Why New Age Couples Are Delaying Parenthood

Nowadays, couples are deciding to delay parenthood. This new trend is being supported and criticized by many.

In modern society, couples may decide to delay their parenthood; perhaps they are giving more priority to some other life goals, and perhaps they may want more time to prepare for the new responsibility. This new trend among today’s newlyweds has grabbed the attention of many, who are sometimes supportive of it, but more often criticising what should be private decisions of the couple themselves.

With inflation biting bitterly people from every walk of life, the couples of the 21st century may prioritise their careers above their parenthood. Firstly, it is very difficult to take responsibility for a child at a time when married people are building their careers. Higher price for groceries, higher price for better education, and higher cost of living becomes the primary reason that more and more individuals are choosing to be wealthier and more prosperous before planning to have their children. Second, the labour market is also at its boom. Accomplished and reliable nannies are dear and can be availed by wealthier families more easily as compared to the individuals who have just turned a new leaf in their careers. Of course, in current times it becomes unnecessary to mention that both the spouses are career-oriented and take decisions pertaining to family planning mutually.

Women And Career Growth

It is so last century that women were considered only to be a part of the home and taking care of the children and family. Well, it is at least not the case for city dwellers anymore. When women of rural areas and small towns are still fighting for their rights to have a toilet at home and rest at noon, the women in city areas have been making audacious decisions like disagreeing about having children too early and focusing on professional goals.

Democracy has given women the right to freedom since its inception in India, however, it is only now that they are seen in practice, that women now have intrepidity to take their decisions independently, consider their career goals more seriously and also men adhere to their decisions without animosity, in fact sometimes cheering them. The women who choose to give more priority to their careers are however not doing so without rebuke or sarcasm. The society of few orthodox members always makes it difficult for career-oriented women, even though the whole family cherishes the money that she might be bringing in. Rather than falling for the perpetual blame game with a foul-mouthed family member, it is most suited to turn a deaf ear and sprint to the road of success with determination. These gen Y adult women are more progressive, interdependent and seeking growth in a planned fashion.

Wealthy Children Are More Opportune

The children born to more prosperous parents tend to have better educational opportunities and can contribute more to society. Hence, the gen Y couples tend to have children at an age when they have been wealthier and more accomplished in their professions. Once the wealth is accumulated it becomes easier for parents to choose the best school for kids, a tranquil vacation spot to relax and while in convalescence, these extra expenses do not make them weary. The children also have an option to choose from various activities from sports to karate or dance where they want to excel. The expensive option of enrolling on activity only to find that it is not the passion of a child lies with wealthier parents only. Children can go through various activities before knuckling down to one that is their true passion.


Inflation makes sure that all the members are working and earning enough to meet their ends. It is also seen that when couples have children at the start of their career, they are tormented right from the high gynaecologist’s fees to high school fees causing distress and anxiety not only in the family but also affects their career. Every couple desire to have their children study in the best schools. Many a time, people take school loans to give their children a better education. Of course, there are schools available that have nominal fees but their teaching is also not up to the required standard. In the modern age couples also always have to have the best for their kids, and the best always has a high price tag attached to it. Hence inflation and audaciously high charging schools may also lead to a decision of having kids only after couples settle in their professional careers.

Medical Advancement in Childbirth And Health

Superstitions that a healthy baby can’t be born to a woman after a certain age don’t have a role to play in the advancement of the medical sciences when today we have in vitro fertilisation, egg freezing, foetus freezing or surrogacy. How many kinds of childbirth facilities have been developed if one simply has drawbacks in reproduction? Whether an aspired father’s sperm count is low due to maybe smoking habits or any other additive or naturally occurring hormonal changes, or if the woman is producing fewer eggs or in any case, if the couples aren’t able to reproduce at their desired time they can go for IVF or surrogacy and fulfil their desire. The educated and visionary parents also plan out their parenthood with egg freezing or embryo freezing to avoid any complications in the future.

Egg freezing is when a woman who already had planned to have her kids undergoes medical treatment for a few days and then during her ovulation, her eggs are extracted and frozen with the medical facility. As the success rate of egg freezing is low as compared to embryo freezing, it becomes a better option. During the research, it is found that for patients 35 or younger, there is a 60% pregnancy rate per embryo transfer, whereas women over the age of 40 have a 20% pregnancy rate per embryo transfer. These facilities bolster the confidence of the newly-wed couple to plan their parenthood at an age when they feel ready to take the responsibility of a child.

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Few health issues, however, may occur in females conceiving at a later age. Miscarriages, high blood pressure, and gestational diabetes are a small number of the health issues that an old mother may suffer from, while there are chances that they may give birth to a child with chromosomal defects.

The wedded pair may opt for establishing their professional proficiency before devoting their time to child nurturing. To conclude, there are advantages to having children at a later stage of life although a few limitations are attached.

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