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What Is Your Happy Place?

Every person has a place they connect with, some call it their happy place, most-frequented outlet, I love to call it my paradise.

“Over the hills and far away
Looking out for a better day
When it seems like there’s no escape
Take me to my happy place.”

Have you heard this song by Saint Phnx? Every living being on this earth has a place they connect with, some call it their happy place, most-frequented outlet, I love to call it my paradise. You guys don’t agree? Well, how about I start with some examples.

  • All you dog owners out there, isn’t there a place your dog will try to drag you to whenever you are around, even if you have no intention of going there, it’s their happy place.
  • Every time you feel sad or happy or you just want to be with yourself and your thoughts you go there.
  • Every time you and your boyfriend/girlfriend fight, you go there.

The list is long and I can just keep going on. Anyway, sometimes this is not just a place, but maybe a person, a feeling, a dreamland, your thoughts, but for every being, there is something like this. And today I want to share about my paradise.

Personal Paradise

Ever since I can remember, I grew up in cities along the border of India, so there were always a lot of beaches and for some reason, I fell in love with water, it may be a  swimming pool, a tributary, a lake or the majestic Indian ocean, whenever I am around a water body, I feel that it is inviting me with open arms. Just lying on the water floating with my ears covered, I can hear nothing but absolute silence (for the first few seconds until my thoughts start destructing my paradise).

The feeling of floating in the water or simply swimming or if I get lucky and get a chance to go snorkelling or scuba diving. During my earlier days when I felt sad or alone, even when I was homesick, I went for a swim in the nearest backwaters or the sea and that was sure to bring a smile to my face. In the last 5 years, I haven’t been able to do that and I regret my decision, but today I have decided that soon I will find my paradise again.

So, what is your paradise?

Image Credits: Belinda Fewings on Unsplash 

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