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My Parents Broke Their Promise To Keep Me Safe When They Married Me To An Abusive Man

Posted: July 4, 2021

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Then came the day I regret the most, the worst decision of my life, my wedding day. They chose the guy and promised that they have found a good guy, and that he would love me.

The day my parents got the news that they were pregnant, they made their first promise to me, a promise to always care for me, even before I came into their arms.

The day I was born, they promised to always love me and to protect me from all evils lurking outside, then I did not even know what evil meant.

The day I started walking, they walked in front and behind me, promising that they wouldn’t let me fall.

The day I went to school, first time I was going to be away from them for so long, they promised to be waiting outside when I returned.

The day I moved out of home for my job, they promised that wherever I go I would always have a home to return to and that I would always be welcome HOME.

But then came my wedding

Then came the day I regret the most, the worst decision of my life, my wedding day. They chose the guy and promised that they have found a good guy, and that he would love me.

That was their big mistake, promising on behalf of someone else. From that day a new ritual started, a new trend of breaking promises.

The day the verbal and mental abuse started, they weren’t there to help me, they broke their promise of caring for me.

The day he and his family insulted me, broke my self-confidence, took away my earnings and verbally and mentally tortured me, they weren’t there to help, no one was there. They broke their promise of waiting for my return. When I told them, my mother asked me not to tell my dad and said that this is normal and every woman has to bear it, they broke their promise of protecting me.

The day I decided to call it quits after bearing everything for 5 years, they broke their promise of a home for me, I was told that after marriage I only have two destinations maayka and sasural, no home.

The man I was married to and his family turned out to be a bunch of liars and cheaters, it was one of the expected outcomes, but my own birth-givers changed, they broke their promise of loving me.

So now I am breaking a promise.

I guess it’s true, one comes alone in this world and leaves alone as well, the only company one gets is in this world. I guess I have also fallen into the category of those Indian married women who face this; it’s pretty common as 3 out of every 5 women face this, just the intensity of the brutality differs.

I am breaking my promise to trust them, to trust anyone ever from now on.

Image source: a still from the series Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

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