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Are daughters a curse born to their families?
Is Being A Daughter A Curse Born To Their Families?

In the last few years she had escaped from them to her maternal home 4 times, but her parents sent her back every single time, because they were worried, what will society say?

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No Country For Daughters Where Parents Are Equal Partners In Dowry Deaths

Hearing all the horror stories of dowry deaths won't prevent parents from marrying off their daughters at an early age without making her self-dependent first, or giving dowry.

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‘We Spent A Lot On Our Daughter’s Wedding So No Share In Property’ But Did SHE Get The Money?!
“We spent a lot on our daughter’s wedding so she won’t get any property”!! But how much did she get in the wedding??

Wedding expenses are just the money spent on a “party thrown for nosy relatives and friends”, often without your consent/knowledge/awareness. What stays in your hands as the daughter?

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Why Does Only Her Son Have The Right To Do Funeral Rites Of Our Mother?!

I was appalled at our society that belittles the married woman and her relationship with her mother. Society forgets the daughter holding her mother's hand when she was scared of being sick and connected to tubes.

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Dear Father, Thank You For Making Me The Empowered Woman I Am Today!

You have believed in me and have exemplified courage in both your words and actions. Thank you, father, for being my strength!

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15 Father’s Day Gifts For Dad Who Wants Nothing
15 Father's Day Gifts For Dad Who Wants Nothing

How are you celebrating Father's Day? Here are15 thoughtful Father's Day gifts for dad who wants nothing from you!

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