A Symphony of Strength

In the quiet strength of every woman’s heart,

A fire burns, a dream, and a work of art.

With courage in your soul, you will reach the sky,

Let no one hold you back, let your spirit fly high.

Rise high, oh mighty women, strong and bold,

Your stories and your power yet untold.

Break through the chains that seek to bind,

With fierce determination, free your mind.

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In every step you take, a path is cleared,

For others to follow, cast away their fears.

Your wisdom, love, and grace will pave the way,

To brighter, bolder, and a more inclusive day.

From history’s pages to the future’s unknown,

Your strength and resilience brightly shown.

In unity and purpose, you will find,

The power to rise, to uplift humankind.

With unwavering resolve and hearts afire,

You’ll conquer any challenge, reach higher and higher.

Embrace your worth, let your voices soar,

In sisterhood and strength, forever more.

So, women, let this be your guiding star,

Embrace your power, no matter who you are.

Rise high, inspire, and lead the way,

For a brighter future dawns with each new day.

Let us motivate each and every women around.


About the Author

Vidya Raj

A poet by heart, environmental and social activist,she is keen on social issues concerning women, children, nature lover and a dreamer.  She desires to bring transformation in the mind of people raising voice on read more...

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