Vijayalakshmi Harish

Vijayalakshmi Harish

Vijayalakshmi Harish is a book blogger and writer. To paraphrase her librarian, she is a slightly cracked, but good egg. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram as @GranthaMaven.

Voice of Vijayalakshmi Harish

And I Fall In Love With Him All Over Again; For He Sometimes Understands…

He doesn't read much, and doesn't understand how she can devour all those books... where do they go inside her? But it doesn't really matter, does it?

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Anand Mahindra tweet
Anand Mahindra’s Tweet About Working Women Is Awesome, But Is This Enough In Itself?

Anand Mahindra's tweet about working women having to put in extra effort is admirable as a conversation starter, but is that enough? And what about other women?

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Women Are ‘Supposed’ To Be More Religious, As A Rule, Right? Huh?!

Women who do not seem to be religious are universally considered "bad girls". Can we not judge women on the basis of how religious or traditional they are?

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But You Forget, That The Ownership Of My Body Is Mine!

You decide what can be done with my body, says the poet, but you forget that despite all of that, the ownership of this body is mine, not yours.

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A Reconciliation… Between My Home And Me

Women are expected to have excellent housekeeping skills, and to want to keep a spic-n-span home. But not all women are domestic goddesses, and would like to spend the time on other things...

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Finding Radha: The Quest for Love
Why Do We Say Radha-Krishna Even Though They Weren’t A Married Couple?

Finding Radha: The Quest for Love, an anthology edited by Malashri Lal and Namita Gokhale, is a celebration of the Radha in every woman.

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Timetable For A Depressed Poet: For All My Sisters Who’ve Been There

This poem is shared in solidarity with every woman who feels like there are days when she just can't bear to get up, when all she wants to do is go back into her dreams.

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Make Molehills Out Of Mountains

Of course it isn’t easy! Do you think it was easy for her friend to achieve all her dreams, even as she was dying? Or for Annabelle herself, to write about that as a story?

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myths about love
Let Me Bust 7 Myths About Love That Hindi Movies Create And Cause A Lot Of Damage

We need to look elsewhere for real romance as pop-culture in general and movies in particular reinforce irrational ideas, and myths about love and relationships.

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Eve's Revenge
Eve’s Revenge Is Suffused With The Joys And The Pains Of Generations Of Her Daughters

Eve’s Revenge by Ethel Da Costa is proof that women have been angry for a long time, since time immemorial, and have been talking about rage, yet have been mostly unheard. 

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Rage Becomes Her
Why Are Women Angry? And Why Do Most Keep Quiet Or Express It As Something Else?

In the age of #MeToo, Soraya Chemaly’s Rage Becomes Her is a reminder that women’s anger is justified and necessary.

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chick lit
‘Chick Lit’ – A Valid Category Or A Contemptuous Name For Women’s Writing?

The term 'chick lit' used to describe women’s writing devalues women’s work, and books that fall under this category can be powerful expressions of feminism.

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What The Goddesses Dreamt Up, Let No Women Cast Asunder!

"We can only give them the inspiration and the ideas. Whether to act or not is up to the free will of the humans. So many times I have given people the urge to act, and they have overruled me.”

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Eating Wasps
Meet Some Real, Flawed, Even ‘Unlikeable’ Women Who Own Their Vulnerability & Choices

Eating Wasps by Anita Nair is like her mom's aviyal, says review Vijayalakshmi Harish. A perfect combination of tastes, "tangy, spicy, with just a hint of sweetness and each bite will leave you longing for more."

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Dear Future Daughter, Never Let Anyone Push You; The Choice Always Has To Be Yours

You're already loved, says Vijayalakshmi Harish to her future daughter, speaking of all that she wants for her, as a mother, and as a woman.

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A Matter Of Conviction

The make-up hid the bags under her eyes, but it couldn’t hide her lack of enthusiasm. She was tired of pretending that the work she was doing wasn’t affecting her.

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modern girl essay
If You’ve Been Smart Enough To Trash The ‘Modern Girl’ Essay, You Should Read This Instead!

Let us look at an alternative essay on the modern girl that needs to be included in the school curriculum instead of the regressive garbage that is there.

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The League Of Ordinary Women

"People forget that older women are full persons who have their own hopes, wants and desires. You keep telling us that what we are doing is extraordinary, but to us this is routine. We don’t know how else to be.”

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When She Got A Loving Family At A Price

In that moment, I realize that I’ve never wanted an apology. I’ve left the past behind me, and I don’t hurt anymore. I’ve only wanted the sort of warmth that a family provides.

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best detective books
23 Women Detectives In Fiction That Follow The Legacy Of Miss Marple

Fiction featuring women as detectives has evolved through the years. Here is a round-up of some of the best detective books with women in charge.

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Move Over Devdas – Women Have Better Things to Do Than Pining For A Man

Movies like Devdas enforce patriarchal ideas about love and pit women against each other fueling misogyny. Time we changed the narrative.

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Strength Is A Tiny Bird That Sings A Song Of Hope

She tried to stand up and fell down reeling. She curled up in the foetal position. Some part of her brain registered what was happening to her –she was having a panic attack.

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The Legend Of The Bhoomiputris

I am sorry –for leaving you so soon, for keeping you away from your father, and for not telling you the truth about the women in our family.

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diversity in books
How You Can Build A More Diverse Reading List, Exploring The Multi-Ethnic Spirit Of India

Books most Indians read are by popular Indian writers, by white (usually male) authors, or curriculum books. Shouldn't there be some diversity in books that we read? 

