raising empowered daughters
Raising Empowered Daughters – How Do You Do That In A Man’s World?

Little things in everyday life matter, and our kids pick up subliminal messages about gender and their identity, not just from what is said, but more from what is done. 

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This Women’s Day Pledge To Raise Independent Daughters – 6 Tips To Teach Them About Money
teaching daughters about money

It is unfortunately too common for us Indians to keep our girls away from money matters and financial planning. After all, why would she need it? Wrong.

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As A Millennial, This Is Why I Say That My Mom Is The ‘Woke’-est Person I Know!

My mother is a feminist, not just today when her daughter is, but has always been one. A 'woke' woman in the truest sense of the word, as I remember from so many memories of her.

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A Daughter’s Life, A Woman’s Life Is Not Difficult. It Is MADE Difficult

A daughter, a woman's life is not difficult but it is made difficult. Following the slogan 'Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao' is easy, but is that enough?

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These Daughters Of Legacy Are Rewriting Rules Of A Male-Dominated Business World
Daughters of Legacy

Meet some women achievers who might have been sidelined by their illustrious fathers if not for their tenacity and grit and proving themselves to be worthy Daughters of Legacy. 

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The Illusion Of Joy

She could not love the “little bundle of joy”. All it did was remind her of that awful night, the pain, the cursed pain. And blood. She bled again to let this little thing breath. She had to bear the pain again for it.

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