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home cooked food home cooking
Glorification of Home Cooked Food: Justified, Or Just Another Way To Chain Women To The Kitchen?

Home cooked food, or 'maa ke haath ka khana' from films, is just men's way of keeping women in the kitchen, and pitted against one another.

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support for women
A Handy List Of Online And Offline Support For Women In India

We want to help other women, but don’t know how. Here is a list of online and offline support for women in India for different context.

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PregaNews Ad
PregaNews, As A Woman Living With Infertility, I Ask You To Just Treat Us As Ordinary Women!

A new PregaNews ad, which focusses on the experiences of women with infertility, is being hailed as being 'revolutionary'. But is that the revolution that is truly needed?

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“Why Can’t You Sleep, Woman?” This Is Why…

There is so much happening outside and inside us, that insomnia is now a relentless constant, especially for women who feel too deeply.

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Dear Survivor, I Know How Much The Abuse And Loss Of Control Was Terrifying…

You look at all the happy memories you share with the person who abused you, and wonder if you imagined the abuse. Or if you overreacted.

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Mera Naam Joker
50 Yrs Of Mera Naam Joker: A Feminist Exploration Of Why It Was Way Ahead Of Its Time

Mera Naam Joker was a masterpiece with mature, non-toxic masculinity, nuanced portrayal of human emotions, and flawed, real women who were equals having their own agency.

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Unpaused On Prime Is About All That Is Hopeful Despite The Pandemic

Unpaused, Amazon Prime's new offering, reminds us that isolation was actually the old normal, and connection is the new one. 

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Paava Kadhaigal
Paava Kadhaigal: The Beast We Become When We Put ‘Honour’ Before Lives & Happiness Of Daughters

Paava Kadhaigal, on Netflix, takes a close look at the question of honour – why women in general, and daughters in particular must bear the burden of it, and pay the price for its 'loss' in very violent ways.

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Patriarchy ‘Lets’ You Love Anyone, So Long As It’s Within Our Caste, Class, Religion

Sexuality of women has always been controlled by brahminical patriarchy, ensuring they're conditioned to feel desire within caste class religion boundaries.

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Dear Woman Who Makes Me Smile, My Love For You Is A Strange Thing

And I will tell you, it confused the hell out of me. I was definitely not sexually attracted to you, so what were all these complicated feelings about?

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optimistic speculative fiction
A Secret Santa List Of Optimistic Speculative Fiction Giving A Peek Into A Hopeful Future

Thinking of being a Secret Santa to someone who loves to read? Here's a handy collection of optimistic speculative fiction books that will keep you hooked.

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digital dissent armchair activism
Online Protests, Standing Up For Women’s Rights In Solidarity Is Not Just ‘Armchair Activism’

For women who have access to the internet and social media, speaking up about issues and standing with others in a sisterhood is more than just 'armchair activism'. 

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The Untamed Shrew, I Refuse To Be A Good Indian Woman

For a long time I have kept my rage in check in return for peace. This was a mistake, as I now realise - I'm speaking up now.

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The Princess Who Shed Pearls When She Laughed

She was shy at first, wondering if this other woman would even understand the feelings she had for her, so initially, she would approach her every day, buy a single flower, smile, and leave.

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Chhalaang Aims To Be Progressive About Women In Sports – But Does It Succeed?

Chhalaang is overloaded with a lot of messages – among which is the need to encourage women in sports. While progressive on the surface, it sends mixed messages about the role of women in society, and so cannot be called truly feminist.

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Ludo film review
Ludo Steps Away From On-Screen Toxic Masculinity With Its Vulnerable Strong Men

Ludo has been garnering great reviews as an entertainer, but it is also refreshing to have a cast of male characters who are vulnerable, ‘soft’ and real.

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Telugu movie Miss India
Keerthy Suresh Starrer Telugu Movie Miss India, Is No Feminist’s Cup Of Tea

Telugu movie Miss India promised the ‘feminist’ story of an ambitious business woman. Unfortunately what we get is a vapid and disappointing watch, that is a fail on feminism.

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Ratno Dholi
A Masterclass In Detailing Human Emotions As Ratno Dholi, Dhumketu’s Work Remains Relevant Today

Ratno Dholi, Jenny Bhatt's translation of Dhumketu's short stories evoke nostalgia, but might just have lost some nuance in translation.

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Kaali Khuhi
Kaali Khuhi: What Is The Real Horror Story Behind Its Evil?

Netflix's new film Kaali Khuhi starring Shabana Azmi raises the twin spectres of female infanticide and internalized misogyny. Does it succeed?

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Aaj Bisarjan
Short Film Aaj Bisarjan, Based On A Short Story On Women’s Web, Explores Love And Grief

Aaj Bisarjan, an award winning short film based on a short story by Women’s Web author, Kasturi Patra, is a beautiful movie that reminds us, in these fraught times, that goodbyes are not the end.

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In A Social Media Chat On This Navratri Ad, A Man Tried Mansplaining Women’s Lived Experiences To Me!

When women speak about rape culture and how it affects them, maybe men should just listen for a change instead of asking for more emotional labour?

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refuse the abuse
Women, Speak Up Against Online Abuse With These Malayalam Actors Raising Their Voice

Online abuse aims to attack and dehumanise women. Are we ready to join these Malayalam actresses who are raising their voice through Women in Cinema Collective?

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Hathras rape
The Horror Visited Upon The Hathras Rape Victim Is As Much A Casteist Issue As It Is About Gendered Violence

As women, we're horrified by the Hathras rape victim's ordeal, but as Savarna women, we must ask ourself if we too are complicit in this caste based violence.

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Angry Activists Teach This Kerala Man A Lesson For Posting Disgusting Videos About Them

A Kerala man Vijay P Nair has been posting disgusting videos about women, and did not expect retaliation. Vigilante justice isn't Ok, but we certainly need better ways of dealing with such misogynists.

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Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare
Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare Asks – Why Do We Women Give Ourselves A Less Than 5 Star Rating?

Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare shows us that in a patriarchal society, being true to ourselves in everyday life isn't easy for us women – but it is essential.

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Savitribai Phule and I
Savitribai Phule Deserves Much More Celebration, As The Pioneer For Education For Girls In India

Savitribai Phule is an inspiration in more ways than one - overcoming the barrier of caste and her gender, she pioneered the education of girls in India.

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Oscars diversity
Oscars Announce New Diversity & Inclusion Standards For Best Picture, But Is The Bar Set Too Low?

The Oscars have announced a new set of representation and inclusion criteria that aim to revolutionise diversity at all levels, but will these bring in any real change?

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life as a lesbian couple
2 Lesbian Couples Answer All Questions On ‘How They Manage Their Lives Without A Man’

Being queer is more than just sex life. Yes, that's correct. Raga Olga D'Silva spoke with her partner Nicola Fenton, and filmmakers and queer couple Hanan Kattan & Shamim Sarif, about living everyday life.

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C U Soon
Fahadh Faasil’s C U Soon Is An Excellent ‘Realistic’ Thriller Made Without Pandering To Voyeurism

Fahadh Faasil’s latest movie C U Soon, also starring Roshan Mathews and Darshana Rajendran, is an edge of the seat thriller with a very human soul, that also does not resort to voyeurism for its thrills.

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Masaba Masaba
Masaba Masaba Is A Glamorous Watch, Glossing Over Real Struggles Even Privileged Women Can Have

Masaba Masaba, a fictionalised version of Neena and Masaba Gupta's lives is 'just okay', not the inspiring, fun watch we had been looking forward to.

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women in translation
Translating Women’s Writing Opens Up A Much Needed Window Into Their Lives, Otherwise Silenced

More accessible translations of women's writing in Indian languages help us understand the lives of women to whom we need to pass the mic instead of speaking over them.

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Despite All She Did For Them, Why Is Hidimbi Not Respected As The 1st Pandava Queen?

