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I Am Not Against Arranged Marriages, I Just Don’t Want Anyone Going Through What I Did

Four years ago, I had an arranged marriage and my life changed only for worse. Here's why I don't want anyone going through what I did.

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Time May Fix Everything But It Doesn’t Fill The Space Left By Your Best Friends Moving On

After finding my best friends at work, I thought we would stay the same for life. But, I was mistaken and 4 years later, I still miss them.

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After Experiencing Complete And Utter Silence, I Realised, Silence Truly Isn’t Golden

Personally, I don't think silence is golden. For me, when people are silent, they're hiding something. Can something hiding pain be golden?

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Social Media FOMO And 5 Other Reason I Think The Internet Is The Cause Behind Divorces

Right from the constant need to outdo others to knowing too much, here is why I believe the internet is the cause behind some divorces. 

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Like Mine, An Arranged Marriage Without Ever Being In Love Can Be Hazardous

Our youth should learn to navigate love before they 'settle down', as a 'vaccine' against heartbreak in an impossible, skewed marital relationship more difficult to get out of.

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Lost And Confused, The Bride Started To Feel Broken, Day By Day And Piece By Piece

Time passed at its own pace and her situation worsened, but she never told them the whole truth. Who would she tell? She didn't trust anyone.

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My Transition From Daughter To Daughter-In-Law Has Only Been Rough And Unexpected!

Four years ago, I got married and went from being a daughter to a daughter-in-law. And my life has not been the same ever since!

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Twenty Years Later, I Saw Her – She Didn’t Look Like Herself At All

Today, I saw her, twenty years later. She was alone in a dimly lit room and it didn't look like she had anything with her.

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It Took Me Years To Understand It But I Just Realised I Have No Family!

The whole family sits together and drinks tea but my tea is left on the kitchen platform. That's how it's been for as long as I can remember.

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Since My Marriage 4 Years Ago, My Life Only Seems To Have Changed For The Worse!

Right from the food I eat to the people I talk to, my life has changed drastically since I got married. And most of it, not for good...

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I Made The Mistake Of Getting Married 4 Years Ago And Since Then, I’ve Lived In My Personal Hell!

Marriages aren't always made in heaven, some make your life hell. Mine is one such marriage. Read this before you get married!

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I Live With 3 MILs And It Is Just As Terrible As You’d Think

If you think living with one MIL is bad, imagine my plight as I live with three! My MIL and my sisters-in-law have made my life living hell!

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When Even My Parents Said That As A Married Woman ‘It Is His Decision How He Wants To Keep Me’

My in-laws have often said that I don't have a right to behave as if this is my home, and my parents have told me that their home is no longer my home as they have done my kanyadaan.

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You Can’t Insult Her Family, & 11 Other Ways You Can’t Treat Your Daughter In Law

Dear in-laws - do not be the reason your daughter in law gives up on her marriage, as she is her own person who knows how she wants to live her life.

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Work From Home Doesn’t Mean I Am Available To Do All The Household Chores And Be Your Maid!

As the country is in a lockdown, several working women are suffering as they are forced to do their office work and household chores too. Time for a change?

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Another Activity You Can Think Of Taking Up During Corona Lockdown

Your diary is your one friend that will never back stab you, your memories and your secrets will always be safe.

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