The Real Story Behind Battling My In-Laws, Their Son & Depression…

My in-laws just wanted my money. They took more than 15 lakhs from me and booked a flat in my husband's name.

Dear Readers,

I had been away for 5 months, but today I had to come back. I have been enlightened and I want to share it.

Five years back I got married, an arranged marriage, and three years back I started counselling for depression.  The torture from my mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law was bad but what broke me was my husband’s betrayal.

Five months back I found out I am pregnant. I was so happy, but they all didn’t even come for the scans. I sank further into depression and was diagnosed with high BP in my second month. When my parents found out about it, my dad came and took me away.

My MIL said that “Don’t come back until we call you.” Her own married 35-year old daughter still stays in her maternal home with her son but she asked me to leave.

After coming here, we met another gynaec and she was shocked with my BP and asked me to start the medicines to control my BP else I might lose the baby. My parents cried daily seeing me like that, but I had to get back on my feet, my colleagues, parents, and my immediate family helped me.

In the last few months, they never talked with me once. When I called my husband he just shouted at me. He doesn’t want to see my baby. My in-laws just wanted my money. They took more than 15 lakhs from me and booked a flat in my husband’s name, but I pay the EMI. After that, I was told that I have to pay money separately in the house because I eat there, but I always continued to bear it thinking that it will get better.

In my 6th month, I was crying thinking about him and how will I raise my baby when I felt my baby’s kicks for the first time. That moment I felt as if my baby is telling me that “You’re not alone, I’m here”. That was the moment I felt enlightened, my baby is with me, and from that day something changed, I no longer cared about the man who tried to break me.

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From now on I have only my parents, my baby, and my immediate family that are still trying to make me happy. My BP is now at 130/90, without the medicines for reducing it, a smile is back on my parents’ faces and they have finally stopped blaming themselves for my condition.

After three years of counselling, I have finally accepted that I was sad only because “I CARED ABOUT WHAT OTHERS THOUGHT”. Once I have accepted that my happiness is not because of others but for me myself, I am happy, there are positive thoughts all around me and the smile is finally back in my place.

To everyone out there whatever reason you may be sad about, learn to accept that you are the only one who can make u happy!!

Image Source: Delina Belonogova from Pexels, Canva Pro

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