Dowry Demands Have Cost Us Many Precious Women’s Lives, Even Today!

It's a societal failure that places material gains above human lives and perpetuates the belief that a woman's value lies in her ability to fulfil monetary expectations.


In a recent incident in Kerala, a medical student tragically took her own life after her boyfriend’s family insisted on receiving an extensive dowry for their marriage. The demands included various forms of wealth, such as gold, land, and even a BMW car. The distressing suicide note revealed a bleak reality- a belief that monetary wealth is all that matters. When the girl’s family couldn’t meet these unjust and unlawful demands, it tragically culminated in this overwhelming outcome.

The heart-wrenching truth behind her suicide exposes the ugly face of a societal ill that persists in many corners of our world. The young woman, driven to despair as her boyfriend’s family demanded an exorbitant dowry, reminds us of the urgent need to dismantle this archaic practice and empower women to stand against such injustices.

Dowry is illegal, yet it flourishes

The demand for dowry is not merely a tradition; it’s an unlawful act that perpetuates gender inequality and diminishes a woman’s worth to material possessions. In this case, the gravity of the demands, ranging from gold to land to a luxury car, unveils a disturbing truth about how some families still view marriage as a transaction, disregarding a woman’s education, talents, and character.

It’s a societal failure that places material gains above human lives and perpetuates the belief that a woman’s value lies in her ability to fulfil monetary expectations. The suicide note, a poignant testimony, lamented a world where money eclipses love and character, emphasizing the urgent need for a shift in our societal values.

The untimely death of this young woman underscores the importance of fortitude in the face of adversity.

Women should be encouraged to stand strong against such unfair demands, to value themselves beyond material measures, and to reject the toxic notion that their worth is determined by their families’ financial capabilities.

Girls should be empowered with education, self-reliance, and confidence to combat societal pressures. They should be equipped not just with academic knowledge but also with the strength to challenge unjust norms, to speak out against exploitation, and to believe in their intrinsic value.

Moreover, it’s imperative to reshape societal attitudes

We must collectively condemn and ostracize such demands for dowry, recognizing them not as harmless traditions but as criminal acts that perpetuate inequality and push vulnerable individuals to the brink. Families, communities, and authorities must unite to create an environment where no woman feels compelled to take such drastic measures.

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In moments of adversity, maintaining mental fortitude is crucial.

Encouraging women to seek support, confide in trusted individuals, and seek professional help when facing such coercive situations can provide the strength needed to navigate through these challenges. It’s crucial to emphasize mental health awareness and resilience-building, enabling women to withstand societal pressures and emerge stronger.

The tragedy in Kerala should serve as a clarion call for change. It’s time for society to stand together, support, and uplift women, ensuring that their worth is defined by their character, talents, and abilities—not by their families’ financial capacities.

It’s time to break the shackles of dowry demands and create a world where every woman can thrive without fear of exploitation or prejudice.

Image source: by James Ranieri from Pexels Free for Canva

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