Hidimbi. A powerful woman, the first Pandava wife, who raised a mighty son as a single mom, yet sidelined in the Mahabharata. Because she was a rakshasi, not upper caste enough?

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sex before marriage
Why Is Sex Before Marriage A ‘Sin’ For Indian Women, When The Man Involved Gets Away Easy?

Indian women are slut shamed for sex before marriage, but Indian men can easily get away with fewer repercussions. Why this inequity when both participate?

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Amma's Daughters by Meenal Shrivastava
Do You Know The Untold Stories Of The Women Who Fought For Both India’s And Their Own Freedom?

Amma’s Daughters by Meenal Shrivastava is an awe inspiring look into the lives of freedom fighter women who fought both colonial rule and patriarchy.

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That Song You Love So Much? Chances Are The Lyricist Never Gets Credit For Their Words

It isn't easy writing a song that resonates with crores of people. Yet our lyricists hardly ever get their due credit on most music platforms, and often in the film itself.

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nepotism in films
Nepotism In Films Can Be Tackled In Constructive Ways, Say 4 People Who’ve Struggled To Make A Name

The outcry against nepotism in films and the hegemony of star kids might have a solution, if only these recommendations are considered.

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Bandish Bandits Lets Down Its Female Cast, Yet Reveals How Toxic Masculinity Ruins Lives

Bandish Bandits does not give its female characters the space or the arcs they deserve. However its portrayal of egoistic, toxic men destroying the lives of others around them, is spot on.

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women supporting women
How Can You Support & Empower Other Women In Practical Ways, Not Just With The B/W Challenge?

The black and white challenge is trending on social media for 'women supporting women', but what can you do in real terms?

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Shakuntala Devi review
Shakuntala Devi Showcases The Woman & Mother, But Almost Erases Her Pioneer Work In LGBTQIA+ Rights

Shakuntala Devi succeeds in portraying a flawed and unapologetically ambitious woman, but its erasure of her work as a gay rights activist and of the history of LGBTQIA+ people in India is unforgivable.

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Reality Of Married Indian Women Conditioned To Ask Permission Just To Live Their Lives…

Women are so conditioned to not feel as though they own their own things, home, kitchen,... life - that the default is often a seeking of permission. 

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The Day Before Today
Strangely Comforting Lockdown Stories That Help Even As They Make Us Very Uncomfortable

The Day Before Today: Lockdown Stories, a part humourous, part despairing collection of ten short stories, by Gayatri Gill, speaks to the reality of our current times.

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short film The Relationship Manager
Short Film The Relationship Manager Focuses On How Intervention Can Save A Life In Domestic Abuse

Short film The Relationship Manager stresses that we should reach out to domestic abuse survivors instead of being passive bystanders, but also places the onus on them.

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short film Tokri
An Endearing Story & Technical Brilliance: Just 2 Of The Many Reasons To Watch Short Film Tokri

Award-winning stop motion animation short film Tokri by Suresh Eriyat and Studio Eeksauraus, is a commentary on class, as well as a heartwarming tale about love and family.

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Breathe into the shadows
Does ‘Breathe Into The Shadows’, New Psychological Thriller On Prime, Deliver On Its Promise?

Poorly researched and written, and using tired tropes, Abhishek Bachchan's new thriller on Amazon Prime turns out to be a disappointment.

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nepometer app
SSR’s Family Releases Nepometer App Meant To Check How Much Nepotism Is There In A Movie

Sushant Singh Rajput's family has just released a Nepometer App, which is meant to tell you how much nepotism is involved in the making of a movie. But is that enough?

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Sufiyum Sujatayum
Haunting Music And Visuals, But Where’s The Soul Of Malayalam Film Sufiyum Sujatayum?

Malayalam film Sufiyum Sujatayum released online is a Hindu-Muslim love story that unfortunately does not fulfil the promise of social commentary shown in its trailer.

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Kappela movie review
Netflix Sunday: Watch Kappela With The Whole Family, But Not For The Reasons It’s Getting Praised

Kappela, a Malayalam movie, has been gaining praise for showing the dangers of girls trusting strangers. Beyond that however, the movie has lessons for the parents and the whole family.

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Rasbhari Is All About How Men Look At And Think Of Women Under The Garb Of ‘Sex Ed’

Rasbhari, a series starring Swara Bhasker has us hopeful but is merely a disappointing mess made through and for the male gaze disguised as a n 'adult sex comedy'.

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Bulbbul review
A Horror Story, Netflix Film Bulbbul Is A Reality In The Lives of Too Many Women, Even Today

Bulbbul touches upon issues like child marriage, domestic violence and everyday sexism, thereby bringing to the fore the truth that it is patriarchy that is the real horror.

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Rimli Bhattacharya The Crosshairs of Life
A Deep, Empathetic Look Into The Hidden Lives of Everyday People

Via her anthology, Rimli Bhattacharya explores all our secret anxieties, and reminds us that there is always more to a person than what we can see.

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Penguin review
Penguin: Keerthy Suresh’s Powerful Performance As A Mom On A Quest For Her Missing Child

In Penguin, Keerthy Suresh plays a mother who will go to any lengths for her child, but is not a doormat while doing so.

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Love Is Not A Word
12 Shades Of Love That Are More Than Just A Beautiful Feeling: Passion, Desire, & Power Play Too!

In Love Is Not A Word : The Culture and Politics of Desire, an anthology of essays curated by Debotri Dhar, love emerges in all its complexities, nuances and forms.

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queer characters in films
From LGBTQIA+ People For Comic Relief To More Positive Roles, Indian Cinema Finally Coming Of Age?

People from the LGBTQIA community have mostly been portrayed on Indian theatre screens as either antagonists, as comedic relief, or as victims. While newer, mainstream films are changing that, they too are flawed and must do better.

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Anurag Kashyap’s Film Choked Focuses On How Women’s Lives Were Affected By Demonetization

Using the November 2016 demonetisation as a background, Anurag Kashyap’s Netflix film, Choked, explores ideas like women’s unpaid labour and the stress of finances on a marriage.

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Pon Magal Vandhal Jyotika
Jyotika’s Pon Magal Vandhal Asks Hard Questions About How Our Justice System Fails Rape Survivors

Pon Magal Vandhal, a courtroom drama starring Jyotika, takes up the important issue of child sexual abuse and points out that the law needs to evolve to address the needs of survivors. With the threat of COVID looming, theatres are unlikely to open soon. Many movies have thus chosen to release directly on OTT platforms. The […]

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Listen to Her by Nandita Das
Why Does The Short Film By Nandita Das ‘Listen To Her’ Feel So Relatable To Every Woman?

Listen to Her by Nandita Das is a short film that stresses on the fact if we want women to 'speak up' about domestic violence, someone needs to be listening. That's the first step.

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women of Paatal Lok
Why The Viral Series Paatal Lok Deserved Better Women Characters, Not Just To ‘Support’ The Men

Women of Paatal Lok - the noteworthy female characters are more due to the strong performances, rather than because the roles themselves are meaty. In fact, in many places, the show is downright misogynistic.

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mental health issues in COVID
Is The Lockdown Making You Feel Anxious Or Depressed? Deepika’s Handy Care Guide Will Help

#YouAreNotAlone, says Deepika Padukone, always vocal about mental wellness, sharing a guide to help with mental health issues due to COVID-19 and lockdown.

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Paatal Lok Attempts To Be Progressive But Disappoints By Falling Back On Toxic Masculinity

Amazon Prime series Pataal Lok, attempts to critique Islamophobia, casteism and other regressive societal aspects but manages to dilute its own stance.

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Ranbir Shamed For Not Living With Neetu Like A ‘Good Indian Son’ Should

Actor Ranbir Kapoor being trolled for not living with his mother at this time reeks of patriarchy. Let people grieve as they wish!

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single mothers in Hindi films
From Mother India to Today’s Moms, What Has Been The Journey Of Single Mothers In Hindi Films?

