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“Raping With Eyes” Most Women Will Agree With Actor Esha Gupta; Most Men Will Never ‘Get’ It!

Any woman who has been discomfited by a man's stare will agree with Esha Gupta, who posted on social media today about a man Rohit Vij 'raping her with his eyes'.

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When My Greys Became Beautiful To Me At Last, After All That Drama!

Greying hair is considered the bane of youthful looks by most women, but are they really something 'ugly'? A woman shares a hilarious account of her personal journey. 

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When Matriarchal Societies Like Kerala Show Us The Way

In matrilineal family system, the lineage or bloodline flows from the daughters, so birth of a daughter is a much celebrated event.

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entitled men
With Entitled Men At Home, One Wonders: Did We Stretch The ‘Good Wife & Mother’ Bit Too Far?

Traditional stereotyping of gender roles and social conditioning poses serious challenges for marriages today, with society conflicting with modern ideas of equality and empowerment. Time to change?

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Women, Go Out And VOTE, Stand Up And Be Heard If We Want A Better Tomorrow!

Can urban India afford to be pretentious and conceited when it comes to elections and voting? Why is it that we don't take this right and responsibility seriously enough?

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Why Women Need To Fight Misogyny In Politics

Indian politics hit a new low when Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan made a highly distasteful remark about actor-politician Jayaprada and 'khaki knickers', referring to her recent political shift to right wing ideology.

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When Women Make The Mistake Of Raising Selfish Families Out Of Misplaced Love

Teaching kids to be responsible towards families, considerate towards mothers, and participating in housework is a life skill. Take your me-time, moms, and let others take the load at times.

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Why Is Feminism Misunderstood And Hated In Indian Society?

Feminism has become the new F-word that no one wants to associate with. Instead of constantly bashing Feminism, let’s take a look at why the fight for equality should not stop just yet.

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“Remember To Never Give Up” – My Mother’s Advice Made Me Hold On To My Job

"My story is no different from millions of others who came before me. I'm the common woman you see on the streets, bazaars, workplaces doing their jobs and going home..."

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Desi Boys Need To Learn More About Household Chores. Isi Mein Samajhdaari Hain!

Family, society, advertisements, popular media, all underline that household chores are 'women's work'. Someone needs to break this vicious cycle!

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When ‘Ek Chutki Sindoor’ Became A Game Changer Even For My 21st Century Friends!

When I saw a friend, a childhood sweetheart and beer buddy of her equally qualified groom, touch his feet in the traditional wedding ritual, it made me wonder - what are our core values today?

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Indian Men Know Well That Women Are Trained To Sit Quietly And Guard Their ‘Honour’

Men know it well - Indian women won't risk their 'honour' and hence they take advantage. When honour is still so dear to us, how can #MeToo ever be a success?

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