“Unveiling the Journey: A Woman’s Life, A Tapestry of Strength”

In childhood’s realm, a seed was sown,
A gentle soul, yet unknown.
With dreams as vast as the open sky,
She gazed at the world with curious eyes.
In adolescence’s tender embrace,
She bloomed and sought her rightful place.
Through battles fought with whispers and scorn,
She discovered resilience, her spirit reborn.
A woman’s heart, a flame of desire,
With passion’s fire, she dared aspire.
Ambitions kindled, she forged ahead,
Defying limits that society spread.
In love’s sweet dance, she found her bliss,
A tender touch, a stolen kiss.
Yet shadows loomed, bringing heartache’s sting,
And from the fragments, she learned to sing.
Through motherhood’s embrace, a miracle bestowed,
Nurturing life, watching it unfold.
Her sacrifices woven in love’s tapestry,
Guiding future generations, setting them free.
As time marched on, etching lines on her face,
Wisdom etched deep, leaving a trace.
A life well-lived, with scars and grace,
She stood tall, bearing life’s embrace.
In twilight’s glow, a waning sun,
Her journey nears its course, almost done.
Reflections of a life that was lived,
Lessons learned, and memories sieved.
With eyes now dim, she casts a gaze,
Upon the legacy, her heart ablaze.
A woman’s life, a symphony untold,
A story etched in courage and gold.
So let us honor her, with heartfelt praise,
Celebrate her journey, in myriad ways.
For she is a testament to the human spirit,
A beacon of strength, forever we cherish it.


About the Author

Vidya Raj

A poet by heart, environmental and social activist,she is keen on social issues concerning women, children, nature lover and a dreamer.  She desires to bring transformation in the mind of people raising voice on read more...

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