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India Fellow is an 18-month social leadership program for young Indians who want to work at grassroots and find their leadership potential to make a difference.

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Why Is There No Contraception For Men Except Condoms?
Why Is There No Contraception For Men Except Condoms?

The younger the women, the less they spoke. The older ones said, “We think that a small family is good. We want a better future for our children, and don’t want our next generation to repeat our mistakes.” 

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Why Did She Not Express Her Pain Earlier And Stay Silent?
Why Did She Stay Silent, Why Didn’t She Express Her Pain?

It is almost scary to assess that a woman may have symptoms of cancer, something is bothering her; but she chooses to stay silent until it is almost the reason for her potential death.

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"Mera Ghar Kahan Hai?" Asks A Domestic Violence Warrior
“Mera Ghar Kahan Hai?” Asks A Domestic Violence Warrior

Grandfather's silence was enough. There was no option other than to accept it. Being the eldest of five of her sisters, she knew this would happen soon. But this soon, she had no idea. She was only 14. It felt as if society was waiting for her to hit puberty and marry her off. Is a child mentally and emotionally mature at the age of 14 years?

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A 15y.o. Trafficked And Sexually Abused… How Do I Make Sure She’ll Be Safe?

Asmina narrates the story, again – about her boyfriend, and her mother. I am assuming that she thinks the narrative about their love to be better, even when that’s admission to rape.

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Is India On The Road To Sustainable Menstruation?

India is in need of grassroot level sustainable solutions to tackle the problem of menstrual health effectively.

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Digital Mobility In Panna, Madhya Pradesh

We at Koshika held a meeting in Panna for a team of health facilitators to equip them with basic knowledge of using a smart phone.

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We Aren’t Making Progress If Little Girls Are Taking Up Big Responsibilities

Someone, who is herself a child, is commonly seen walking around with babies. And it is so normal, I felt like only I could see the problems!

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Clean Water Is Still A Luxury For Some Indian Villages And Communities

The author, an India Fellow , talks about his experience of witnessing severe water scarcity in Katara village near Udaipur.

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Wearing A Dupatta Over My Head Doesn’t Make Me A Bad Feminist, In Fact, It Empowers Me!

I wondered how many hands the dupatta touched along the way, travelling across the country, meaning different things, empowerment to some but not others.

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