Social Media FOMO And 5 Other Reason I Think The Internet Is The Cause Behind Divorces

Right from the constant need to outdo others to knowing too much, here is why I believe the internet is the cause behind some divorces. 

Right from the constant need to outdo others to knowing too much, here is why I believe the internet is the cause behind some divorces. 

Dear all,

Apart from the obvious reasons for the increase in divorces in the past few decades, I would like to add a few of my own pointers.

Thanks to women empowerment, all members involved in this are usually socially, emotionally and most importantly financially independent.

Earlier, women (and sometimes even men) were dependent on their partners for emotional and financial stability. It was the fear of being lost without them that had these people holding on to unhappy relationships.

People often get divorced for weird reasons

Now, people get divorced for the weirdest reasons. Don’t believe me? Well, I remember reading an article that said a girl divorced her husband six months into their marriage because he didn’t like ‘Frozen.’ I mean, okay; but really?

On a serious note, though, when people are no longer motivated to go back and repair something, it is easier to just move on.

Here are a few reasons I think the internet may be facilitating this growth in divorce numbers.

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The efficiency of Google searches

A simple Google search can give you a list of the best lawyers near you, how to reach them, the quickest routes to get there and cab or bus fares. And all this before the partner has even uttered the word ‘divorce.’

Earlier when without the Internet, spouses who stayed at home, barely knew or had any of this. Thus, they had no option but to try and survive with what they had, unlike now where we have everything on our phones.

Too much awareness of what others do

Earlier, people would simply talk or complain about their neighbours citing examples from they heard or saw. Basically, something like, ‘Her husband took her to the movies, why don’t you take me anywhere?’ There would be no malicious sentiment there.

However, now, all you need to do is open any social media and you see people doing all kinds of things you would want to do. Someone is eating at a fancy restaurant, someone else is holidaying at an exotic location. Or someone may have been promoted and someone else may have gotten a new ring. I mean there are just so many things to compare your life with!

Add to this, people publicising their divorces minutes after they sign the papers. I remember reading about Nicole Kidman’s statement on being able to wear heels after she divorced Tom Cruise. Imagine being married to him and knowing that he too, had flaws!

Another side effect is the easy virality of such news. This may lead to ego clashes and might even propel some people to move to better partners.

No one is around to offer ‘real’ advice

If you go online looking for advice on marriage, a lot of the search results will show you divorce lawyers and give information about fast-track divorces. One of the reasons behind this is probably that divorce lawyers make more than family therapists.

The world may have come closer due to the internet but often it has also driven families apart. With the internet age going the way it is, people barely have any family or friends around to give them good advice. Advice that will help them stabilise their relationships.

The emergence of dating and matrimonial apps

Humans are social animals and we have the tendency to stay in groups or with a partner. In several cases, people didn’t file for divorces simply out of the fear of being alone for their entire lives. It is still difficult for people to find a new partner after a divorce.

However, with the emergence of dating and matrimonial websites, even people with multiple divorces can find like-minded partners.

It has become easy to track cheaters

Your phone is your one-stop-shop for everything. You can order flowers or gifts or even book holidays and book your cabs too. And since some people keep an eye on their partners using their phones. So, something as insignificant as changing your regular route to work might just lead you to get caught. It is extremely easy to track anyone since everything is online. And there are certain apps that have helped catch cheating partners.

Love is no longer really personal

I believe there is barely any originality in anything these days. Right from your proposal ideas to the bridal clothes and even wedding cakes, come from Google. People often copy what they like, with slight tweaks to avoid any legal issues, fascinating, isn’t it?

And in this competition to impress or outdo someone living 300 miles away, people often forget to make their own people feel loved. In fact, even I don’t remember the last time I wished someone with a message that wasn’t copy-pasted from a Google search.

Thus, I think the Internet is a cause of a number of divorces. Do let me know if you agree with this or have any other pointers. I am sure I have missed some!

Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie Golmaal Returns

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