From being relegated to the background, to being the stars of their own stories, single mothers in Hindi films, (including unwed moms) have traversed a long journey. 

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5 Ways The Girls Locker Room Is Different From The Boys Locker Room (While Neither Is Ok)

Soon after boys locker room became public, there have been people questioning similar girls locker rooms. While none is Ok, why is boys locker room worse?

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Why Did Some Girls Support BoisLockerRoom Instead Of The Girls Stalked & Slut-Shamed?

One interesting part about the Bois Locker Room incident was that some girls defended some of the boys involved. Why would they do that? Here's an explanation.

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RGV sexist tweet
Ram Gopal Varma Insinuates That Women Drink Alcohol, So Violence Against Them Is Ok – Really?!

Ram Gopal Varma yesterday tweeted a picture of women standing in line to buy alcohol, insinuating that it is Ok for women to face domestic violence, because after all, they drink.

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Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever…Seen The Indian American Experience On Screen Like This Before!

Never Have I Ever, a Netflix Original about an Indian American teen has its flaws, but is also the first time many Indian American teens are feeling seen.

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tribute to Irrfan Khan
A Few Good Men: Why Irrfan Khan’s Loss Feels So Personal To So Many

He was one of the few good men, and he is gone too soon. Rest in peace, Irrfan Khan – you are missed deeply, especially by women, whose lives he showed a great deal of sensitivity to.

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Varane Avashyamund
Malayalam Movie Varane Avashyamund Celebrates The Love Life Of An Older Woman; On Netflix

Varane Avashyamund is an unusual Malayalam romance currently on Netflix, and explores what love is like for seniors, along with other kinds of love.

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Circa 2083: From Death To Immortality 63 Years After COVID-19

So, there are still people on Earth who live in their flesh bodies. Who eat, drink, procreate and die. It is these Outsiders, as we call them, who usually take care of the maintenance of the Tower.

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Route 13 Highway to Hell
Our Current Reality Is On A Highway To Hell, But Sometimes Imaginary Horror Helps Cope

Route 13: Highway To Hell, an anthology of horror stories by members of the writing collective, The Hive, uses fiction as a medium to explore some everyday horrors.

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Kareena and Saif in what women want
‘Treat Your Partner As An Equal In Everything’ Is The Best Relationship Advice Saif Can Give You

In an entertaining episode of What Women Want, Kareena and Saif discussed modern marriages – from the lack of fixed roles in a relationship, to the do’s and don’ts of a good relationship, to idolizing celebrities for couple goals.

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Dia Mirza
Dia Mirza Draws On Her Own Bad Relationship To Advise: ‘Find The Courage; This Too Shall Pass’

Dealing with her own parents’ separation as a four year old gave her the strength to move on from her own separation, says Dia Mirza, advising others in similar situations to have courage.

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23 Writers Tell Us How Important It Is That A Spouse Or Romantic Partner Reads Their Work

Are you a writer? Does your spouse/romantic partner read your work? How much of a difference does it make to you?

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Suhasini Mani Ratnam Sorely Disappoints By Asking Us To Keep #MeToo Allegations “Inside The Industry”

In Suhasini Mani Ratnam’s opinion, the women coming out with their #MeToo stories should have kept them "within the industry", because now these stories have become "entertainment".

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jail for fairness cream ads
5 Yrs Jail & 50L Fine For Fairness Cream Ads Sounds Great, But What Does It Really Mean, And Is It Enough?

Recent amendment suggested by Govt of India that proposes jail for fairness cream ads is a much needed step in the right direction, but what does it all really mean, and who will actually be punished?

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No, Ms Neena Gupta, I Don’t Agree That Homemakers Have It Easier, Or Are Truly Happier

In a recent interview, actor Neena Gupta opined that she feels sometimes that women had it easier in the past, when they had only to play the role of the nurturer. But is that really true?

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Gul Makai
Nobel Peace Winner Malala’s Life Is An Inspiration; Go Watch Gul Makai With Your Kids This Weekend

Gul Makai based on the life of Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, releases on Jan 31st. This should be a must watch with your kids.

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What Was Wendell Rodericks Thinking; Making An Ageist Comment On Badass PC Rocking That Designer Gown?

Designer Wendell Rodricks' comments about Priyanka Chopra’s Grammys gown, reek of ageism and body shaming. Even in 2020, we have patriarchal rules about clothes!

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No, Daughters Are Not The ‘Cure’ For Misogynist Fathers; This Expectation Is A Part of The Problem

Dear Richa Chadha, daughters cannot be, and should not be a 'cure' for misogynist fathers. Expecting this is an unreasonable and unfair burden on them.

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Devi poster
The First Look Of ‘Devi’ Looks Promising, And We Can’t Wait To See It On Screen

The first look of the upcoming short film, Devi, dropped recently. With an ensemble cast of talented actors such as Kajol, Neena Kulkarni, Mukta Barve and others, and a plot that promises a look into gender-based violence, it looks like a cracker of a watch!

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Deepika social experiment
2nd Social Experiment By Chhapaak Team Proves That ‘If Acid Wasn’t Sold, It Wouldn’t Be Thrown’

There's a 2013 law that restricts sale of acid, but it is still very easy to procure, as this sting operation by Deepika Padukone showed.

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Alankrita & Kanika
Alankrita Of ‘Lipstick…’ & Kanika Of Manmarziyaan: Rise Of Meaningful Cinema With Nuanced Female Roles

More women are making their mark in Bollywood now, say Alankrita Shrivastava (Screenwriter & Director, Lipstick Under My Burkha) and Kanika Dhillon (Screenwriter, Manmarziyaan).

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Deepika Gets Mainstream Bollywood To The Protests –A Sign of Better Things to Come?

Deepika Padukone attended a protest in Delhi in support for the students attacked at JNU. The women of Bollywood are taking a stand.

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regional movies
More Than Bollywood – 42 Fierce & Fabulous Movies From The Past Decade That You Shouldn’t Miss

Indian movies across languages have portrayed feminist themes more sensitively than Bollywood - here are the top feminist non-Hindi movies in the past decade..

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“We Women Are Against Each Other,” Say These Talented Women, But Are We Really?

Recently, actors Vidya Balan, Taapsee Pannu, Bhumi Pednekar, Alia Bhatt and Yami Gautam, supported the common misconception that women pull each other down. Maybe they need reminding about the many ways in which women lift each other up.

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Aranyaka review
A Myth With Fascinating Layers Of Ecofeminism, Does Aranyaka Yield More Than Meets The Eye?

Aranyaka: Book of The Forest, by Amruta Patil and Devdutt Pattanaik, loosely inspired by the Upanishadic story of rishi Yajnavalkya and his two wives, Katyayani, and Maitreyi, brings to us timeless lessons about ecology, feminism, and empathy.

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feminist movies of the decade
34 Fabulous Feminist Bollywood Movies Of The Decade 2010-2019 That Are A Must Watch

In this decade Bollywood has really woken up to centering stories around women. The result is a wide range of movies that cover nearly every aspect of women’s lives. Over the past decade, Bollywood has woken up to the fact that women want to see themselves on screen. While some like Mission Mangal or Veere […]

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Her Father’s Daughter, Stranger No More

I didn’t know I had a sister halfway across the world. And since I’ve known, I’ve wanted to meet you and hired a detective to help me find you.

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Alia and Shaheen
Alia’s Sister Shaheen Gives Candid Account Of Her Depression And How Her Family Helped Her Cope

Alia and Shaheen Bhatt’s candid conversation with Barkha Dutt throws light on how depression is a family’s battle; not just an individual’s.

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Chhapaak trailer
The Chhapaak Trailer Gave Us Goosebumps, And We’re Cheering For Both Laxmi and Deepika!

Chhapaak, based on the true story of acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal who won the International Women of Courage Award in 2014, promises to deliver a power packed performance by Deepika Padukone.

