I Won’t Have My In Laws Foisting Their Religious Identity On My Son, When They Couldn’t Accept Me

A mother decides to stake her first claim on the son born to her in an interfaith marriage; with her in laws wanting to claim their 'heir' through religious ceremonies.

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Would The Tanishq Ad Have Been Spared If These ‘Buts’ Were Taken Care Of?

The Tanishq ad intended to promote harmony, but got a ton of backlash and was taken down. Why?

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A Woman’s Choice Of Her Own Partner Should Be Celebrated, Irrespective Of Religion
Tanishq ad

People have a problem with an ad that showed a Hindu woman in an interfaith marriage of her choice!

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Haunting Music And Visuals, But Where’s The Soul Of Malayalam Film Sufiyum Sujatayum?
Sufiyum Sujatayum

Malayalam film Sufiyum Sujatayum released online is a Hindu-Muslim love story that unfortunately does not fulfil the promise of social commentary shown in its trailer.

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The Ramayana’s Softer Values Of Love, Bonding, & Selflessness Are Often Conveniently Ignored!
Ramayana series

In the '90s, the Ramayana series brought to the fore our latent Savarna values of honour, and a longing for a Hindu rashtra. I do hope that doesn't happen this time.

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“Swami” Nithyananda Seems To Have Had The Last Laugh, For Now At Least!
Nithyananda Kailaasa

"Swami" Nithyananda (as he is called) is reported to have fled the country and set up his own 'nation' that he calls 'Kailaasa', where he promises a lot to his followers..

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