This Jalandhar Teen Has Wonderfully Demonstrated The Importance Of Raising Confident Daughters

This Jalandhar teen not only saved her smartphone from snatchers, but also demonstrated what girls are capable of if they are raised to be confident.

This Jalandhar teen not only saved her smartphone from snatchers, but also demonstrated what girls are capable of if they are raised to be confident.

She was not intimidated. She is bold. She is ferocious. And she knows how to strike back.

In a brave move, a Jalandhar based teen girl Kusum not only fought with two bike-borne snatchers who attacked her in an attempt to snatch her smartphone and saved it, but also caught one and handed him to the police.

No, this is not a scene from some film; this is real life, and happened yesterday. 

Snatching on the streets has become a major crime these days, with women and the elderly being soft targets. But this teen proved more than enough for the two men.

What happened?

Two men on a bike tried to snatch Kusum’s smartphone. This teen girl not just saved her mobile phone from being snatched but also caught hold of one of the snatchers. When the alleged snatcher hit at her with a knife in retaliation, she wasn’t intimidated.

With a gutsy hold on her senses in such a situation and a little help from the passerby, she ensured that the man she had held on to did not get away. He is now in police custody and has been identified, while the search for his accomplice is ongoing.

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The smartphone, a lifeline for students

But what really made her so ferocious?

Kusum says, “The smartphone didn’t come easy. My father toiled hard to purchase it after schools were shut and classes went online due to the Covid pandemic. It’s priceless.”

This smart phone might have been just an object worth a few thousands for the snatchers, but for Kusum, it was the means for her studies to go on uninterrupted in the current scenario.

Ever since the world has been hit by the pandemic and classes went online, smart phones have emerged as worth more than their usual purpose of calling, messaging, and net surfing. With the schools relying on sharing notes and online video lessons, smartphones come in handy.

A father’s hard work to get her an education

For a majority of the school going students in India, smartphones and a corresponding internet connection is still a luxury, something that their parents cannot easily afford.

And behind Kusum’s smartphone was her father’s hard work to ensure this luxury available to his daughter to aid her in her studies.

On one hand, we have families putting their daughter’s educational needs aside, but here is a father working diligently for his daughter’s studies, ensuring resources.

Training in self defence

But this wasn’t just about Kusum’s courage. She had earlier taken Taekwondo lessons for a few months, as she aspires to be a police officer some day. Which came in handy at this time.

The need of the hour is not only to ensure safety for our girls, but also to make them self sufficient to respond bravely in situations like these. While it is essential that the world becomes safer for our girls, training of this kind in self defence also makes them confident about their body and handling such situations as it gives them the tools for self protection.

In her words as she advises her fellows, “Never let fear conquer your mind and don’t let your enemy know about it. Just fight off everything and you will eventually win.”

Yes, this brave fight by Kusum is an example of girls and women who are waking up to their rights and abilities. They can be relentless and courageous. They just need an opportunity.

Image source: YouTube


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