I Learnt From A Garbage Collector About Hope

The man who has nothing clapped and on the other hand, I who have things to be fearful for, I put my hands up in the air and surrender.

When Hon’ble Mr Prime Minister announced voluntary complete shutdown on Sunday March 22,2020, I knew I would do it. And further when he asked to come outside and clap for 5 minutes expressing gratitude for the doctors, the nurses, the policemen and all others who are still working to help and heal others in these difficult times, I knew I would do it too. Not because I am a ‘bhakt’ as some might term. Or just because I am a law abiding citizen adhering to the words of the ultimate chair of power of the country.

I knew I would do it because as a spiritual person, I understand the power of collective vibrations that travel in the universe during any positive activity.

Because as a family person, I understand the risks taken by the doctors and the policemen and all others when they leave their home and family behind and fulfil their duty towards the humanity as a whole.

Because as an ascetic and firm believer, I understand that there exists a supreme power who is often the reason behind the unexplainable.

And because as a human being, I understand my limitations before nature. That however might we think we have conquered and exploited her, she still holds the supreme power, that she in a blink can make us helpless before her.

And in some part of the heart, I also knew that I will do it because that is what everyone will do. I’ll have to join in because my neighbors are doing that too.

And so we clapped.

“Maa, why are we clapping?” Asked my 8 year  old when we were standing in the balcony clapping, beating plates, chiming bells.

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Yes my answer was all the reasons stated so far.

I clapped and expressed my gratitude towards one and all but then there was something that was missing from the scenario.

Walking down the stairs, after the task, I realised what was it that I felt amiss in the stated task of gratitude.

It was hope. In the clapping hands and smiling faces, I felt no hope for the future or even a better tomorrow. May be I was in hope of some miracle that this clapping would invoke, and finding not the case, I lost hope.

Instead in my heart, I felt helpless…

Helpless that inspite everything, the situation still is the same. That the difficult times are here to stay and might become a little more difficult for the days to follow.

That as a mother, I might not be able to pass this missing hope to my children of things getting back to normal someday.

Today the human being might have climbed the mountains, explored the deep forests, travelled beyond the blue unknown to discover life on other planets, but still is feeling helpless before a small micro organism, who was known to exist since ages, who has struck most unexpectedly in a way that has made everyone helpless.

Yes that is what a human being is today- helpless and defeated before this tiny form.

Yes, the scientists and the researchers are working day and night but till now have been unable to find a sure shot cure of the disease that is claiming lives in thousands.

So after a round of collective clapping, I got busy in my routine chores. No more news, no social media. No I don’t want to see that how every locality, every society fared in this act. I don’t even wish to know if celebrities participated. Because that instills in me helplessness all the more. That i cannot do anything beyond this clapping and chiming and may be hoping for times to get better, for humans to heal.

After a social abstinence of about two hours, I again pick my phone, because there is nothing else that i can do.

After a virtual tour of a couple of societies of the social media friends, I came across a post that shows a poor man in ragged clothes, a garbage bag on the shoulder, standing alone on the street and clapping.

That one scene was enough.

To reinstil my faith.

The man despite not having anything, still clapped.

He in this stage, is ready and willing to express gratitude.

That he might be harbouring hopes of better times to follow, keeps my trust alive.

He might not know about Our Prime Minister’s  appeal, he might not be aware of the potential danger of the deadly virus, he might not understand why everyone is clapping around, but for reasons which only he knows, he clapped.

And that was enough to help me give my act a valid meaning.

My clapping today was not just an act of showing gratitude or a prayer, but also a simple act of surrender.

With every clap, I surrender before the supreme, i accept defeat before the one who reins.

Till date, I have known nature as the nurturer, as  the forgiving one always overlooking our crimes against her.

Today i know nature who has turned vengeful, who has taken the matters in her hand to restore balance, to show us that despite all our achievements and accomplishments, she still is the one who reins.

My spiritual knowledge always guided me that when any situation becomes out of control, when prayers are not enough,

Then the remedy is complete surrender. The only way out is to ask to forgiveness.

I know today with every clap in addition to express my gratitude to the fellow human beings, I also bow before the almighty with open hands, telling that Today I surrender to thee. That today I understand the limitations of my highest capabilities as a human being and I also rever before your the supreme being and bow before your powers shown through the tiniest being.

I surrender in good faith, that alone you are capable to find a cure. We know you as the nurturer, please forgive us for our wrongdoings and misdeeds.

I as a human being bow before your supreme power and pray for forgiveness for humanity as a whole.

That I am helpless when you take the charge.

The supreme power, the nurturer, the forgiver, please guide us and show us the way.

The man who has nothing clapped and on the other hand, I who have things to be fearful for, I put my hands up in the air and surrender.

The god supreme, the ever caring one, the forgiver, we surrender in good faith. Please show some mercy and forgive us for our greed.

Please lead us, guide us.

In you we trust and will always do so.

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