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sexual debut
Why ‘Lose Your Virginity’ When You Can ‘Celebrate Your Sexual Debut’ And Expand The Possibilities?

Filmmaker Paromita Vohra advocates replacing the term, 'virginity', with the more thoughtful, 'sexual debut'. Here is why that makes sense.

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Dear Good Indian Men, Unmask The Wolves, Don’t Just Tell Us What We Can’t Do

Good men out there (we know you exist), don't give knee jerk reactions to our troubles and do worse by restricting or disbelieving us; be our allies by unmasking the wolves.

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We’re Crushing On Parvathy After She Calls For More Social Responsibility In Films

Directors prize quality over box office numbers, actors today are more open to experimentation, and at least some of them are thinking about the choices they make from the perspective of social responsibility. There is a long way to go, but this is a good omen for Indian cinema.

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Frozen 2
Frozen 2 Is An Ode To Sisterhood, And Wiser Men Who Support Women’s Choices

Elsa and Anna are out in the wilderness again, having some rollicking adventures with their trusted companions, and like the first movie, Frozen 2 also has some timely and inspiring messages for grown-ups too!

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Utsav Chakraborty
Recent Utsav Tweets Only Point To The Need For Better Structures To Take #MeToo Forward

An audio clip and a tweet thread by Utsav Chakraborty have raised some uncomfortable questions, highlighting the need for what women have been asking all along – better ways to report and deal with sexual harassment.

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Mardaani 2
Mardaani 2 Trailer Makes Me Wonder – Is Bollywood Profiting Off Violence Against Women?

The trailer for Mardaani 2, with its repeated shots of women’s dead bodies and women being tortured comes across as voyeuristic and triggering. Just money-making violence porn?

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I Am A Pisachini, Unbound, Unbent, Unburnt; Beware!

A battle against the male ego that strives to “put women in their place.” It encompassed a greater rage. The rage of unbound, unbent and unburnt women, like herself.

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men's mental health issues
On International Men’s Day, Let’s Celebrate These Conversations About Men’s Mental Health Issues In Popular Media

A few male celebrities and characters in movies are speaking up about men's mental health issues. Let’s hope that this encourages and normalizes these conversations in society at large.

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Sona Mohapatra’s Response to Anu Malik’s Playing The “Victim Card” Is A Masterclass On Dealing With Gas-lighters

Casting himself as a victim, Anu Malik responded to the Me Too allegations with an open letter. However, Sona Mohapatra took him apart in a crisp and hard-hitting reply

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Ayushmann Khurrana Has A Message For Men – To Redefine What Being A Gentleman Means

Ayushmann Khurranna steals hearts once again! This time with his rendition of a what it really means to be a "gentleman." Here is why we are loving it!

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Pati, Patni aur Woh trailer
Marital Rape ‘Joke’ In Trailer, But We’re Supposed Believe That ‘Pati, Patni Aur Woh’ Is Not Sexist

Trailer of movie remake Pati, Patni Aur Woh has a tasteless 'joke' about marital rape in its trailer, but actors and makers want convince us that the movie is 'not sexist'. Yeah, right.

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Anushka Sharma tweet
Anushka Sharma’s Recent Tweet: Slut Shaming Doesn’t Work? Call The Successful Woman An Arrogant Diva

Anushka Sharma posted on Twitter about women achievers being called 'difficult' and 'divas', after former Indian wicketkeeper Farokh Engineer said he had seen Team India selectors "getting Anushka Sharma cups of tea" during a 2019 World Cup match.

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Adrenaline, 1st Female ‘Hero’ Of Asterix Comics – Real Representation, Or Misguided Tokenism?

Many are celebrating that Asterix finally has a female 'hero', Adrenaline, but others have pointed out that just having a female 'hero' is not quite enough - the why and how of her representation is equally important.

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The Woman With the Red Lipstick

“Can I hug you?” I whispered. She nodded, and I held her. Burying her face in my shoulder, she wept. When she looked up again, I slipped her a brand new tube of red lipstick.

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all women spacewalk
Recent 1st All-Female Dual Spacewalk Significant For NASA’s Proposed 2024 Plan To Put A Woman On Moon

On 18th of October, 2019, astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir became the first two women to complete a spacewalk together, an inspiration to future generations, and also a tribute to all who have come before them.

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When This Kabir Singh Fan Was Inspired To Murder A Woman He ‘Loved’ Because She ‘Couldn’t Be His’…

The fact that Johnny Dada murdered three people, including a woman he 'loved', is tragic, but not surprising. After all, cinema has long glorified and normalized such violence in society, intentionally or unintentionally.

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The Sky is Pink review
The Sky Is Pink Is A Brilliant Exploration Of How Life’s Best Moments Need To Be Seized From Our Time Here

The Sky Is Pink, starring Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Farhan Akhtar, a biopic about Aisha Chaudhary and her family, is a story about family, love, and the importance of working together through grief. 

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Jab Khalid Met Kabir! What If The Lead Characters of War Were A Bonafide Gay Couple?

As I watched War, I couldn’t help thinking how cool it would be if Kabir and Khalid (Hrithik and Tiger’s characters in War, respectively) were a romantic couple. It would have been the perfect way to mainstream LGBTQIA+ representation in Bollywood.

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gender neutral dolls by Mattel
Makers Of Barbie Introduce Gender Neutral Dolls – The ‘Creatable World Doll’ Is A Great Example Of Inclusion

The company which produces the famous Barbie has introduced a new range of gender neutral dolls. While this may be a purely capitalistic move, it is still a move in the right direction.

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Mammootty Fans Troll Film Critic Anna Vatticad For Recent Review; She Says “I’m More Determined Now”

As movies increasingly become propaganda tools and as fandoms become increasingly toxic, Anna Vetticad's words underline the importance of continuing to speak up, even if through negative movie reviews.

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men scared of strong women
Privileged Men Are Scared Of Greta Thunberg, Just Like Of All Strong Women. Their Own Insecurity?

17 year old climate activist Greta Thunberg has been trolled incessantly by men who want her to shut up. While she handles it like a boss, it is a sad reminder that when men have nothing else to criticize a woman about, they will infantilize her or talk about her looks, to hide their own insecurities.

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Sameera Reddy climbs Mullayangiri peak
Sameera Reddy Climbs Mullayangiri With Infant; Reminder That Moms Can Have Dreams For Themselves

Sameera Reddy recently scaled the tallest peak in Karnataka, Mullayanagiri Peak, with her two month old daughter strapped to herself, making an important point that women don't need to sacrifice everything they love just because they have become mothers.

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Arthdal Chronicles
Move Over Game Of Thrones; Netflix K-Drama Arthdal Chronicles Avoids Sexual Assault As Plot Device

Game of Thrones gave us some great female characters. Arthdal Chronicles, a Korean TV series streaming on Netflix, also has women characters we can champion, and so far it is treating them better than GoT treated its women!

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Saand ki Aankh ageism
Bollywood Ageism: Were Taapsee & Bhumi In Their 30s Really The Best Choice To Play 60 y.o. Women?

Saand ki Aankh ageism debate - just because earlier movies had actors playing roles different from their age/gender/race, does it mean it should continue?

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Gully Boy in Oscars
Gully Boy Goes To The Oscars, But Is It The Best Choice To Represent India?

Gully Boy may have been chosen to represent India at the Oscars because it caters to Hollywood sensibilities, but not everyone is happy that better movies, both from Bollywood and regional cinema, were overlooked.

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Neena Gupta The Last Colour
Neena Gupta Wins Best Actress For The Last Colour, A Movie By Vikas Khanna About Widows Of Varanasi

Neena Gupta has won Best Actress for her work in The Last Colour, at Indian International Film Festival of Boston. The Last Colour spotlights the plight of widows in Varanasi through the friendship between a young girl and an older woman.

