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I write about Life, as I see it... It is my lifeline to sanity. A psychiatric social worker by training, an erst while journalist by chance, technical writer by plan and now, a home maker by choice.

Voice of Dershana Nair

Dear Daughter, You Never Have To Give A Reason For Your Discomfort With Someone

Starting early, teach your child that they never have to feel bad about disliking any adult or being uncomfortable around them. 

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A Pandemic Of This Level Takes Off Our Social Masks, But Are We Better Or Worse As Persons Now?

Now that you have some time at home, think - how has this pandemic and social isolation affected you as a person? Are you more humane, or less?

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board exams
7 Essential Things To Know, Dear Child, Before You Sit For Those Board Exams…

Board exams and results are not the most important thing in life, though it doesn't feel like that at the moment. How do you stay calm at such times?

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Streets, Office, She Was Safe Nowhere. It’s A ‘Luxury’ For Women To Walk Away From It All

Years went by, places and people changed, there were new stories but one cause remained the same. Here are author's decade-long encounters with sexual harassment. 

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