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UP Man Puts Wife’s ‘Honour’ On ‘Sale’ Because Women Are Mere Sexual Commodities, Aren’t They?

Man decided to put his wife's 'honour for sale' on social media, asked people to call her for 'sexual favours.' Just how entitled and vile can humans be?

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Yet Another Rape. Yet Another Death To Which We Are All Silent Spectators!

A witness and the accomplice are offenders. And here we are, a nation full of witnesses and accomplices, to several silent deaths and crimes each day.

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It Was Traumatic To Realise How Many Of My ‘Friends’ Still Supported The Dowry System!

Indian society is plagued with the evil system of dowry since ages. It is time we eradicate this practice which causes harassment and agony to women.

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To The ‘Boy’ Who Expected My Parents’ Money In The Name Of Marriage

Despite it being outlawed, people still expect dowry, sometimes in the form of 'wedding expenditure' and 'gifts for your daughter'. A daughter speaks up against it.

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When Gold Prices Go Up, More Girls Die In The Womb! The Connection? Find Out…

A recent research showed that an increase in gold prices is a great threat to girl children in our country. The fear of higher dowry leads people to kill them even before being born!

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How About A Special Commission For Men? A BJP MP Wants One As Men Are Being Harassed By Women

They are being wrongly accused of rape and harassment, A National Commission For Men is needed says a BJP lawmaker. Really? Is it so?

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