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Netflix series Unbelievable
Exactly How False is A ‘False Rape Case?’ Netflix Series Unbelievable Tells The Truth & Raises Questions 

Just because an accusation of rape is labelled as 'fake', it doesn’t mean that rape did not happen. Netflix series Unbelievable examines this, along with what can be done better.

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MOM series by ALTBalaji
ALTBalaji Series M-O-M About Mission Mangal Refuses To Box Its Female Characters Into Stereotypes

ALTBalaji’s latest offering, a fictionalized version of the Mangalyaan project, features female characters who are real, flawed, vulnerable, and triumphant.

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Taapsee Pannu Is In A Relationship, But Should That Even Matter?

Shouldn't we focus on a celebrity's work, and not their personal life? Taapsee speaks of this in a talk with her sister on an interview with Pinkvilla.

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Richa Chadda Plays Lawyer In Section 375; Says More Women In Judiciary Better For Women Survivors

Richa Chadha, who plays a female prosecutor arguing a sexual harassment case in Section 375, said recently that gender parity in the legal profession can go a long way in creating a judiciary that is more sensitive to women.

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Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan Opens Up About Casting Couch & Body Shaming Early In Her Career, And How To Deal With It

Vidya Balan is one of the most talented actors today, and yet she was subject to the casting couch in her early career, along with body shaming - here she shares how to deal with it.

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Here’s An Interesting Idea – What If Sita Hadn’t Married Ram? What Do You Think?

With Bhumika: a story of Sita, Aditya Iyengar presents an alternative history of Sita's life, offering food for thought about the nature of happiness, the question of choice, and the importance of finding solace in the past.

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Mission Mangal
Mission Mangal Epic Fail On Feminism; Patronising About The Real Women Scientists It Claims To Portray

What could have been a powerful, inspiring story is diluted with platitudes, unnecessary subplots and a “feminism lite” attitude.

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priyanka ayesha
Priyanka’s Response To Ayesha Malik Makes You Question Her Role As UN Goodwill Ambassador

Priyanka Chopra’s response to Ayesha Malik at the BeautyCon raises several questions about the actor's and celebrities' take on political responsibility. 

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Palak Tiwari
Shweta Tiwari’s Daughter Palak Speaks Of The (Usually Ignored & Hidden) Verbal Abuse By Stepdad

Domestic abuse is not always physical or sexual, it is also psychological and verbal. Palak Tiwari's Instagram post goes on to show that.

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depression is not a choice
Deepika Speaks Of Living With Depression In The Vogue; Calls Out Salman Calling Depression A ‘Luxury’

Describing her experience of depression as a “struggle,” Deepika Padukone reminds us that depression is not a choice.

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Bigg Boss Tamil
Kamal Haasan Misses Teachable Moment On Bigg Boss Tamil, Jokes About Sexual Harassment

A contestant on Bigg Boss Tamil openly admitted to harassing women in buses in his college days and it was treated as a hilarious joke instead of as the serious teachable moment that it could have been.

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This Trending Hashtag Makes Me Ask: Is A Woman Worth Saluting Only If She’s ‘Sacrificing’?

Post the release of the track Singapenney from the upcoming Tamil movie Bigil, a trending hashtag on Twitter, #SaluteMySingapenney is asking people to salute the women in their lives. But when so many of the tributes praise the women for being so self-sacrificing, is it really a cause for celebration?

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Why The #NotMyDeepika Tweets Are A Good Thing; Fans Of Others Celebrities, Please Take Notes!

Fans of Deepika Padukone are holding her accountable with the trending #NotMyDeepika over a rumour that she might be working with Luv Ranjan. Maybe men who run Bollywood should be held similarly accountable, for some real change?

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Radhika Apte Dev Patel
A Man In A Sex Scene –That’s Normal. A Woman In A Sex Scene –Shame, Shame?

A 'sexual' scene from the movie The Wedding Guest, which features Dev Patel and Radhika Apte has been leaked, and shared with only Radhika Apte’s name attached to it. A reminder that shame is attached only to female sexuality?

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Lashana Lynch 007
We’re Truly Shaken And Stirred By The Name Of The Next Actor To Play 007! It’s Lynch, Lashana Lynch

Lashana Lynch, a Black woman, will reportedly take over James Bond’s code name of 007 in the next Bond movie. While this is a good step forward for representation on screen, is it enough?

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Dear Ranveer, We’d Be Inspired By The #CoupleGoals You Present, If Only They Were Realistic!

#DeepVeer give us #CoupleGoals, but what about the responsibility they have to their fans to give them a more realistic view of relationships?

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Kangana Is Becoming The Poster Girl For Everything She Stood Against, And That Is Just Sad

Kangana Ranaut and her sister, Rangoli Chandel, are losing their credibility as fierce feminist icons as they refuse to accept criticism, behave like bullies and stand up for the wrong causes.

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Taapsee Pannu Tweets, Science Agrees: “Sometimes Sisterhood Is All You Need To Have A Happy Life At 65!”

Not much attention is paid to female friendships, especially for older women. But female companionship, which is precious at any age, may be key to the emotional and physical well-being of older women.

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toxic masculinity
The Truth About ‘Toxic Masculinity’ –And Why It Is The Responsibility of Men To Fix It

Masculinity does not automatically equal toxicity. There are ways to “be a man” that are kinder and non-stereotypical –and male allies of feminism can help in getting the word out.

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Consent is Not Just About Sex, And Not Just For Men To Learn About

Most of the conversation around consent revolves around sex. While, asking for consent is extremely important in that context, it is also important in a variety of other situations.

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Are You Being Bullied Online? Actor Ananya Panday’s Initiative So+ May Be Able To Help

Cyberbullying can and does happen to everyone. Ananya Panday’s initiative So+ aims to provide those being bullied, with resources and tips to protect themselves.

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Zaira Wasim Chooses To Quit Movies For Religious Reasons – But Is It Just A Question Of Her Choice?

Zaira Wasim, of Secret Superstar and Dangal, has chosen to quit working in movies because she feels that it hampers her ability to follow her religion. While she should be free to follow her heart, is it also not harmful to hold her up as an example to be followed?  

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On Doctors’ Day Looking At 6 Male Onscreen Doctors With Better Character Arcs Than Dr Kabir Singh

The problem with Kabir Singh is not that he is a violent alcoholic jerk –it's that these characteristics are made to look attractive. Here's how some other TV shows and movies handled similar 'problematic but genius doctors' and why they are better portrayed than Kabir.

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Hah! Tamil Radio Station Gives Creeps A Taste Of Their Own Medicine Via Prank Calls

Men wrote lewd comments on YouTube, and repeatedly called a number that flashes on screen in Aadai teaser having nude shot of actor Amala; RJ Sarithran turned tables on them, making them uncomfortable for a change. 

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Amala Paul Dropped By Chandaraa Productions After Aadai Trailer, She Calls Out Misogyny In Open Letter

Chandaraa Productions recently dropped Amala Paul from their upcoming movie, VSP33. In a strongly worded letter, she alleges they did so after watching the Aadai teaser, that features a nude shot of her.

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Sameera Reddy Positively Glows In Late Pregnancy And Shuts Up Trolls Like The Badass She Is!

Sameera Reddy had been trolled for her weight after her 1st pregnancy weight, and speaks up now in her second, glowing in her late pregnancy. 

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Sudha Raghunathan trolled
Carnatic Singer Sudha Raghunathan Trolled By Racist Bigots For Daughter’s Wedding; Can We Stop?

Carnatic singer Sudha Raghunathan’s daughter, Malavika, is marrying an African-American scholar, Michael. The fact that the family is being attacked by bigots for this private business is truly saddening.

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Khandaani Shafaakhana trailer
Sonakshi Sinha Urges Us To Talk About Sex In Her Upcoming Film For A Reason; Check Out This Trailer

Sonakshi Sinha’s upcoming movie Khandaani Shafakhaana revolves around getting people to talk openly about sex. Hopefully, this succeeds not just in reel life, but also in real life!

