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Tanishq ad
A Woman’s Choice Of Her Own Partner Should Be Celebrated, Irrespective Of Religion

People have a problem with an ad that showed a Hindu woman in an interfaith marriage of her choice!

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An Open Letter To Mr. Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar's comment has sparked backlash and has resulted in a back-and-forth between those defending him and others holding him accountable. Here's an open letter to Mr. Gavaskar's about his much contested statement. 

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Not Ok For A Father To Shrug Off Parenting Duties And Blame The Mother For Anything Gone Wrong!

How can a father shrug off any parenting responsibilities and blame the mother for everything that may go wrong?

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This Jalandhar Teen Has Wonderfully Demonstrated The Importance Of Raising Confident Daughters

This Jalandhar teen not only saved her smartphone from snatchers, but also demonstrated what girls are capable of if they are raised to be confident.

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‘Mard Ko Dard Hoga’: With This Tagline, Churails Tells The Stories Of Women Who Refuse To Be Meek

She is not the ‘sanskaari’ the usual ‘abla naari’, she is fierce, dominant, fearless and unstoppable for a change. She is infact a revolution. 

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daughter's right to property
SC Judgement Ensures Unconditional Right To Property Of Parents For Millions Of Indian Daughters

Today's landmark judgement by the SC ensures the absolute right of a Hindu daughter in her parents' property just like a son had till now by inheritance.

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Kani Kusruti letter from her father
Actor Kani Kusruti Shares A Stunning Letter Her Father Wrote For Her On Her 18th Birthday

This letter, written by Kani Kusruti's father to her when she turned 18 demonstrates how we need to see our children as independent, rational individuals once they are of age.

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Shakuntala Devi trailer
Shakuntala Devi Trailer Promises An Over The Top Biopic That’s The Perfect Popcorn Feast

The very frothy trailer of Shakuntala Devi, the much hyped biopic of the woman who was called a 'human computer' is interesting, to say the least. Quite 'filmi'!

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Andhra MIL
Andhra MIL’s Cooking 67 Dishes To Glorify Son In Law Reveals The Normalised Injustice To Daughters

A mother in law in Andhra served her son in law a special meal of 67 dishes, and has the internet in a divide - is this 'wonderful', or just more of patriarchal glorification?

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nagging wife
A Woman Is Not Born A Nagging Wife; An Inconsiderate Husband Makes Her One

Behind every nagging wife is a girl with broken dreams and unfulfilled promises, trying to be the perfect partner for her imperfect male counterpart, thinking of what life could have been if not this.

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Vikas Khanna
Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna: Why Do Men Refuse Sanitary Pads Given With Food Or Throw Them Away?

Women's needs are never considered essentials, so no one, including the govt, realises that sanitary supplies are critical for a woman's menstrual health.

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Gupta and daughters
Punjab Chemist Naming Shop ‘Gupta & Daughters’ Is A Vital Step Towards Celebrating The Girl Child

The need of the hour is to look beyond the traditional 'purpose' of a woman, and recognise their participation and contribution to family business. Gupta and Daughters has done that.

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I Learnt From A Garbage Collector About Hope

The man who has nothing clapped and on the other hand, I who have things to be fearful for, I put my hands up in the air and surrender.

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viral Pakistani song
Badass Bride In Viral Pakistani Song Speaks Up Against ‘Adjusting’ In A Marriage, Says ENOUGH!

Is domestic abuse, both emotional and physical, a default setting in marriages? Viral Pakistani song Dua-e-Reem calls this out in the setting of a Mehndi ceremony, with the bride speaking up for all women.

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ghar ki murgi
From Its Trailer, ‘Ghar Ki Murgi’ Sounds Like The Story Of Every Homemaker Taken For Granted

Celebrate the woman of your house. Not just acknowledge and appreciate her, but step up and share the work load, however menial it might seem. She's not a 'ghar ki murgi'!

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PV Sindhu’s Dad Cooks And Asks Why Only Women Must Cook In This IWD2020 Ad; Wins Hearts

Zomato released an ad featuring PV Sindhu's dad cooking, on #IWD2020. With the hashtag #SoWhatIfIDontCook it celebrates women for their skills and work other than cooking, unlike that expected of an 'ideal' woman.

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Gaslighted & Emotionally Abused, A Once Confident Girl Slowly Slipped Into Depression

An honest personal account of losing independence, not just financial, but also of thought, after marriage. Gaslighted and emotionally abused, this is how she coped.

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I Don’t Feel Ready For Marriage, But How Do I Convince My Family?

"It’s like everything you do is a burden, like some task you have to complete. You don’t do anything out of your free will, rather everything becomes a duty."

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