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Shanu Shah

Shanu Shah is a Novelist known for The Victim and Retributioner, they are successful and loved by many readers across the world Born into a family of modest means, Shanu brought humour, intelligence, and cynical snap to her characters and her subject matter, which subverted the expectations of the popular and sentimental thrillers of the era. Her audacious social and political commentary realism won Shanu approval from the readers. Shanu's canon of work holds a mirror to a new generation of readers.

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Why New Age Couples Are Delaying Parenthood

Nowadays, couples are deciding to delay parenthood. This new trend is being supported and criticized by many.

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5 Habits To Help You Become The Perfect ‘Lazy Mom’

If teaching your children how to be self-reliant earns you the 'lazy mom' tag, learn here how to embrace it, and become the perfect lazy mom!

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