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I&B Advises TV Channels To Be Sensitive To Children On Reality Shows –But Is That Enough?

The I&B Ministry’s recent advisory to TV channels to avoid indecent and suggestive representation of children in reality shows is a great first move. However, there are many other issues that need to be addressed to make sure that children are protected.

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Actor Mini Mathur Has Some Advice For Men Who Freely Post ‘Expert Comments’ On Women’s Bodies

Men feel entitled to comment on the looks of women, even women they don’t know – like this man did on Mini Mathur - and that is not something that can simply be ignored.

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“How Old Are You?” Will You Answer This, Ladies? This Twitter Thread Reveals A Lot!

A popular stereotype about women is that they don’t like to reveal their age, but is that true? Or is it sexism and ageism that make them think twice about answering?

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Media Sexualises Lisa Ray While Promoting Her Book; Women Only Eye Candy Or Props For Men?

By using inappropriate pictures and sexist headlines, news media continues to undermine the achievements of women, as happened recently with Lisa Ray promoting her book.

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Durex campaign
Durex Starts Online Conversation On Female Orgasms; Indian Men Respond With Characteristic Misogyny

The responses of Indian men to the Durex #OrgasmInequality campaign, which aims to start a conversation about female orgasms reek of fragile masculinity and misogyny.

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Vidya Balan body shaming
Vidya Balan’s Video On 92.7 Big FM Is A Fine Example Of A Celebrity Using Their Voice For A Cause

In a recent video, Vidya Balan calls out body shamers and reminds us that everyone is special, irrespective of their body size, skin colour and other physical characteristics.

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Why Can’t Salman Khan Get Over Priyanka’s Exit From ‘Bharat’? His Toxic Masculinity?

Salman Khan keeps dragging Priyanka Chopra’s name whenever Bharat comes up, indictaing that he hasn’t taken her rejection lightly. Not surprising, given that he is the poster boy for toxic masculinity.

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support someone coming out
While Dutee Chand’s Family Did Not Stand By Her, Here Are 8 Ways You Can Support A Loved One Coming Out

Dutee Chand’s family has publicly spoken about their displeasure with her relationship with another woman, showing that in spite of Section 377 being struck down, there is still a long way to go.

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Vivek Oberoi tweet
Vivek Oberoi’s Crass Tweet About Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Is Peak “Nice Guy” Syndrome

In referring to Aishwarya’s romantic relationships, Vivek Oberoi slut shames her while trying to occupy the “nice guy” throne.

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magical women
Chudails, Damsels, & Goddesses, A Feminist Fantasy Of Familiar Women, Owning Their Power

The stories in Magical Women, a new anthology of feminist speculative fiction by women, edited by Sukanya Venkatraghavan, explore society, womanhood and identity via creative, fresh imaginations and new perspectives on old stories.

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Some Seth Instagram posts
‘Navya’ Actor Somya Seth’s Recent Insta Posts Shatter Image Of The ‘Comfortably Settled’ NRI Wife

Parents often choose NRI grooms for their daughters in the hope of a good life abroad. For many, domestic violence and abuse become the bitter truth, as Instagram posts by ‘Navya’ actor Somya Seth show.

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high suicide rates 13 reasons why
Studies: Netflix Series ’13 Reasons Why’ Linked To High Suicide Rates. Need For Better Media Accountability?

Netflix and other media platforms often lean towards sensational, attention-grabbing programming. As in the case of 13 Reasons Why, however, the real life effects can be devastating. Isn’t it time we demanded more accountability from the media?

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Actor Sai Pallavi’s Refusal To Endorse A Fairness Cream Is a Huge Deal – Here’s Why

By refusing to promote a fairness cream, Sai Pallavi has set an example for other celebrities. Her unwillingness to use or promote such products makes her a great role-model for the many women shamed for having dark skin.

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The Mental Hai Kya Poster Reinforces Dangerous Stereotypes About Mental Health

The recently revealed motion poster for the Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao starrer seems to sensationalize self-harm and has drawn criticism from mental health experts.

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15 August Netflix
Recent Netflix Film 15 August Forces The Question – How Free Are We Really?

The Madhuri Dixit production, 15 August, currently streaming on Netflix, offers metaphors for freedom that raise the question of how much freedom we have as individuals in our society. 15 August, a movie produced by Madhuri Dixit and her husband, hasn’t received the best of reviews. The absurdist comedy moves slowly and is at times […]

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feminism in literature
Do You Know About This Astonishing Range Of Feminism In Literature; Past, Present, & Future?

Feminism in literature has only grown in strength, from its inception in the works of the earliest female writers. Looking ahead, across genres, the future is feminist.

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Mayoori Kango
Actor Mayoori Kango Recently Made Us Wonder – Is Saying “Beauty With Brains” Really A Compliment?

Assuming that beautiful women cannot able be intelligent and capable, or vice versa is another way in which patriarchy attempts to lock women into stereotypes.

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In A Misogynist Bollywood, MeToo Accused Alok Nath Continues To Find Work. Shame!

When #MeToo allegations about Kevin Spacey surfaced, Ridley Scott was quick to reshoot scenes with another actor, weeks before his film’s release. But in India, the flag of patriarchy flies high as Alok Nath still finds work.

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Taimur Ali Khan paparazzi
If You Really Love Taimur, Let Him Have A Paparazzi Free Childhood

Children like Taimur didn’t choose to be celebrities. Unrelenting media attention harms them and steals away those moments of their childhood that should be free and unobserved.

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Why Are Successful Women Like Superstar Nayanthara Slut Shamed?

A tendency to “put women in their place,” stems from a patriarchal attitude which believes that women are inferior to men. The easiest way to do that? Slut shaming.

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all female spacewalk
NASA’s Cancelled All-Female Spacewalk Is 1 More Example Of Women Facing More Obstacles At Work

While the cancelled spacewalk is not a case of blatant sexism, it does put a spotlight on how organizations must change to become more female-friendly spaces.

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Delhi Crime: This Gripping Series On Female Cops Begins With Nirbhaya But Goes Beyond

Delhi Crime, on Netflix, provides a different perspective on the Nirbhaya case, and the portrayal of female cops in the series is refreshing. But what about real female police officers?

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women innovators around the world
For Women’s History Month 2019, Celebrating 19 Inspiring Women Innovators Around The World!

Women around the world are finding creative solutions to problems facing the world today, and are breaking stereotypes while they do it.

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Ghat More Pardesiya Alia
Why is Alia In Kalank Not Like Deepika, And Why Am I Not Like You?

Irrespective of how talented a woman may be, there are always those who seek to put her down by comparing her to others. Can we build women up instead?

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Hayley Anthony
Trans Woman Hayley Anthony Helped Invent A Surgery That Gave Her A Functioning Vagina

Hayley Anthony sparked the idea that allowed her doctor, Jess Ting, to come up with a new surgery that would give trans women a more “vagina-like” vagina.

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Ivy Huq Russell
Like An Apa (Big Sister), Bangladesh’s “By Women, For Women” App Is A Safe Space To Get Answers

Maya Apa, a personal digital assistant app, is giving Bangladeshi women and men, access to information about health, psycho-social services and legal help

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Maysoun Odeh Gangat
Palestine’s Maysoun Odeh Gangat Uses Radio To Smash Stereotypes Of Arab Women In Media

Through positive and empowering portrayals of women via her NISAA FM and NISAA network, Maysoun Odeh Gangat, is challenging stereotypes and changing views about women.

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Reet Aus
Estonia’s Reet Aus Is Saving The Planet In Style, With Sustainable And Ethical Fashion

By focusing on upcycling post-production waste from garment factories on a huge scale, Reet Aus is cutting down on the excesses of the fast fashion industry.

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Bonnie Chiu
Hong Kong’s Bonnie Chiu Is Empowering Women To Tell Their Stories Through Photography

Through her social enterprise, Lensational, Bonnie Chiu from Hong Kong is enabling marginalized women from developing nations to tell their stories through photography

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Made In Heaven Gives Us Another Look At The Big Fat Indian Wedding…And It’s Not Pretty!

