in a temple. The way it has affected the law and order of the place is really shocking and that too a state with the highest literacy rate and with people with a broader view of life. Possibly there might be external forces which are trying to create chaos in the state for some selfish agendas.

The entry in a temple should be actually based on purity of mind, thoughts and the strength of devotion and not on so called IMPURE issues imposed by human beings. After all, opinion matters, if anyone wants to enter a temple, who are we to stop them. Those who think, that they should not visit till the age prescribed,  they could honour their belief but, not stop others who want to visit. There are many others issues to fight for which actually matter.

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If a woman gets harassed or treated badly, how many people protest and do something against this menace? Are the women safe in our country and what are we doing to combat it and other social issues concerning it. But alas, women are being barred from entering a temple in the name of purity? It is indeed strange that such things still happen. Earlier lower caste people weren’t allowed to enter temples on the same grounds of purity and untouchability, but now we are not living in those times when superstitious beliefs were at their peak. So, its high time, to come out of this patriarchal mindset and not to look everything from that viewpoint.

India is after all a democratic country and everyone is free to practice one’s beliefs. Can we discuss women empowerment when women are still considered untouchable at certain places and at certain times? We are imposing restrictions for what purpose? We need to make our society a developed one without imposing any ban on anyone in the name of ‘purity’ when women have even travelled to space. Patriarchal mindset is hard to break, but it is time we work towards changing it.

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