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Only In India Can Random Car Salesmen Dare To Tell Me That A Daughter Is A Daughter Only Till She Gets Married

How many times do we need to remind people that daughters are not liabilities? That the girl child isn’t some object for which the 'burden' shifts on to another person after she acquires the married tag?

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Dear Controlling Parents, What Gives You A Right To Control, Manipulate, Gaslight Daughters?

So, we stay where we are and continue the fight. We continue speaking up. In small and big doses. In articles like these. In family conversations. Over the dinner table and in big gatherings.

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My Parents Broke Their Promise To Keep Me Safe When They Married Me To An Abusive Man

Then came the day I regret the most, the worst decision of my life, my wedding day. They chose the guy and promised that they have found a good guy, and that he would love me.

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Divorced And Widowed Daughters Of Freedom Fighters Also Entitled To Father’s Pension Now

Not just 'unmarried', but divorced and widowed daughters are also eligible to be financial heirs to the pension of their freedom fighter fathers, says Calcutta HC in a recent case.

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‘You’re Being The Son They Never Had’… I’m Tired Of Being Compared To This Mythical Son

It’s always expected that the son has to bear all responsibilities of the parents. Not the daughter. Her one and only responsibility is to take care of her parents-in-law.

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I Rose Above My Mother’s Dislike For Me As The 2nd Daughter, Instead Of The Boy She Wanted
second girl

I was the second girl child unloved by my mother, who hated me for not being a boy. I decided to not let it define my life, and broke the chain of trauma!

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