‘Mard Ko Dard Hoga’: With This Tagline, Churails Tells The Stories Of Women Who Refuse To Be Meek

She is not the ‘sanskaari’ the usual ‘abla naari’, she is fierce, dominant, fearless and unstoppable for a change. She is infact a revolution. 

She is not the ‘sanskaari’ the usual ‘abla naari’, she is fierce, dominant, fearless and unstoppable for a change. She is infact a revolution.

A general disclaimer for all with patriarchal mindset about the series Churails on Zee5: Watch at your own risk, because as the tagline claims ‘Mard ko dard hoga’ (men will feel the pain in real) and it lives up to it. Coz ‘mard ko sach main dard hua’ (men I know really felt the pain)!

Just going by the issues taken and dealt with – it hits exactly the point where it should, and that hurts real bad.

Yes, it hits male chauvinists and their belief that the world is for them and belongs to them.

And for once, for a change, it makes you believe that the world indeed is for us as well. And we belong to it as much as it belongs to us.

A world where a women stand up for themselves

Welcome to a world where the woman is not the usual shy, coy and meek. She is no longer a quintessential doormat, but rather a being that not only knows  what she wants but is smart enough to know how to get it.

She is not the ‘sanskaari’ the usual ‘abla naari’, she is fierce, dominant, fearless and unstoppable for a change. She is infact a revolution.


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No wonder the society labels such women as ‘churails’. Just because they don’t fit in their established standards of acceptable female behaviour, she is a churail- a witch.

Because one thing that the world in general and the male species in particular can’t handle is an ‘independent woman’.

An independent woman who is not ashamed to voice out her wants, not hesitant to demand and stand up for what she believes is right is difficult for society to accept.

Because here she is not striving to be the perfect wife, the ideal daughter and not even a woman. She is not here to bind the family, preach others about ideal ‘female’ behaviour, or judge fellow women for their choices.

She is just what she wants to be. And in this desire to soar unapologetically, she faces opposition not from men but from her own race.

But that is no hindrance. Rising above all these issues, She is focussed and all the more determined.

Badass, unapologetic women

Yes, this is a series of some badass unapologetic women.

The one who, when she knows of the infidelity in her marriage, doesn’t get herself into a weeping and blaming business. Instead she manipulates the situation to her advantage. As she declares guilt free- that she might be the wife, the mother, but that doesn’t define her identity. Her independence, her work is more important than all these parameters of ideal female behaviour.

Or the when another knows that her parents don’t understand and support her dreams of ‘boxing’, she isn’t deterred. She follows her dreams unapologetically and lends support to others selflessly. 

So watching this series, do some deep introspection for once.

Are you prepared for such women- the fearless, guiltless version of feminism?

One who is not ashamed for her son’s preference for a doll as a toy and terms it as complete normal.

Or the one who murders her husband who is a sexual predator.

Or those who uses her fidelity in marriage to strike a better bargain.

Or the one who feels equally betrayed to find her husband is a gay. (Just as she would have been if the affair would have been with a woman.)

The list is huge, the issues numerous.

But the show doesn’t construct a world where all men oppose. Rather it shows a bunch of men supporting their fight just by being with them, at one point stating, “It was their fight. All we could do for them is to let them fight.”

Women’s lives need the revolution

This show with it poignant one liners and brilliant narrative hits many a bulls eye.

From infidelity and how it impacts woman, to child marriage, LGBT issues and its impact on inter gender marriages, abusive husbands, professional sexual exploitation.. Multiple issues. Only solution- Be a ‘churail’.

So among all the issues the show streams for, the major being that in a world driven by men, what if women become ‘churails’ for real?

So are we as a society prepared to face such women?

Here is a show that doesn’t just show the obstacles women face, doesn’t get preachy on how she should fight for her rights. Hell, it never portrays what is the ideal solution.

Rather, it shows flawed women who are vulnerable. And their fears are a part of their personality that doesn’t deter them from achieve what they wish for.

For once this show deviates from the usual, to depict what sisterhood means in real. It leaves a feel good factor when the women stands up for other fellow women and fights for them selflessly. There are no cat fights over boys or the other one getting a bigger share of the cake or family politics. They offer support when its desired sans any questions.

For once, let’s all move away from what everyone wants to see and is shown on screen – the multiple says bahu shows idolising submissive women, and instead watch what should actually be seen by everyone.

Just let the woman be. Not just a woman- but a Human.

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