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Ramayana series
The Ramayana’s Softer Values Of Love, Bonding, & Selflessness Are Often Conveniently Ignored!

In the '90s, the Ramayana series brought to the fore our latent Savarna values of honour, and a longing for a Hindu rashtra. I do hope that doesn't happen this time.

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“Swami” Nithyananda Seems To Have Had The Last Laugh, For Now At Least!
Nithyananda Kailaasa

"Swami" Nithyananda (as he is called) is reported to have fled the country and set up his own 'nation' that he calls 'Kailaasa', where he promises a lot to his followers..

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Dalai Lama Is Okay For A Female Successor But Only If She Is ‘Attractive’!

The 14th Dalai Lama has sparked a debate by his recent comments which many people are considering regressive.

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Moms Worried As Even 5 Year Olds Are Being Bullied And Told To “Go To Pakistan” – Nazia Erum

Muslim kids are being increasingly bullied in today's political climate, and this is worrying their parents. Nazia Erum speaks about it.

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MA Sneha Gets No-Caste, No-Religion Certificate. More People Should In A ‘Secular’ Country
MA Sneha no caste no religion certificate

MA Sneha comes from an atheist family, and does not believe in having a caste or religion. She recently got a no-caste, no-religion certificate, something that we should have more of.

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Sabarimala U-Turn: Devaswom Commissioner Decides To ‘Allow’ All Women, Chief Priest Protests
Sabarimala U-turn

The whole Sabarimala drama has now taken a U-Turn, and the Travancore Devaswom Board will now be honouring the SC verdict allowing all women entry into the temple. What's happening?

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