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It Is From Experience That I Say, Babies Are Blessings Who Help Us Fight Darkness!

Posted: December 14, 2020

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While I don’t have a baby of my own, there is a baby who’s been helping me battle my depression. I truly believe he is a blessing in my life.

I have been married for quite some time and don’t have any kids yet. However, there is this little baby whom I love a lot. I have known him since came into this world and trust me I don’t think I can feel for anyone more than I feel for him.

He is just the cutest little thing who drives everyone crazy with his cute antics and late-night screaming. His parents are really lucky to have him and they know that very well.

Every time I am too stressed or feel like I am in a soup, I go searching for him. One look at him and all the stress and pain just disappear. I was so scared to even hold him, I mean he was like a delicate doll in my hands.

It took me almost a month to gather the guts to hold him on my own. In the last few months I have been going through some tough times and my eyes keep searching for him.

He has helped me fight my depression

For the last few months, I have been fighting depression. I started counselling but it wasn’t helping a lot and I kept sinking into depression. That was when I was introduced to him and one look was all it took to lose my heart.

I love my husband, I love him a lot and I always thought he had my heart but looks like my baby just took it from him. Every time I felt the bout of depression I would run to the baby’s house and sit with him. Luckily his family didn’t mind my intrusion and I was allowed to stay for as long as I wanted. In fact, there were times when I would help his mom and grandmom in giving him a bath or feeding him or changing his nappies (not the best times). It is always so much fun.

Now that he is starting to speak he asks for me at times and I need just a call before I rush to him. Maybe my own family is getting jealous that I am neglecting them but I don’t mind and neither does anyone else.

Every day with him feels like a new adventure!

So recently he has started being shy around me when someone changes his diaper around me. He is hardly 10 months old but he pulls his T-shirt down if I enter the room and he’s naked. He won’t let go of it till I leave the room.

In fact, sometimes his grandmom tries to trick him. One day, when they were massaging him, obviously without any clothes, he just rolled over and hid in her saree. It was so funny, she almost fell from the bed laughing. After that, I only go near him when he has his pants on.

Then there is food. He loves spicy food which he isn’t allowed since he hardly has any teeth to eat. But he will take chapatis from his mom’s or grandmom’s plate and try to eat it with curry when no one is looking.

Once I caught him doing that and told his mother, he was so angry with me! It seems like he understands everything. He looked at me and started blabbering as if he was scolding me for the tattle-telling. And he didn’t talk to me for almost two days until I got him his favourite rasgulas as a peace offering.

Since he loves spicy food and can’t eat it, his family ate in shifts. Half the family held him while the other half of the family ate, once they’re done eating, they exchanged. And this worked for a while until he figured it out.

So they started eating when he was asleep. But as soon as the smell of food rises from the kitchen, he is up and sitting. Very recently, he also started asking for his own plate in his own language.

He is only a baby but is very smart!

Now he is a very farty baby, but no one is allowed to say that he did it. So basically if he farts, the dog is blamed. And he gives everyone a look until we kind of say that it was the dog. There were times when his dad had to take the blame to pacify him as the dog wasn’t around for being blamed. You people should see his face when he does that.

Dressing up is a horror time for his mom because he doesn’t wear just anything. He has to like the colour and it should match his pants, socks and he isn’t even a year old.

I remember when his mom tried to force him to wear something didn’t like and put him to sleep. But when we came to see him a few hours later, the pants were off, luckily he still hasn’t learnt how to take the T-shirt off.

His family tried this multiple times but he would remove his pants every time, so they finally gave up. Trust me, there was a glint in his eyes when he realised that he won.

I truly consider him a blessing!

He loves scolding everyone. His mother is a teacher so she has some students coming home for tuitions and they call her ma’am. Now he has also started calling his mom ‘ma’am’ and no matter how much everyone tries to tell him to call her ‘mom,’ he just doesn’t listen.

He even tried to learn numbers with the kids. Now if his mom scolds any child he ensures that he would also add a few words after her or sometimes even along with her.

Every day with him is a blessing and every day I pray to God that I am blessed by his presence till I live. I have been hoping for my own child for such a long time and I don’t know when I will be blessed with one. But at least with him, God helped me in fighting my depression.

Thank you God for creating babies, these innocent lives can remove the darkness from any life, I am speaking this by experience.

Picture credits: Johnson’s Baby’s ad on YouTube

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