Let’s Confront The Misogyny In Indian Marriages And Call Out Destructive Traditions!

Dowry is still prevalent despite being a crime as per law. What can we, as a society, do to stop this cruel and misogynistic tradition?

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My Parents Empowered Me To Say NO To A Man Who Wanted Dowry… Will You Help Your Daughters Too?

The courage that most people around me associate me with was taught to me by my dad. Like when this prospective groom demanded dowry!

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Raise Your Daughters Well So That They Aren’t Crushed By A Rejection In The ‘Marriage Market’!

Raise daughters with a sense of great self-worth. Tell them daily that marriage is merely a stage and a part of life, not its goal.

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Dowry Demands Have Cost Us Many Precious Women’s Lives, Even Today!

It's a societal failure that places material gains above human lives and perpetuates the belief that a woman's value lies in her ability to fulfil monetary expectations.

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Kerala Doctor’s Dowry Death Is Murder By The ‘Tradition’ Of Dowry!
Kera doctor dowry death

Kerala doctor's dowry death once again highlights this cancer of society. How long will our daughters face this and lose their precious lives?!

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No Country For Daughters Where Parents Are Equal Partners In Dowry Deaths

Hearing all the horror stories of dowry deaths won't prevent parents from marrying off their daughters at an early age without making her self-dependent first, or giving dowry.

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