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But What Does Your Being A Lesbian Have To Do With Being Suspended?

“I will admit I didn’t expect to hear this from you today, and I’m not sure I understand or know much about homosexuality, but I love you and will support you always. No matter what."

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goddess or whore
Goddess Or Whore: Which #Stereotype Are You According To Indian Movies?

Goddess or whore: representing women in pop culture as a “treasured, pure goddess” or a “despised, vile whore” has dangerous implications for real, human women.

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Fewer Songs For Bollywood’s Female Singers Are A Loss For All of Us

Where have Bollywood's female singers gone? Nowhere, they're right here! What is missing, are enough movies that make space for their voices.

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conversation with sita
An Illuminating (But Very Real) Conversation With Sita That Happened In My Head

“Why did you follow your husband to the forest? ... Why did you set this impossible standard for all women? Why make such submissiveness a badge of pride?”

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In The Light Of The #FBLeaks Scandal, Take These Steps Today To Protect Yourself Online

Have you ever spoken to a friend about some product and then felt surprised when Facebook or Instagram showed you an ad for the exact same product?

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And Then I Smiled! #FlashFiction

I cannot be sure if I smelled him first, or heard his silent step. But I knew he was there, hiding in the bushes behind me. Watching. Judging. Deciding.

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Bizarre, Cheesy & Patronising Women: Which of These Women’s Day Forwards Have You Got This Year?

Like every year on International Women’s Day, Whatsapp and social media have been graced by forwarded greetings that range from the bizarre to the downright patronizing.

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Chup by Deepa Narayan
As Indian Women We Mustn’t Stay ‘Chup’ About Our Open Secret: Internalised Sexism #BookReview

Deepa Narayan's extraordinary book Chup should be the springboard for Indian women to introspect and break the silence around gender inequality.

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bad women in books
50 Shades Of Womanhood: Bad Women In Books, The Anti-Heroines That I Love to Hate!

Bad women in books can be more than caricatures. Here is where to find anti-heroines that are sassy, smart and complex.

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lonely evening
Once Upon A Lonely Evening, As I Browsed Through Tinder…

Once upon a lonely evening, I was feeling low. I was single, and I figured I needed someone, so I browsed through Tinder. I guess it was some weird glitch on the app that bought Maya and me together.

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women's voices
The Importance Of Herstory: How History Swallowed Women’s Voices, Making Them Invisible

#WomensHistoryMonth. Historically, women are invisible, save a few. Including more women's voices in narrating it can change how we learn and know history. 

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Brendan fraser sexual harassment
Brendan Fraser’s Sexual Assault Shows We Need To Include Male Victims In #MeToo

Actor Brendan Fraser's account of going through trauma because he was sexually harassed shows it is important to include male voices in the #MeToo movement.

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indian small child
These Consent Classes In Kenya Are Fantastic! Let’s Do This In India Too?

A video of "consent classes" in Kenya made the author reflect as to why such classes are of paramount importance for Indian children, as well.

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AIB Schooled On Selectively Using Women In Their Sketches; Their Response? Classy!

AIB was criticized in a video for selectively using women in their sketches. The video was pertinent and AIB gracefully reacted to it accepting the problem.

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galentine's day
Happy Galentine’s Day! Go, Make The Most Of This Day With Your Gal Pals!

February 13th is Galentine's Day, a day dedicated to gal pals. Some tips on how to make the most of this day with your girlfriends.

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No Laughing Matter – A #ShortStory That Deals With Women’s Right To Laugh In Public

At a time when female politicians are criticized for their laughter and companies are launching gendered products, this short story comes as a fitting reply.

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women oriented web series
Tired Of Saas-Bahu Soaps? Watch These Four Web-Series (And One TV Show) All About The Girls!

Move aside misogynistic saas-bahu serials, these four women oriented web series (and one TV show) are made for the empowered and liberated women of today. 

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The Staunch Books Prize Awards A Thriller Without Crime Against Women. Needed Or Unnecessary?

The Staunch Book Prize aims to award thrillers where no violence against women is committed. A nuanced take on whether this is needed.

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The King Is Dead, Long Live The Queen! #ShortStory

This Queen will not let her people die for the sake of 'honour'. This story of the queen who takes on the odds, will keep you spellbound.

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the test case
Nimrat Kaur’s ‘The Test Case’ Which Opens Up Conversations About Women In Combat, Is A Must Watch

The new web series by ALTBalaji, The Test Case, opens up a conversation about women in the special forces. It is certainly a tough job, but not quite mission impossible.

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weight of the crown
The Weight Of The Crown [#ShortStory]

Anyone can start a war, but it takes exceptional courage and vision to judge when not to. In my opinion, the princess deserves the throne.

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visa wives
Flying To The US With Your NRI Husband? Visa Wives Is The Much Needed Perspective You Need [#BookReview]

Radhika MB's book Visa Wives is a must read for all wives dreaming of a life in the US - telling it as it is, the pros and the cons, and all you need to know.

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a series of fortunate events
A Series Of Fortunate Events [#ShortStory]

With the wedding a month away, I’d assumed he too would want to discuss a few things about our sex life, and I’d brought up the topic.

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Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Bad Wolf?

'Little Red Riding Hood was not a “good girl.” She was the best.' A wonderful retelling of the fairy tale for our May 2016 Muse of the Month.

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The Black Sea

When the black sea of depression threatens to overwhelm you, can you remember who you truly are?

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The Price Of Silence

Some stories need to be told, even if it takes many years to get to where you can tell them. Shortlisted entry for June's Muse of the Month.

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