No, Daughters Are Not The ‘Cure’ For Misogynist Fathers; This Expectation Is A Part of The Problem

Dear Richa Chadha, daughters cannot be, and should not be a 'cure' for misogynist fathers. Expecting this is an unreasonable and unfair burden on them.

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She Was The Blessed One While I Lost It All…

"Aahna is just a duty, she calls me choti maa. You are the love of my life and are always hovering on my mind. My eyes are always on you and my heart beats for you."

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The Future Mustn’t Belong To Those Who Bully Women; Our Daughters & Sons Have An Equal Right To Their Dreams!

Every year, close to 20,000 females are killed world-wide in honour killings, 1.5 million in the womb. We are in 2019, shouldn't things be different by now?

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Why Are Indian Daughters ‘Trained’ To Be Superwomen And Expected To Leave Parents After Getting Married?

Why should a girl leave her parents’ home after wedding? Couldn't the give and take of relationships be based on choice rather than 'tradition'?

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Dowry Deaths: Why Are Indians So Desperate For Daughters To Marry And STAY Married?

There is no such thing as a 'happily ever after', if a daughter is not brought up to be a capable, confident, independent woman, and given a rightful equal place in society.

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But She Was Durga, The Mother

It was her 16 year old daughter, her hands firmly on her hips and her eyes glaring down at her mother. Her posture exhibited a command and confidence that many young girls her age lacked.

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