Made in Heaven, through the lens of the Big Fat Indian Wedding, chronicles the price women pay to exist in our society.

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Soudeh Rad’s App Sneaks Info On Sexual Health Into Iran, Where Gender Violence Is Legal

Women in Iran barely have any sources of information about sexual health or legal protections. Through her app, Hamdam, disguised as a period tracker, Soudeh Rad (she/they), a queer feminist is sneaking that information to them.

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Sooinn Lee Created Apps For Her Autistic Son; Now A Boon To Many Children Around The World

Sooinn Lee began creating iPad apps for her son who has autism, and these are helping not only children with learning disabilities, but also children in underserved communities.

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Sarah Toumi Is Taking On The Sahara Desert In Tunisia With Acacia Trees To Reduce Erosion

To combat the effects of desertification in her home country, Tunisia, Sarah Toumi came up with the innovative solution of planting acacia trees and employing sustainable farming practices. In the process, she is also empowering women in the region.

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Nga Tuyet Trang’s Tech Innovation is Saving Millions Of Vietnam’s Babies

By co-founding MTTS, Nga Tuyet Trang is bringing life-saving technology to Vietnamese hospitals, allowing them to reduce infant mortality.

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Yanina Taneva’s Unique ‘Baba Residence’ Idea Is Revitalizing Bulgaria’s Disappearing Villages

Through Baba Residence, an initiative of her organization The Ideas Factory, Yanina Taneva is keeping Bulgarian villages alive by bringing generations together. Yanina Taneva grew up in what were chaotic and difficult times for her country politically. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, which had repercussions across Europe, she saw an entire generation leave […]

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Thato Kgatlhanye’s Amazing Invention Helps Disadvantaged Kids Of South Africa Get An Education

The solar powered schoolbag invented by Thato Kgatlhanye is giving dignity to school children of South Africa, and helping them study better.

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Rema Rajeshwari IPS
Rema Rajeshwari IPS Is Using Social Innovation Methods To Revolutionise Policing In Telangana

“We are leaders and change makers. Value the opportunity to serve and make it count,” says Rema Rajeswari, the female IPS officer making great strides in creating a sensitive, proactive police force.

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Brenda Katwesigye
This Innovator Designed Affordable Eye Glasses From Recycled Plastic For Uganda’s Poor

Brenda Katwesigye has developed a virtual reality mobile app that can perform eye testing. Her company, Wazi Vision, also makes affordable eye glasses made of recycled plastic.

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Daphna Nissenbaum
Plastic That Composts Like Orange Peel? This Israeli Innovator Has Made This Dream Come True

“Plastic that turns into compost. It’s a beautiful thing,” says Daphna Nissenbaum from Israel, who has “hacked plastic” by creating an alternative to single use plastic packaging.

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Aisa Mijeno
A Lamp Lit Using 2 Tbsp Salt And A Glass Of Water? This Philippines Scientist Made It Possible

Aisa Mijeno invented a lamp that runs on saltwater to bring light to poor, rural communities in the Philippines that are not connected to electrical grids. It all began when Aisa Mijeno quit her corporate job to volunteer and travel with Greenpeace Philippines. As part of that she lived with people of the Butbut tribe […]

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Leila Velez Zica Assis
This Innovator Duo Has Boosted Ethnic Pride In Brazil – Curls Are Now Cool & Manageable

Leila Velez and Zica Assis are determined that the women who walk into their salons looking for well-defined curls leave with boosted self-esteem. By the age of 16, Leila Velez was the youngest ever manager of McDonalds in Brazil. At the same time, Zica Assis, also in Brazil, was working as a hairdresser. In her […]

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Bilikis Adebiyi Abiola
Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola From Nigeria Helps The Lagos Poor To Generate Cash From Trash

“Waste has a value. Waste is a currency,” says Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola, the founder of WeCyclers, a social enterprise that is helping people in Lagos find cash in their trash.

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Masue Katayama Seiko Adachi
A Mother-Daughter Duo’s Innovative Idea Ensures A Life Of Dignity For The Elderly In Japan

Masue Katayama's innovation of converting abandoned company dormitories and buildings into old age homes made them affordable at a time when the options were only poor quality public homes or expensive private homes. Her daughter, Seiko Adachi, shares her dream of giving the elderly a life of dignity.

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Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad
This 16 Year Old High School Girl From Egypt Created Cheaper Biofuel From Plastic Waste

Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad is a smart 16 year high school student, and has already created a biofuel from waste plastic. She is the first in our series Women Innovators Around The World, for #IWD2019

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belonging by Michelle
Dear Michelle… Here’s What Your Words Mean To Me, And To Millions Of Women

Michelle Obama was loved by many as First Lady, especially by women. Her book Becoming is proof of why it was so. As this author tells us, so much of it resonates with the common experiences of being a woman. 

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That Circle Of Trust

Domestic abuse sounds like something that always happens to someone else, not to ourselves. I could not accept that an educated woman like me was being subjected to it. I was ashamed.

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And I Fall In Love With Him All Over Again; For He Sometimes Understands…

He doesn't read much, and doesn't understand how she can devour all those books... where do they go inside her? But it doesn't really matter, does it?

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Anand Mahindra tweet
Anand Mahindra’s Tweet About Working Women Is Awesome, But Is This Enough In Itself?

Anand Mahindra's tweet about working women having to put in extra effort is admirable as a conversation starter, but is that enough? And what about other women?

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Women Are ‘Supposed’ To Be More Religious, As A Rule, Right? Huh?!

Women who do not seem to be religious are universally considered "bad girls". Can we not judge women on the basis of how religious or traditional they are?

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But You Forget, That The Ownership Of My Body Is Mine!

You decide what can be done with my body, says the poet, but you forget that despite all of that, the ownership of this body is mine, not yours.

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A Reconciliation… Between My Home And Me

Women are expected to have excellent housekeeping skills, and to want to keep a spic-n-span home. But not all women are domestic goddesses, and would like to spend the time on other things...

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Finding Radha: The Quest for Love
Why Do We Say Radha-Krishna Even Though They Weren’t A Married Couple?

Finding Radha: The Quest for Love, an anthology edited by Malashri Lal and Namita Gokhale, is a celebration of the Radha in every woman.

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Timetable For A Depressed Poet: For All My Sisters Who’ve Been There

This poem is shared in solidarity with every woman who feels like there are days when she just can't bear to get up, when all she wants to do is go back into her dreams.

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Make Molehills Out Of Mountains

Of course it isn’t easy! Do you think it was easy for her friend to achieve all her dreams, even as she was dying? Or for Annabelle herself, to write about that as a story?

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myths about love
Let Me Bust 7 Myths About Love That Hindi Movies Create And Cause A Lot Of Damage

We need to look elsewhere for real romance as pop-culture in general and movies in particular reinforce irrational ideas, and myths about love and relationships.

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Eve's Revenge
Eve’s Revenge Is Suffused With The Joys And The Pains Of Generations Of Her Daughters

Eve’s Revenge by Ethel Da Costa is proof that women have been angry for a long time, since time immemorial, and have been talking about rage, yet have been mostly unheard. 

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Rage Becomes Her
Why Are Women Angry? And Why Do Most Keep Quiet Or Express It As Something Else?

In the age of #MeToo, Soraya Chemaly’s Rage Becomes Her is a reminder that women’s anger is justified and necessary.

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chick lit
‘Chick Lit’ – A Valid Category Or A Contemptuous Name For Women’s Writing?

The term 'chick lit' used to describe women’s writing devalues women’s work, and books that fall under this category can be powerful expressions of feminism.

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What The Goddesses Dreamt Up, Let No Women Cast Asunder!

"We can only give them the inspiration and the ideas. Whether to act or not is up to the free will of the humans. So many times I have given people the urge to act, and they have overruled me.”

