The Future Mustn’t Belong To Those Who Bully Women; Our Daughters & Sons Have An Equal Right To Their Dreams!

Every year, close to 20,000 females are killed world-wide in honour killings, 1.5 million in the womb. We are in 2019, shouldn't things be different by now?

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Why Are Indian Daughters ‘Trained’ To Be Superwomen And Expected To Leave Parents After Getting Married?

Why should a girl leave her parents’ home after wedding? Couldn't the give and take of relationships be based on choice rather than 'tradition'?

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Dowry Deaths: Why Are Indians So Desperate For Daughters To Marry And STAY Married?

There is no such thing as a 'happily ever after', if a daughter is not brought up to be a capable, confident, independent woman, and given a rightful equal place in society.

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But She Was Durga, The Mother

It was her 16 year old daughter, her hands firmly on her hips and her eyes glaring down at her mother. Her posture exhibited a command and confidence that many young girls her age lacked.

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“Let Your Daughters Dream” Sakshi Malik’s Father Writes An Open Letter On Daughter’s Day
letter to fathers from Sakshi Malik's Father

A wonderful initiative that tells fathers not to crush their daughter's dreams went live for Daughter's Day, in the words of Sakshi Malik's father Sukhbir Malik.

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I Don’t Have The Heart, Yet… To Stop Her Giggles

A mother looks at her daughter, so carefree, and wants to protect her from a world in which girls' and women's laughter is looked at as provocative.

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