"Mera Ghar Kahan Hai?" Asks A Domestic Violence Warrior
“Mera Ghar Kahan Hai?” Asks A Domestic Violence Warrior

Grandfather's silence was enough. There was no option other than to accept it. Being the eldest of five of her sisters, she knew this would happen soon. But this soon, she had no idea. She was only 14. It felt as if society was waiting for her to hit puberty and marry her off. Is a child mentally and emotionally mature at the age of 14 years?

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Why Should I Pay A Man To Get Married To Me?

Men, earn for yourself and satisfy your own needs. Don’t expect your wife to pay for your luxury in the name of marriage.

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‘No Dowry, Only Gifts’ Is Just A New Face For An Old Tradition

“You are the first girl in the world who does not want to go. Almost all women have their first delivery at their mother’s house,” her mother-in-law tried to convince her.

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Nothing Can Buy Back A Daughter’s Life So Save Them From The Indignity Of Dowry Deaths
dowry deaths

It's only after dowry deaths that we wake up, every time. If the woman in question had broken her marriage because of the obvious problems, we'd have said she didn't 'adjust enough'.

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Pull Up Your Sons; We’ve Had One Vismaya Too Many Killed For Your Entitlement
Vismaya murder

Let's hold accountable the husbands and in-laws who callously murder women when dissatisfied with the dowry, and parents who raise daughters to be 'good wives and daughters in law'.

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We’re Sanskaari Indians So How Dare A Wife Spend Even Her Own Money On Her Parents!

Why is it okay if the guy spends lakhs on his family but not okay if his wife buys something for her family with her own hard-earned money?

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