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Eating Wasps
Meet Some Real, Flawed, Even ‘Unlikeable’ Women Who Own Their Vulnerability & Choices

Eating Wasps by Anita Nair is like her mom's aviyal, says review Vijayalakshmi Harish. A perfect combination of tastes, "tangy, spicy, with just a hint of sweetness and each bite will leave you longing for more."

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Dear Future Daughter, Never Let Anyone Push You; The Choice Always Has To Be Yours

You're already loved, says Vijayalakshmi Harish to her future daughter, speaking of all that she wants for her, as a mother, and as a woman.

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A Matter Of Conviction

The make-up hid the bags under her eyes, but it couldn’t hide her lack of enthusiasm. She was tired of pretending that the work she was doing wasn’t affecting her.

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modern girl essay
If You’ve Been Smart Enough To Trash The ‘Modern Girl’ Essay, You Should Read This Instead!

Let us look at an alternative essay on the modern girl that needs to be included in the school curriculum instead of the regressive garbage that is there.

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The League Of Ordinary Women

"People forget that older women are full persons who have their own hopes, wants and desires. You keep telling us that what we are doing is extraordinary, but to us this is routine. We don’t know how else to be.”

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When She Got A Loving Family At A Price

In that moment, I realize that I’ve never wanted an apology. I’ve left the past behind me, and I don’t hurt anymore. I’ve only wanted the sort of warmth that a family provides.

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best detective books
23 Women Detectives In Fiction That Follow The Legacy Of Miss Marple

Fiction featuring women as detectives has evolved through the years. Here is a round-up of some of the best detective books with women in charge.

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Move Over Devdas – Women Have Better Things to Do Than Pining For A Man

Movies like Devdas enforce patriarchal ideas about love and pit women against each other fueling misogyny. Time we changed the narrative.

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Strength Is A Tiny Bird That Sings A Song Of Hope

She tried to stand up and fell down reeling. She curled up in the foetal position. Some part of her brain registered what was happening to her –she was having a panic attack.

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The Legend Of The Bhoomiputris

I am sorry –for leaving you so soon, for keeping you away from your father, and for not telling you the truth about the women in our family.

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diversity in books
How You Can Build A More Diverse Reading List, Exploring The Multi-Ethnic Spirit Of India

Books most Indians read are by popular Indian writers, by white (usually male) authors, or curriculum books. Shouldn't there be some diversity in books that we read? 

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But What Does Your Being A Lesbian Have To Do With Being Suspended?

“I will admit I didn’t expect to hear this from you today, and I’m not sure I understand or know much about homosexuality, but I love you and will support you always. No matter what."

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goddess or whore
Goddess Or Whore: Which #Stereotype Are You According To Indian Movies?

Goddess or whore: representing women in pop culture as a “treasured, pure goddess” or a “despised, vile whore” has dangerous implications for real, human women.

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Fewer Songs For Bollywood’s Female Singers Are A Loss For All of Us

Where have Bollywood's female singers gone? Nowhere, they're right here! What is missing, are enough movies that make space for their voices.

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conversation with sita
An Illuminating (But Very Real) Conversation With Sita That Happened In My Head

“Why did you follow your husband to the forest? ... Why did you set this impossible standard for all women? Why make such submissiveness a badge of pride?”

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In The Light Of The #FBLeaks Scandal, Take These Steps Today To Protect Yourself Online

Have you ever spoken to a friend about some product and then felt surprised when Facebook or Instagram showed you an ad for the exact same product?

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And Then I Smiled! #FlashFiction

I cannot be sure if I smelled him first, or heard his silent step. But I knew he was there, hiding in the bushes behind me. Watching. Judging. Deciding.

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Bizarre, Cheesy & Patronising Women: Which of These Women’s Day Forwards Have You Got This Year?

Like every year on International Women’s Day, Whatsapp and social media have been graced by forwarded greetings that range from the bizarre to the downright patronizing.

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Chup by Deepa Narayan
As Indian Women We Mustn’t Stay ‘Chup’ About Our Open Secret: Internalised Sexism #BookReview

Deepa Narayan's extraordinary book Chup should be the springboard for Indian women to introspect and break the silence around gender inequality.

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bad women in books
50 Shades Of Womanhood: Bad Women In Books, The Anti-Heroines That I Love to Hate!

Bad women in books can be more than caricatures. Here is where to find anti-heroines that are sassy, smart and complex.

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lonely evening
Once Upon A Lonely Evening, As I Browsed Through Tinder…

Once upon a lonely evening, I was feeling low. I was single, and I figured I needed someone, so I browsed through Tinder. I guess it was some weird glitch on the app that bought Maya and me together.

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women's voices
The Importance Of Herstory: How History Swallowed Women’s Voices, Making Them Invisible

#WomensHistoryMonth. Historically, women are invisible, save a few. Including more women's voices in narrating it can change how we learn and know history. 

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Brendan fraser sexual harassment
Brendan Fraser’s Sexual Assault Shows We Need To Include Male Victims In #MeToo

Actor Brendan Fraser's account of going through trauma because he was sexually harassed shows it is important to include male voices in the #MeToo movement.

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indian small child
These Consent Classes In Kenya Are Fantastic! Let’s Do This In India Too?

A video of "consent classes" in Kenya made the author reflect as to why such classes are of paramount importance for Indian children, as well.

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AIB Schooled On Selectively Using Women In Their Sketches; Their Response? Classy!

AIB was criticized in a video for selectively using women in their sketches. The video was pertinent and AIB gracefully reacted to it accepting the problem.

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galentine's day
Happy Galentine’s Day! Go, Make The Most Of This Day With Your Gal Pals!

February 13th is Galentine's Day, a day dedicated to gal pals. Some tips on how to make the most of this day with your girlfriends.

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No Laughing Matter – A #ShortStory That Deals With Women’s Right To Laugh In Public

At a time when female politicians are criticized for their laughter and companies are launching gendered products, this short story comes as a fitting reply.

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women oriented web series
Tired Of Saas-Bahu Soaps? Watch These Four Web-Series (And One TV Show) All About The Girls!

Move aside misogynistic saas-bahu serials, these four women oriented web series (and one TV show) are made for the empowered and liberated women of today. 

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The Staunch Books Prize Awards A Thriller Without Crime Against Women. Needed Or Unnecessary?

The Staunch Book Prize aims to award thrillers where no violence against women is committed. A nuanced take on whether this is needed.

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The King Is Dead, Long Live The Queen! #ShortStory

This Queen will not let her people die for the sake of 'honour'. This story of the queen who takes on the odds, will keep you spellbound.

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the test case
Nimrat Kaur’s ‘The Test Case’ Which Opens Up Conversations About Women In Combat, Is A Must Watch

The new web series by ALTBalaji, The Test Case, opens up a conversation about women in the special forces. It is certainly a tough job, but not quite mission impossible.

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weight of the crown
The Weight Of The Crown [#ShortStory]

Anyone can start a war, but it takes exceptional courage and vision to judge when not to. In my opinion, the princess deserves the throne.

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visa wives
Flying To The US With Your NRI Husband? Visa Wives Is The Much Needed Perspective You Need [#BookReview]

Radhika MB's book Visa Wives is a must read for all wives dreaming of a life in the US - telling it as it is, the pros and the cons, and all you need to know.

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a series of fortunate events
A Series Of Fortunate Events [#ShortStory]

With the wedding a month away, I’d assumed he too would want to discuss a few things about our sex life, and I’d brought up the topic.

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Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Bad Wolf?

'Little Red Riding Hood was not a “good girl.” She was the best.' A wonderful retelling of the fairy tale for our May 2016 Muse of the Month.

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The Black Sea

When the black sea of depression threatens to overwhelm you, can you remember who you truly are?

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The Price Of Silence

Some stories need to be told, even if it takes many years to get to where you can tell them. Shortlisted entry for June's Muse of the Month.

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