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Shanu Shah is a seasoned Content Developer with dual roles: one as a contributor to her own website and the other as a professional in a prominent Tech Company. Her noteworthy achievements include the publication of novels and case studies, wherein she leverages her expertise to assist authors in honing their craft and excelling in the domain of writing. A prolific writer, Shanu regularly imparts her knowledge through insightful blog posts and guest contributions on diverse digital platforms. Her commitment to literature and writing has earned her the prestigious Global Iconic Women's Award, a recognition of her significant contributions to the field.

Voice of Shanu Shah

A Letter To My Daughter And Every Precious Girl Child Out There!

As you navigate the journey of life, my dear girl, always remember that you are not alone. Your voice matters, your dreams are valid, and your existence is a gift to the world.

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Breaking Silence: Exposing the Culture of Misogyny in the Workplace
All I Want Is To Be Treated With Respect At Work!

These three consecutive incidents made me introspect about my own values and my career. All I wanted was to be treated with respect.

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Why New Age Couples Are Delaying Parenthood

Nowadays, couples are deciding to delay parenthood. This new trend is being supported and criticized by many.

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5 Habits To Help You Become The Perfect ‘Lazy Mom’

If teaching your children how to be self-reliant earns you the 'lazy mom' tag, learn here how to embrace it, and become the perfect lazy mom!

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