Vivek Oberoi’s Crass Tweet About Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Is Peak “Nice Guy” Syndrome

Posted: May 21, 2019

In referring to Aishwarya’s romantic relationships, Vivek Oberoi slut shames her while trying to occupy the “nice guy” throne.

Years ago, Vivek Oberoi chose to call a press conference to discuss Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s relationship with Salman Khan. Since then he slowly but surely was pushed out of relevance. Sadly, he seems to be making a comeback in the worst ways possible.

Most recently, he tweeted a vomit-inducing meme featuring Aishwarya Rai, which he called “creative”. People were quick to notice that the meme, purportedly about the unreliability of exit polls, was quite disrespectful and an attempt to slut shame, as it dragged out Aishwarya’s past romantic relationships with Salman Khan and himself. The meme also featured a picture of Aishwarya’s child.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, among the first to call out Vivek Oberoi, described the tweet as, “Disgusting and classless.” Author Kiran Manral pointed out  that it was crass as it involved a child and her mother. The National Commission for Women has since issued a notice against him demanding explanation.

Meanwhile Vivek Oberoi himself, is clueless about why the tweet has upset people. “I don’t think I have done anything wrong. What’s wrong in it? Somebody tweeted a meme and I laughed at it,” he said.

It is not difficult to see why he cannot see what is wrong with the tweet. After all, he believes he is the Nice Guy.

Self-proclaimed Nice Guys believe that having basic decency, respect and good manners makes them extraordinarily good people. Their politeness and respectfulness towards women is an act, designed to help them seduce women. As far as they are concerned, women are rewards for good behaviour. Thus, they objectify and dehumanize women.

When a woman does not respond to their “love”, or if she says that she only likes them as a friend, they paint themselves as victims and complain about being “friendzoned.” They accuse women of only liking “bad boys”, and are quick to slut shame women for having relationships. They call women manipulative and fake, even as they themselves try to coerce women into a relationship using their “niceness.”

A truly nice guy respects women for who they are and is respectful of their choices. They do not demand a relationship in response for doing things for women, and women tend to feel safe with them rather than feeling manipulated.

As Twitter user Irfan says, Vivek Oberoi has in the past called Aishwarya “plastic heart” and accused her of destroying his career. This tweet of his is the latest display of his “Nice Guy Syndrome.”

Update: Vivek Oberoi has since deleted the tweet and apologised for it after being called out for it.

Image source: YouTube

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